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Inside The Actors Studio with Robin Williams

The Adorkable Misogyny of The Big Bang Theory

Twenty Toes

Vietnamese Tactical Third Floor Infiltration (Like A Boss)

Girl On An Escalator

eric3579 (Member Profile)

Good ol fashioned fight.

Do not mess with a parent - here is why

lurgee (Member Profile)

Cats are Dicks... watch until the end

luxury_pie says...

The video is still pretty interesting, right? RIGHT?

artician said:

Ah, "Disney's 'True Life Adventures'". The series spawned by complete ass-hat documentarian James Algar.
This is the same director who lead a team to produce the complete falsity that was "White Winter", which went on to inspire culture, ignorance, and generations of individuals who believed lemmings were mindlessly suicidal.
It's not exactly the Reich, but fuck them anyway for spreading such disinformation across the world for a profit.

Enter Pyongyang

Israeli crowd cheers with joy as missile hits Gaza on CNN

Israeli crowd cheers with joy as missile hits Gaza on CNN

#LikeAGirl -- attitudes exposed and transformed

Woman photoshopped in different countries - What is Beauty?

luxury_pie says...

Those "experts" sure use a lot of blur.

And whatever the guy in Germany was on, no we don't like our women looking like fresh out of the morgue. I would have send the photo back unedited btw.

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