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Total Hip Joint Replacement Surgery (Medical Animation)

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Now is the time for a *health channel. Who's with me? (User Poll by NetRunner)

mauz15 says...

>> ^peggedbea:
i was gonna make one when i got 250.
and, i thought mauz was working on this?

I was but I got no answer from lucky, so I started a related playlist.
I can manage a health channel with no problems. I even have a constantly updated playlist and if you go through it real quick, you will see I have been posting a lot of medical/human body content, I keep the posts well tagged and explained.

The only thing keeping me from making it is the fact that before I obtained the diamond, the management of the philosophy channel was transferred to me by the previous owner (bluecliff) so by the time I reached diamond, the spot or link that let's you create a channel was already filled.

Coronary Artery Angioplasty (Medical Animation)

inflatablevagina (Member Profile)

mauz15 says...

I really don't know much. One day I read he got a 40 year sentence, months later the sentence gets changed, and then later on, it changed again until I lost track. Last I heard, the sentence was 52 years. I do know that he is in a maximum security prison and has tried to take his life several times, cut off his arms, smash his head against the walls, etc.

He is completely isolated from the rest of the prisoners, and is also receiving a lot of psychological treatment. He also converted to some sort of Christian cult and every week he is allowed to receive a visit from the members of the cult. I don't know the extent of self harm he has done, but for some reason (I guess to try to calm him down) he is now able to talk on the phone 4 to 6 hours a day and he is allowed to paint and write things from some club he is in.

In reply to this comment by inflatablevagina:
holy shit! I havent ever heard about this guy. Did he get set free?

In reply to this comment by mauz15:
"Not much else to explain here..."

I beg to differ, before the subtitles start the reporters say that this man, has been given only 40+ years in jail but that he MAY get out in 3 years. Why? well because Colombia's justice system is fucked beyond belief. I know because I am Colombian. But then again, this case is quite old so perhaps they have re examined the case and given a proper sentence.

His name is Luis Alfredo Garavito, and he not only killed 140 children but he also raped and mutilated them. Most were homeless kids or kids that were street vendors. He would trick them by giving them money, or dressed as a monk, or even pretended to be a street vendor like them. Anything to gain their trust.

He is an alcoholic who was raped as child, and consequently entered a state of depression. I suppose this is when Hitler's life and words as well as Satanic ideas influenced him. So labeling this with the 'religion' tag is kind of misleading, since this person experienced other things of psychological nature BEFORE his obsession with Hitler and Satanism. The title of this makes it seem as if this guy picked a Hitler book and a satanic bible one afternoon and *poof* just like magic he became a murderer.

The authorities found a massive grave of about 40 corpses in a Colombian town, that is when a full investigation across the nation to find the murderer began and a couple more graves were found thereafter.

btw, he confessed to 140 murders but as far as I know he has been linked to about 190

Sand Fish! A lizard that "swims" in sand

Inside the Medieval Mind - Knowledge

African Fractals

Terry Jones' Medieval Lives 2 - The Monk

Terry Jones' Medieval Lives / The King

Louis Armstrong Documentary - Satchmo

Richard Dawkins at the Atheist Alliance 07

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