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Love the Art, Hate the Artist

John Oliver - Felony Disenfranchisement


The TRUTH Why Modern Music Is Awful

kir_mokum says...

- pop music has always been garbage, beatles included.

- the music business exists to sell music, not promote good music.

- simple music is an easier sell than complex/challenging music.

- there is WAY more good music and WAY more diverse music being released today than in the 60s.

- the loudness war is ending.

- this guy is pure wank.

If English were Spoken Phonetically Consistent

Cat Power - Cross Bones Style

How Avengers Infinity War Should Have Ended

kir_mokum says...

imo, infinity war had the best ending of any marvel movie and they should keep it as the actual ending of the current MCU. the main story telling problem with most superhero movies is there is no real risk or threat to the main characters, only to the people around them. this makes all the action have much less impact as consequences to the violence and action are minimized. ending the series with real deaths from a foe they could not defeat finally gives the series the gravitas that it failed to have up until this point.

also, thanos was by far the most interesting and complex character in the whole MCU. the reframing of his motives vastly improved on his character.

MANDY - Official Trailer

Jay finds a baby whale....

Jim Jefferies - Jordan Peterson on Free Speech

kir_mokum says...

some thoughts on peterson:

i've yet to hear him say anything that warrants the backlash or praise. he's generally pretty unremarkable.

i'm pretty sure no one has actually read bill C-16 including peterson. there is nothing about compelled speech in there.

the flood of hit pieces like this is completely baseless and seems like a sort of mass hysteria.

jefferies' last question to peterson and elizabeth were money.

FOX's take on border separations

The Sound Master

kir_mokum says...

audio engineering in general is VERY insular and VERY slow to move. there aren't really "jobs", you have to carve out your own slice of whatever pie you can find. and that's on top of being a complete boys club since its inception.

The Beat That Changed Pop Music

Beer Snakes

Nirvana Were a Feminist Band

kir_mokum says...

"rape me " was written as a reaction to the lack of response and understanding of "polly". basically "oh, that was too difficult to understand? this one should be a little clearer."

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