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Ferry Vs. Container Crane

6.8 Earthquake Simulated by Underground Nuclear Explosion!

Pastor Warns If Democrats Win They'll Slaughter Christians

lv_hunter says...

so hes in for inciting violence vs people not of "his" faith. gotcha. Not for the fact that there are tons of christians on the left too. And i mean wouldnt jesus be more a leftist then the right?

Rome Escalator Failure

USAF Veteran taking a stand against NFL

lv_hunter says...

I always find it funny when someone says kaep should have done it somewhere else or that its the wrong venue? What was the right venue? would you have listened to him if he hada big press conference? Would you have proclaimed that police brutality is a thing? Would you have gone to a symposium on police brutality if kaep wanted to discus things?

This decision had the biggest impact to bring it to peoples attentions, its sad that the message has been shifted to that of players protesting the military, which doesnt make sense. Protesting because they want more money? That isnt how players go about making more money. (Holding out for more money like bell is doing and not getting fantasy points is how its done). The fact that people talk about it means the message is on peopels minds, and sadly its either the wrong message or the right one in their heads.

The fact that the women had to exclaim the reason he was removing the plate was because of "our lands" "our America" "our people" and not for BLM already shows shes right leaning and wouldn't care for any reason but waht fox news gives her.

bobknight33 said:

I applaud him for standing up for a cause he believes in. It just the wrong venue. With all the millions sports figures make and all the media at their beckon call this can be handled in a different venue.

It as he said not slight on the military at all. However, somethings just take on a life on its own.

Hand up don't shoot ... that swept across America after 2014 shooting of Michael Brown. Fact is this saying was never uttered by Michael Brown or anyone else. It was just a false claim by an witness.

Media, spin doctors and organizers take what they want and damn be truth.

man assaults teen in gym

chatting with a flat earther

bushworld adventures

Container Ship Collision In Pakistan

lv_hunter says...

"This accident looks... contained"
( •_•)>⌐■-■


Han Solo movie trailer

Star Citizen Squadron 42 gameplay

Star Citizen Squadron 42 gameplay

Dashcam Video Of Alabama Cop Who Shot Man Holding His Wallet

lv_hunter says...

Good greif hes on the ground, probably close to passing out from shock and theyre like "Sir are you armed?!" Sir dont move!" I mean if he kept moving would they have shot again?

I can understand it was a quick moment. It was a tense moment when all you saw was something blank in his hands, but damn go render aid! Cant say it but yes he should have stayed in his car and waited, in his rush to get out it looked suspicious.

Star Citizen 3.0 - First Hour in - 4K Ultra Widescreen

trump judicial nominee can’t answer any basic questions

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