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eric3579 (Member Profile)

The World Over

my15minutes says...

congratulations on all of its success on the circuit!

didn't wanna blow your cover, so i just cheekily invoked your fear channel, despite having already assigned it in the upload, knowing that siftbot wouldn't respond.

now back to my game! great little indie i found called DFR

blankfist said:

@my15minutes thanks for posting my movie, homie.

simonm (Member Profile)

The World Over

Stress, Portrait of a Killer - Full Documentary (2008)

Why Were the First Cars Electric?

eric3579 (Member Profile)


my15minutes says...

from the source @ youtube:

The animated film, “#Justino,” features a security guard at a mannequin factory. Since Justino works the graveyard shift, he has very few chances to interact with his coworkers. With a little bit of creativity, Justino devises ways to connect with his colleagues by using the factory’s mannequins to create situations both amusing and moving. His coworkers appreciate his playfulness each morning, and find a way to repay his generous spirit in kind.

One new feature this year is social media activation. The factory, “Fábrica de Maniquíes El Pilar,” has its own Facebook profile reporting on its day-to-day activities. And we can follow Justino’s nights in real time via his Instagram account @justino_vigilante.

On Nov. 16, #Justino, from the animated short, became the No. 1 trending topic in Spain and No. 5 in the world on Twitter. The film exceeded 1 million views on YouTube within a day.

A national tradition since 1812, Spaniards look forward to the annual Christmas lottery even if it means standing in line for hours to purchase the tickets. Nicknamed El Gordo, which means “the fat one,” prizes are valued up to more than €2.2 billion, making it the biggest lottery prize in the world.

It’s common to “share” the lottery by buying “participaciones,” or “shared tickets” at offices, with friends and family, and at bars. The belief is that the Christmas lottery is unique because it’s one that Spaniards participate in together, and if they win, they win together.

Henry Rollins - Critical Conversations

Street Art for Hope and Peace | eL Seed | TED Talks

my15minutes says...

loved it. thanks to both of you. haven't had time to peruse TED as much in a while.

and i'm also a calligrapher, though sadly only in english.

so if anyone who liked this clip wants, i can toss you a genuine hardcopy mailed to you (or ms paint emailed to you) dope ass calligraphized version of any favorite quotation.

dag (Member Profile)

Creep VS The Air That I Breathe - Radiohead/Hollies cover

my15minutes says...

if you follow the chat at the Hollies sift above, you'll see dft and japr realizing the similarity for the first time, and then realizing why.

and they're both musicians!

enoch said:

way better than i anticipated.

Bill Hicks on Marketing and Advertising

Bill Hicks on Marketing and Advertising

Bill Hicks on Marketing and Advertising

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