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Never Before Seen Footage of Secret Mormon Temple Rituals

joedirt says...

Holy crap.. Mitt's grandfather would have taught and made Mitt swear to this oath...

You and each of you do covenant and promise that you will pray and never cease to pray to Almighty God to avenge the blood of the prophets upon this nation, and that you will teach the same to your children and to your children's children unto the third and fourth generation

How he is eligible to be President, forgetting that his father was an illegal alien. And his great grandfather fled the country for perjury and polygamy charges.

40 years-the story of doctor who-full documentary

Cobra Derringer 22 Magnum

Somebody Has Epic Ferrarigasm

Felix Baumgartner freefalls at 1000kph

joedirt says...

>> ^Deano:

>> ^kymbos:
Am I the only person who does not give a shit?

It's a human being doing something incredible and breaking boundaries. Isn't that worth something?
What if this had happened before the Columbia disaster and the data about how you can bail out in the upper atmosphere had been used to save those lives (i.e they bailed out just before the ship tore apart)?
I think it's a wonderful and worthy stunt and funded out of all those Red Bull drinks

No, it's a stupid advertising gimmick. It isn't science or new or even interesting. It's been done and proven. USAF did exactly this in 1960. This just added a few hundred feet to their altitude. Russian probably did it sooner.

So no it's not a human breaking any boundaries or any thing novel. It is just advertising paid for by product sales. No different from a TV commercial expect it tricked you into talking about their product.

Republicans are Pro-Choice!

joedirt says...

To anyone claiming something prior to birth is alive and any abortion is murder, then you cannot hold that position to outlaw abortion if you also do not demand and end to death sentencing, assassination by drone, cops killing someone not in self-defense should be tried as murder.

If you cannot hold every life as sacred and be adamant about ending those other forms of murder, then you cannot be against murder of unborn humans.

Republicans are Pro-Choice!

joedirt says...

We don't prosecute most nutjobs that let their kids die because they are using prayer for medicine, and that is a wanted cared for child, but the gov't can't get involved in those parental choices.

But here are morons wanting to force medical decisions on people. And no, all fetus aren't created equal, some aren't viable, think how many wanted pregnancies never end up in a live birth.

The same assholes want to ban abortion, because it is easy. There is a clinic, it is a building or a few people or a woman they can take their beliefs out on. These same people aren't trying to prevent women that are drinking or taking meth or crack during pregnancy. They aren't there giving food to malnourished live human lives that need protecting. They just care about stopping a building, a simple procedure, something tangible. They aren't setting up adoption networks, or child care or donating food or baby sitting to women that can't afford children.

They are privileged people who can't imagine being in a situation, so they assume everyone should live like them. It's the same way they want to enforce state issued photo ID, or ban night or weekend voting. It's because they can get a driver's license and just can't imagine someone who cannot get out of work and go at 3pm to vote. They can't imaging a 95 year old woman that can't get on three bus lines to a DMV and pay $30 for an ID, but first they have to stop off at the SSA to try and get a social security card they never had in their lifetime.

They are the scum of the Earth that want to be able to tell everyone how to live, but recoil at the idea that gov't might have some say in how they live. But are more than willing to force gov't choices on other people.

Vote Rmoney. (Actually Obama is the same choice)

And those nutjobs out there promoting this, sorry, but a pregnant 13 year old raped by their father/uncle/brother, shouldn't have to be forced to have a baby. And the sad part is these idiots can't even back away from this ledge, even Rmoney isn't that stupid, unlike some sifters.

Republicans are Pro-Choice!

Shortest Joke in Typography

Who will win US election? (User Poll by joedirt)

Who will win US election? (User Poll by joedirt)

Election08 Playlists & Chat room (Election Talk Post)

World Worst Comedian? At Least One Person Wants to KO him

joedirt says...

This should be marked *fake.

It seems staged to me, from the ridiculous lighting inside a bar with 10 people watching a horrible comedian, and three people filming it. And the punch was fake.

The guy grabbed his hand first then punched the shoulder and then slid fist in front of his face.

This is fake viral stuff from a not funny comedian.

Here is the second angle, note the jokes start and end at the same location... not coincidence.

The 5 Deadliest Diseases

joedirt says...

tl;dw (wow, this YT jerk stretches out his video to maximal YT $$ length)

5 - H1N1 piggy flu
4 - H5N1 bird flu
3 - Marburg Fever (82% fatality, under 500 deaths worldwide ever)
2 - ebola (83% fatality rate, under 1500 cases worldwide ever)
1 - rabies (An estimated 55,000 human deaths occur annually from rabies worldwide) (If not treated which is 100% effective in first 2 to 12 weeks treatment protocol has 8% survival rate)

World Worst Comedian? At Least One Person Wants to KO him

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