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Deleted Scene from "Batman v Superman" Starring Jimmy Kimmel

mas8705 (Member Profile)

mas8705 says...

So while thinking about scenes from deadpool, I was a bit shocked to find out that no one took the time to post scenes from the movie. So... Might as well take advantage of that.

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart present at the Emmys 2008

mas8705 says...


Oh how different things were eight years ago... Mind you that during this election year, we got stuck with nothing but Prunes and each one was hard to swallow...

Grappler Police Bumper - No more PIT maneuver

mas8705 says...

I'm sure this might have been answered already, but I feel like it does need to be answered: What would happen if the suspect were to try and suddenly turn the steering wheel after getting snagged? I don't want to assume that the car could still flip, or still have some control rather than be forced to drive forward until it comes to a complete stop.

If anyone knows the answer, please feel free to respond. I don't want to be negative here of course since it is a legit question to ask.

Ghost in the Shell (2017) - Official Trailer

mas8705 says...

I'm going to be crossing my fingers in hopes that this is good. At least with what we got for this preview, it looks promising and people have been commending how the beginning of GITS did look to be emulated here too.

I just hope that we finally have a decent adaptation on our hands. Hell knows that if we ever need to start identifying bad films, we use "white washing" to start finding them. (Why are there white kids in the Antarctic shyamalan?!)

Kimmel: Seth Rogen - "Green Hornet"

Dave Chappelle Addresses Donald Trumps Election on SNL

mas8705 says...

There's something about Dave Chappelle approach to comedy that no matter what he talks about, he will get people to listen and laugh.

Really is a shame that his show didn't go on longer than three seasons.

Game of Thrones - Donald Trump Scenes

Adobe Voco - awesome tech or awful pandora's box?

WTF have you done America?

mas8705 says...

Here's the thing. If all his past "fuckups" as you put it were supposed to completely discredit him as a canidate, why the hell did the following happen:

a) Be allowed to Run
b) Get nominated for the Republican nomination
c) Win the Election

We knew all the shit in his past, but you know what? He was still voted in not by fellow Republican politicians, but the people who saw that Trump could do what the people in DC can't do. That's one thing you, I and everyone else needs to accept. If this was "Such an issue that should have disqualified him from running and instead he should be in Jail," Why is he not in jail? Legit question because whatever that you might respond to that could be the same reasons why people feel like Hillary should be in Jail but still isn't.

"Republicans would be embarrassed to admit they'd backed a candidate that spent more of his first four years in jail than in the office. It would blow up the party and they're too self-centered to do that."

What's there to be embarrassed about? They never supported Trump to begin with! If it was a case where they were singing his praises, then the "grab them by the pussy video" came up, that would be embarrassing. Instead, they didn't show their support for Trump and then when that video came up, those who didn't support Trump basically doubled down on their "No supporting Trump."

The Republicans aren't going to act all "cheerful" now that Trump has won. They are cautious as all hell now more than ever. Even Paul Ryan calls Trump's win the "Most unprecedented win in the history of our country." The Republican party already strapped on the suicide vest the moment Trump accepted the nomination, and that vest isn't going to come off just because he won. They are going to watch him like a hawk and impeach him the moment he screws up. Impeaching Trump for if he screws up is not the same as "the party blowing up," but if Trump makes constant failed policies and they decide to stand by Trump, that is just watching the boat sink with all passengers on board.

Trump is not your average politician. As such we can't assume that should action be taken against Trump, that won't be average either.

What he needs to do now is prove that the trust that has been to put him by the people was well placed and that he will do the things he promised to do. All what the Republicans can do is just watch him carefully.

Sorry for the wall of text, but the only reason why I'm infuriated is that people honestly think we're turning into a fascism when really it would be easy to prevent such things from happening. Especially if there was no party loyalty to begin with.

Drachen_Jager said:

He's fucked up his whole life.

Cheated contractors, investors, the IRS. Sexually assaulted women, then bragged about it. He runs a false charity that only works to benefit Trump himself. He openly espouses Putin's policies on topics of Russian interest, even when it conflicts with American interest. He condones and encourages violence. Threatens to use the power of the office to imprison his perceived enemies. Threatens to jail journalists and comedians who disagree with him. Can't even UNDERSTAND why nuclear weapons are not to be used except in cases of existential threat.

If they're going to impeach him, there's plenty of material already. He could see jail before he sees the Oval Office.

It would take an overwhelming majority of Americans voting against Republicans in four years to tip the scales. If they have another four years, they're only going to push things further. Watch California get reduced to fewer electoral votes than Arkansas.

The US is bordering on failed state/despotism. The Republicans in congress and the senate are the only ones who could stand in the way, but if they stand in the way, they give up their own power.

Do you really think they're going to do that? Really?

We Didn't Listen

mas8705 says...

Kind of more specific to the electoral collage and how Trump won states that some thought were going to go to Clinton.

ChaosEngine said:

Clinton: 59794935 (47.6%)
Trump: 59588437 (47.5%)

yeah, great fucking landslide there bob.

(and since I know big numbers scare you, that means Clinton won)

Where Has My Country Gone

Jon Stewart's Twitter Fight with Donald Trump

mas8705 says...

Jon retired too early sadly. Same could be said of Stephen stepping away from his show too.

Who knows if the two could have had an impact on the election.

eric3579 said:

I so miss John. NO ONE doing comedy TV talk shows even comes close these days. I find them all very disappointing.

WTF have you done America?

mas8705 says...

Her's the problem that so many people have failed to consider. Why did Clinton lose? That is an answer that can't be so easily answered as one would think. Up to this point, the news medias all said the exact same things and focused only on the negatives for Trump and all the positives for Hillary even though one can easily argue how both of them were bad choices.

Trump said alot of terrible things, no denying that. But the thing however, is that Hillary Clinton isn't the most honest person either. It is because of how secretive she was and how it all felt as though this was all being "gift wrapped" for her that got people who voted for Trump.

The Racists, The Bigots, The Sexists and all other nutjobs that we have seen on the news medias and social medias are not the majority that voted in Trump. They are a percentage, but not the majority. To say that is the case would bring to question of how Obama won so easily in states that Trump took just as easily.

If you are struggling to tell your kids anything... Tell them this: Be honest and Trustworthy. Someone that others can rely on. Tell them that when they grow up, they will become better people than Trump and all other politicians in Washington D.C. and raise them as such.

This is why I struggle between watching this video. The things Trump has said should not be emulated in anyway, but the reason why Trump won was far away from the idea of how "Grabbing pussy" "building a wall" "Insulting races and the mentally ill" and all other nonsense we had to put up with this year being key factors of why Trump won.

Trump won because the people lost their confidence in those in DC right now and decided to gamble on Trump to make America Greater than it already is. Screw "Make America Great again!" this is about making our country even better and even greater than we stand now, and people believe that if there is a person who can do it, it is Donald Trump.

Just remember: Repubicans hate the guy as much as anyone else, and they will not hesitate to impeach the man the moment he f***s up.

Tetris With Room Lights

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