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How not to keep a hot girlfriend happy

Potheads Welcome - Will California Legalize Marijuana?

TDS: America's Got Nothing

gnargnar says...

As someone who works 30+ hours a week, and still makes considerably less than my friend that has been unemployed and uninterested in looking for almost 18 months now it's hard to feel bad. Also, the only time I applied for unemployment they gave me the run-around for several months to the point where I had found other employment before they were willing to help me in any way.

100 Greatest Movie Insults of All TIme

The fastest dog in the universe!

gnargnar says...

It's sad that they probably didn't win, because he was nowhere near touching the red on most of the obstacles. Crazy crazy fast though, and everyone clearly had a great time (the dog especially)

Incredible Bowling Shot Over a Chair!

Incredible skateboarding by soon-to-be-famous Kilian Martin

gnargnar says...

As a skater, I have to rain on the parade. These are all joke tricks for your standard pro skater, and most aren't even executed exceptionally well. Touching your front wheels in a manual? Putting your foot down? That's basic no-no stuff.
Chris Haslam blows all of this out of the water when he's playing around. Richie Jackson. There's lots of "circus skaters" out there that destroy this dude.
And as someone that's not much of a Mullen fan- Rodney Mullen is roughly 829% better than this guy.


Steve's Grammar: Is it "Twenty ten" or "Two thousand ten"?

Jack White, Jimmy Page & The Edge - "In My Time Of Dying"

Zero Punctuation: Beatles Rock Band and Guitar Hero 5

Mungo Jerry - In The Summertime

World's Best Marriage Proposal, Ever

gnargnar says...

It seems obvious to me that the guy works at Disneyland. He clearly has connections, knows how to sing and dance, and they met at Disneyland.
That doesn't mean it's a publicity stunt, it just means he's radical and used his available resources to the best of his ability.
Plus the girl is smoking hot which makes it all worthwhile.

Amazing Choir uses hands to create a thunderstorm

gnargnar says...

We used to do the whole "hand storm" thing at camp and stuff. it was basically an excuse to get 100 kids to work together, but I guess they've decided it's "artsy" now. sounds great with the thunder.

2012 Solar Tsunami!

Google introduces 'Similar Images' Feature

gnargnar says...

"Hey Eric, what're you looking at?"
"Well you see, I searched for 'butt sex' and now I'm going to click 'similar images' for this one with the Asian girl."
"Wow Eric... That's... Unnatural..."

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