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Ghomert Asks If Forestry Department Can Change Earth's Orbit

LiquidPiston X-Mini 79cc SI Engine Animation

This Electrician rigged his van to stop tool thieves

How Uber Is SCAMMING You

How Uber Is SCAMMING You

mxxcon says...
> Uber employees who investigated possible incidents of discrimination were "trained ... to coach drivers to find non-discriminatory reasons for ride denials" and even to "'advocate' to keep drivers on the platform despite discrimination complaints."

Fuck UBER! deplorable and despicable company! Not just what was mentioned in this video, but also everything their CEO and management have done, encourage drug use, creating environment which tolerates and encourages sexual harassment, doxing reporters, doxing victims of rape by uber drivers, creating software to spy on customers, drivers, celebreties, gov't officials, drivers of competing services, etc etc etc

Why you tie a figure 8 knot in a belay line

F1 Double Pitstop

Aussie "I'm good from behind"

Guard Dog Fails Test

How to get a contempt of court charge as a lawyer

mxxcon says...

Probably some court clerks. Their reaction seem to be indicate they are familiar with the legal process and how bad of a move that was.

nock said:

Who are those other people on the call? Tracy and Emily sure seemed shocked.

Cop Rock - Baby Merchant

Two pigeons push another pigeon onto train tracks

mxxcon says...

Oh, I know both of them.

BSR said:

Damn you are investigator good. If you could only track down the pigeons and "ask them a few questions..." I'm sure one of them must be a stool pigeon.

Two pigeons push another pigeon onto train tracks

Lady Calls 911 On Cops Trying To Pull Her Over...

mxxcon says...

Would it be considered desperate actors to agree to reenact those calls? Not just reenact the scenes but to actually mime the words from the calls... (>ლ)

Motorcycle acrobat sticks the landing

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