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RIP Ants

mxxcon says...

but poop and pee don't explode like your farts...

ant said:

Because I have too much gas. I also leak, poop, and pee too much too. Dang old body!

RIP Ants

Boy Describes The Sounds Coming Out Of Parents Bedroom

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Monkey Smells Finger, Falls Out of Tree...

FPV drone pilot is invited to film a power plant demolition

mxxcon says...

You don't know what he was hired for!
When you "assume" things like that you make ass out of yourself.
If this demolition company hired him to have a useful structural analysts video then they are fucking idiots for not properly doing research in who they are hiring and for not giving him proper permission to fly more than 1 aircraft! He's a fucking famous drone racer and it's all over his CV! Why the fuck would they hire him to take steadyshot video?! What kind of analysis can you make from a single vantage point?! Competent demolition companies use dozens if not hundreds of camera setup in critical locations, not a single done.

He was hired to create a cool marketing shot for the company and that's what he did!

cloudballoon said:

I concur. This is more a fail than a success. The commission, I assume, is not to have something "cool" to see -- like watching aerial parkour -- but to have footage at each stages of detonations for the engineers to analyze if every calculations/explosive hookups went off as planned.

With that as parameters, there's almost nothing to see here. If the drone is equipped with a wide-angle lens and/or multi-cam setup (filming both the building and the smokestack at the same time) than maybe the video would be useful. What I see here is crap, narrated by clowns.

@mxxcon: The drone controllers are the assholes IMO. Shouldn't be paid, or paid 10-20% of the commission, max!

FPV drone pilot is invited to film a power plant demolition

mxxcon says...

"You are not here to have fun"
Wow that guy was an asshole.
I'd answer to him " Are you here to have fun? I'm professional in my field just like you are in yours. Show some respect!"

When your daughters new shorts are shorter than you expected

When you get too Swole

Disturbed - You are not alone in depression and addiction

What song makes a girl smile?

mxxcon says...

I think #2 is "Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna"
I think #7 is from Daft Punk?

firefly said:

I got most of these; If you're playing along at home:
Attempt 1: Clair de Lune (Claude Debussy)
Attempt 2: ??
Attempt 3: Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movement (Beethoven)
Attempt 4: Harry Potter theme (John Williams)
Attempt 5: Pokemon theme (John Siegler)
Attempt 6: Flight of the Bumblebee (Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov)
Attempt 7: ??
Attempt 8: Russian National Anthem (Alexander Alexandrov)
Attempt 9: Get Along Gang theme (don't know who wrote this)
Attempt 10: Blue (Eiffel 65)
Attempt 11: Thomas the Tank Engine theme (Mike O'Donnell/Junior Campbell)
Attempt 12: Funeral March (Chopin) I'd be surprised/alarmed if she smiled at this (!)
Attempt 13: Jaws theme (Williams)
Attempt 14: Halloween theme (John Carpenter) this too (!)
And the winner..well, you know, a chick song from a chick movie, no wonder she smiles...

Parking in Russia goes from bad to WORSE

Boston Dynamics: New Robots Now Fight Back

Is Kurzgesagt Lying to us?

A Miracle Just Happened

mxxcon says...

Don't know what language cameraman was speaking, but the other guy was speaking Russian. he was saying "get the hell out of here or i'll post you on google".

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