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Little-kid classical guitar quintet

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flechette jokingly says...

I think snuff is fine on the Sift as long as it's used to prove a point.

>> ^Jinx:

Fuzzy fucking maths? Its only the laws of physics honey. I don't wish to disrespect others personal experience, but I knew a guy who had lots of personal experience of not having accidents, despite his speed and somewhat reckless driving...until he had an accident. The good news is he won't be having anymore accidents. The bad news is he won't be having anymore anything.
There is a reason you are advised to keep a good distance between you and the vehicle in front, its not just some random theorycrafting. If you rly don't trust the numbers then I suggest you hop on your bike, find a truck to coast behind and wait. Remember to video it and link me to the result. Oh, and try not to die, I don't think videosift will let me post snuff.

the zombie apocalypse is upon us

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Moving A Bee Colony By Hand

BBC World News: LSD could be used to treat alcoholism

Sausage Thief.

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Man puts wire on his autistic son, finds staff abusing him.

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Henri the haunted kitty

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