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Lee Hazlewood - Pour Man

Community Outtake - Kinda Suggestive?

OMD - Dreaming

OMD - Dreaming

OMD - Telegraph

OMD - Synthpop at it's Finest

Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine

radx (Member Profile)

Kenny Everett being challenged by Sinead O'Connor

moodonia says...

This is going to blow your mind but this is in the '80s channel, a place where videos from the 80's go. Hope you dont hear about the '70s channel, or vintage, that would really rock your world.

Must a video have a topical issue now?

Gay rights and equality are both quite topical and you dont find too many videos of mainstream popular entertainers from the 1980s, who are also gay, talking about being a gay popular entertainer while a popularly elected government was curtailing gay rights.

If you prefer cat videos, fails or standup, theres plenty of that being posted, this is for people who might be interested in something different.

Engels said:

Ok, uhm, this is all fine and well, but why are we digging up clips from 1989? Is there some topical issue here? It reminds me of when the wife brings up a slight from back in 1992 when I forgot to put the toilet seat down on that one Tuesday night, you know, that one time?

RedSky (Member Profile)

Nolwenn Leroy - Bro Gozh Ma Zadoù

It's not the up, it's the down that's amazing

Doctor Who Series 8 Full Trailer

moodonia says...

Looking forward to this. I've been binging on the old Doctor Whos, Series 7 & 8 (Jon Pertwee & Tom Baker). They are so different to the last few years. The old ones had a real sense of menace that few of the new stories have. Not as cartoonish and some like "Genesis of the daleks" are so bleak they would never make them now. Less swelling music and melodrama, more hard sci-fi.

Jimmy Saville - Remix

moodonia says...

*promote for the day its been reported that he was also a necrophiliac.

Still shocked by this whole case. How he got away with it is beyond me.

Street interview goes horribly right...

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