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C63 Amg Drift And Burnout On The Streets

SCARY TRUTH About The REAL Jim Carrey

Painting a Dragon - Timelapse


Painting a dragon with acrylics

kir_mokum says...

shows you the importance of layering. this has bad design, bad lighting, bad perspective, bad composition, but it has a shit ton of layers that gives the impression of detail and purpose.

Getting Delay, without using any effects...

Why the Oscars love method actors.

kir_mokum says...

soooo, what was the point? hollywood is made up of whores who use method acting as a cash grab but method acting actually helps generate some of the most memorable performances? don't tell me water is also wet?!!!

Filmmaking Methods That R Ruining Movies: Methods of Madness

kir_mokum says...

the math checks out.

AeroMechanical said:

I mean, look at all those great films released between 1935 and 2005. There were so many more great films released during that time than there were in the previous 10 years. What gives? I bet the number of great films released in the former period is something like seven times that of the latter.

Sheriff Rips NRA - You’re Not Standing Up For Victims

Kids React To Record Players/Viynl

Kids React To Record Players/Viynl

Filmmaking Methods That R Ruining Movies: Methods of Madness

kir_mokum says...

pretty much everything he said about CGI are wrong. like saying it's called "special effects". it's called "visual effects". "special effects" are practical effects.

how to produce a club track today-and sound cool

Rand Paul's Epic Speech on Government Spending Today

kir_mokum says...

this has been demonstrably the case for like 4 decades.

newtboy said:

I hate to agree with him, and I didn't watch his hour long speech, but adding hundreds of billions a year in new spending after cutting $1.5 trillion in taxes is about as far from fiscal responsibility as you can get.
No more calling democrats 'tax and spend' @bobknight33 without noting republicans are now just 'spend', and they spend far more than Democrats....on stuff we don't need.

Why expensive watches are so expensive

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