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Polar Bear seeking help from humans

mxxcon says...

They flew out a team from Moscow, 1600 miles away(not 2000) to tranq a polar bear? How long did that take to organize?
There was nobody closer for 1600 miles who would have a traq gun?
And why is a team of experts at handling polar bears is stationed all the way in Moscow?
FFS their own flag and coat of arms a fucking polar bear on it and they don't have any equipment or expertise to handle polar bears?!

Details of this story seem a bit too outlandish, but also pathetic...

Russian air defense system goes rogue

mxxcon says...

There are other videos of this from different viewpoints and it didn't actually hit the launcher. It did a U-shape and hit nearby

Aluminium Extruder Quickly Turns into a Fire

Little Big - Everybody (Little Big Are Back)

mxxcon says...

To get the full effect of Little Big, watch their videos in chronological order. There are actually on going themes, gags and story lines.

Little Big - Everybody (Little Big Are Back)

mxxcon says...
JiggaJonson said:

Good lord. Okay millennial.

I guess it's a parody, but it feels like one cringe ontop of another over and over.

upon further inspection, some of their work is less shite

Edit 2
I'd give up watching any other videos they make ever again if i just never have to see that weird person with the black lips that knows it looks weird so he like makes that face over and over where he bears his teeth like my dog.

Time of Our Lives: Songs from the last 50 years (1970-2020)

Deceiving the brain with the rubber hand illusion

mxxcon says...

No, if you smash the hand with penis instead of hammer

newtboy said:

Do you mean if they put a penis in the rubber hand, would the real hand reflexively start jerking?

High Schoolers from 1970-2020

She Votes

Fish Attacks Water-Skier

Deceiving the brain with the rubber hand illusion

Wendy Williams Passes Out on Live TV -- See the Scary Moment

Florida Man Brings Knife To Gunfight

mxxcon says...

Would the biker get into that situation if he didn't have a gun? Probably no. Probably would've act like a sensible person and just rode off.

Surveillance Video Shows Kids Set School Bus Ablaze

mxxcon says...

And that's why Crown Heights neighborhood is such a shithole with high crime rate.
That whole group already set course to be residents of Rikers Island.

Rich Strike winning the Kentucky Derby is nuts

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