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chatting with a flat earther

bushworld adventures

Container Ship Collision In Pakistan

lv_hunter says...

"This accident looks... contained"
( •_•)>⌐■-■


Han Solo movie trailer

Star Citizen Squadron 42 gameplay

Star Citizen Squadron 42 gameplay

Dashcam Video Of Alabama Cop Who Shot Man Holding His Wallet

lv_hunter says...

Good greif hes on the ground, probably close to passing out from shock and theyre like "Sir are you armed?!" Sir dont move!" I mean if he kept moving would they have shot again?

I can understand it was a quick moment. It was a tense moment when all you saw was something blank in his hands, but damn go render aid! Cant say it but yes he should have stayed in his car and waited, in his rush to get out it looked suspicious.

Star Citizen 3.0 - First Hour in - 4K Ultra Widescreen

trump judicial nominee can’t answer any basic questions

Ready Player One trailer 2

Marvel Studio's Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

Smooth criminal on a barrel organ

Ready Player One trailer 2018

Ready Player One trailer 2018

lv_hunter says...

Some additional thoughts too, a lot of people either love or hate the book. Either they feel no nostalgia or dont care for all the pop culture references. Or just absolutely love it, which I love it.

Mostly it seems a lot people think because it has so many references that it has no original content. I view it this way, you mostly only ever get Wades side of the story. Stuff form his view point, Hallidays easter egg became his obsession stated several times in the book. How does someone obsessed with the very thing they deal with think?

Are the tons of references too much? At times possibly, but this is coming from the thoughts of Wade has hes thinking of ways to find clues or the next break into Hallidays trail.

At least thats how i think of the book.

Ready Player One trailer 2018

lv_hunter says...

Though there are plenty of things in the book that werent from the 80s themselves. Mechagodzilla is from the mid 70s. Ultraman is from the 60s. Heck Monty Python and the search for the holy grail was in the mid 70s, but it really didnt take up till the 80s. Even lepordon was from the late 70s.

The oasis had mentions of World of warcraft and stuff from Firefly. Im pretty sure Halliday would have liked the Iron Giant, the 50s or the 90s version.

From what i hear, they couldnt get the rights to the Monty python bit. So they had to fill that part with something else, possibly the race. And they probably couldnt get the rights to war games either. The movie is gonna be a whole hell of a lot different than the book, but the general premise of the plot should still be the same

timtoner said:

Spot on analysis. Don't get me wrong--I loves me some Iron Giant, but the point of the book is that everything significant in the Oasis (and thus significant to the Gunters) were things from Halliday's childhood in the 1980s. I do not doubt that an older Halliday would react to The Iron Giant positively, but it's against his thesis that the 1980s were a wonderful time to be a child.

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