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One Armed Pushup Flip

mxxcon says...

It is. I'd use the proper emoji, but this site doesn't support them in comments

BSR said:

Is that a facepalm with a squinting left eye? LOL! If so, clever, very clever. It took me awhile.

The Customer Is Always Right

mxxcon says...

It will if you stack it really high

eric3579 said:

I find it so difficult to imagine that he actually thought it would fit into that tiny ass trailer. I'd love to have heard the conversation. I bet it would have sounded hilarious.

One Armed Pushup Flip

mxxcon says...

dude...(>ლ) just because there's a car in a frame doesn't mean this video is about cars. You might as well tag it with space because there's a sky in the shot. You might as well tag with with science because there's a streetlight.
Such tags are not helpful...

ant said:

*wheels too!

Caught on video, people that's NOT black spray painting

mxxcon says...

But BLM movement is not as homogeneous as white supremacists in a sense that black kids doing it would be doing it intentionally to mislead and divert anger(if that was their motive). Meanwhile BLM movement isn't exclusively black people. It is ABOUT black people, but it's not exclusively BY black people. Seeing defaced buildings like that I wouldn't associate it black people. I would associate it with BLM movement, regardless of the race.

newtboy said:

It was that the white girls were using black lives matter during a protest over black lives lost and telling all the black people telling them to stop because they aren't helping that they don't matter and neither does the fact that black men, not white women, will be blamed for the vandalism, wasn't it?

If they were black, at least the right subset would be blamed....this seems kinda like if black kids tagged a synagogue with swastikas to stoke anger at white power nazis.

Caught on video, people that's NOT black spray painting

mxxcon says...

At the same time one doesn't have to be black to see the injustice and to be angry about the situation.
It seems like her issue wasn't so much with the tagging itself but rather that the tagging was done by *white* girls.
Would she be ok if those 2 girls were black? Would that somehow more justify their actions?

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