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Can This Change Everything for DJs

kir_mokum says...

this is pretty much bang on. there are several versions of a "special turntable" which are just controllers. you can use all in one controller set ups, CDJs/XDJs in HID mode, or rane's 12 turntable, which is just a stand alone controller for DVS. all in one controllers are geared more toward bedroom and wedding DJs, the rane 12 is pretty boutique and for turntablist/party rock DJs, and CDJs/XDJs are what everyone else uses and are industry standard and in every club/rave/festival/tech rider. there is also a growing move back to vinyl in certain scenes, especially techno and jungle/choppage/breakbeat hardcore scenes.

AeroMechanical said:

I'm pretty sure the vinyl itself has nothing on it. It's all digitized and stored in a module. The "Phase" device is just a very accurate, low-latency angular-position transducer for controlling the module.

So... why not just read the position directly from a special turntable (like the other digital sets they sell)? I dunno, I guess these let you use your favorite Technics turntables from 1989 that have just the right feel or whatever.

I don't know this, I'm just basing it on the evidence that there is clearly no stylus dragging across the record, so the sound can't be coming from there.

Ed: Oh, and I guess it's wireless. Maybe that's a big deal.

Can This Change Everything for DJs

kir_mokum says...

it offers nothing new to a DJ's workflow while replacing one failure point with 2 new ones (battery and proprietary RF) and adds another stupid little box that's definitely going to cause problems during setup. DVSs are already a pain in the ass, have compromised sound quality, have latency issues, fail all the time (both user error and software/hardware errors) which is one of the many reasons why almost no touring DJs outside the turntablism/party rock world use them anymore. 99.9% of headliners and locals are USB/SD card and CDJ2000s.

the rane 12 is a much more robust and professional product that fills the same gap as this toy. also, i swear i saw this getting hyped around 5 years ago.

ForgedReality said:

Oh shit! We shoulda consulted the expert. Damn that sucks. Oh well, nothing to see here, boys. Move along.

Can This Change Everything for DJs

Before and After becoming Famous

kir_mokum says...

this is only tangentially related but american music artists need to get off hip hop's dick and broaden their musical horizons.

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EGO DEATH - The Art of Ritualized Surrender

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