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Lyft driver kicks racist passengers out of his car

fuzzyundies says...

According to local news reports, she is in fact the owner of the bar he picked her up at and identified in the video (Fossil's Last Stand in Catasauqua, Pennsylvania), and he did file a police report about the assault threat.

How to Pick Up a Duck

Brooklyn subway shooting has disappeared from the headlines

fuzzyundies says...

I watched as much as I could stomach. She went from celebrating Rittenhouse being acquitted for killing people "in self defense" to immediately introducing the other gentleman as a "Black-Lives-Matter-Loving career criminal".

This is garbage propaganda by a racist cunt.

🤯">Opening a dam's gate after being closed for years is WOW

Why Electric Will Never Replace Internal Combustion

That time your accident avoidance system served you well

Restaurant worker refuses to rent someone a yacht ;)

fuzzyundies says...

One of my very smart coder former coworkers had a saying:

"What you said was wrong. What you meant to say was also wrong."

From 0 to 200 km/h (124 mph) in 1 second

fuzzyundies says...

It could be, but the size of the props makes me think it's pretty heavy with the motors required to drive all 4, and the angle of tilt it maintains (you can step through a bit) without losing altitude requires a lot of thrust. It looks pretty legit to me, and with the proper power to weight ratio, this is pretty much how I'd expect something like this to be built and look and sound. I mean, none of it looks impossible -- the control is the hard part.

newtboy said:

What makes you all think this isn’t just sped up?

I Crashed My Plane

fuzzyundies says...

He absolutely faked it. Consider:

- Happened to wear a skydiving parachute for the first time on YT on this flight
- Fuel selector line to the right wing was visibly disconnected, accounting for an empty wing, short intended flight, and the lack of fire
- Left door was ajar when prop started to sputter
- Down/up pitch inputs during "engine failure" add drag and slow the plane, whereas basic pilot training is to put the nose down to gain airspeed

This pilot had some good points.

When you confuse a pregnancy test for a vape pen

Disagreement About Masks at Christmas 2021 in Math Class

fuzzyundies says...

Yeah, he completely lost me at the sermon. "We can all agree", because there were no Muslims, Jews, Pagans, Wiccans, atheists, etc. in the room.

The Gecko Visits Portal - GEICO Insurance

When lighting a match goes wrong

fuzzyundies says...

This is literally EIA. He did almost everything wrong you could possibly do:

1. Drop the lit match into a pile of garbage while focusing on the burning box of matches.
2. Piling dry cardboard onto the burning garbage as if somehow that would smother it.
3. Repeatedly fanning the flames with a heavy blanket instead of trying to smother the flames and cut off oxygen.
4. Hitting a large uncontrolled pile of burning materials with a small amount of water that really just served to scatter the burning materials instead of putting them out.

I need to buy a new fire extinguisher. I actually just bought one for the kitchen (which specifically smothers without scattering grease or oil) but the package was stolen out of the mail room before I could pick it up. /rant

Most People Don't Know How Bikes Work

fuzzyundies says...

In my M1 (motorcycle endorsement) class, we learned this as "breaking the plane". There's a lot more force involved so you kinda have to consciously do it above a certain speed. Knock the front wheel in the "wrong" direction so that the bike falls into the turn in the direction you want.

When you're the only person in band that practices ;)

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