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80-Year-Old Woman's Filthy Name

Just Another Bad Cop Abusing Elderly Veterans

Love Death and Robots 1x13 - Warship vs Jets

mxxcon says...

it was bleh. a bit crass humor.
yogurt was hilarious.
but i liked zima blue the most. very philosophical and struct a cord with me.

but this lucky13 has one of the most realistic cgi of any episode..or i think of any cgi i've ever watched.

00Scud00 said:

Just finished watching the whole series, most of it is really good, the alternate versions of history where Hitler dies is hilarious.

Turkey broke into my truck

Star Wars: Episode IX – Teaser

Darude Sandstorm on Boomwhackers!

Grooveless metal engineering

We're Collectively Using Escalators Wrong

mxxcon says...

So if MFT and safety agencies know that people tend to stand on one side, why the fuck won't they design escalators to be stronger on that side?

Store Riots for Crap No One Really Needs

Brilliant Young Hiphop Artist's Debut Song About Eating Shit

Nearly Nude Ninja Warrior

mxxcon says...

ya, what's the context for her doing that?

Also how did that tape stay attached to her hoohaa?

My cousin, Optimus Owl

Girl sucks in blue paper.

mxxcon says...

sorry Ant, but tiktok memes get automatic downvote.
This is just another Vine cancer.

Paris’ Traveling Knife Grinder

mxxcon says...

I'm always so disappointed in these "great big stories" videos.
They have such amazing, interesting subjects, videos are so professionally shot, but they all end up being too short and not really getting into the meat of things
This video should've been AT LEAST 15min long if not good 30+.
They could've shown how he sharpens different knifes, blades, etc etc, what customers think of him, etc. All their videos are such wasted opportunities

True Facts: The Bolas Spider

mxxcon says...

I also once spent 2 hours chatting up somebody I thought looked really hot. Turned out they were a pile of shit too.

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