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Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rule: Hollywood's Grey Area

entr0py says...

But they're fantasies, Bill ; watching action movies don't mean you have a deathwish, watching horror movies doesn't mean you're secretly a psycho, and watching a romantic comedy doesn't make you okay with presumptive, pushy men.

Florida School Shooter was Member of White Nationalist Group

High-tech drones steal the show at the Winter Olympics

entr0py jokingly says...

"What's incredible is that less than two pilots can operate those thousand plus drones at one time."

By less than two, do you mean one? Because there's a word for that.

That's right, no matter how amazing the new technology is, it can't compare to the simple pleasure of being a grammar Nazi.

VENOM Official Trailer (2018) Tom Hardy Superhero Movie HD

entr0py says...

So, when Sony made their deal to hand over the film rights to Spider-Man, they retained the villains? Heh, I guess they nearly have enough to make a Sinister Six movie and try to reproduce the magic of Suicide Squad.

Woah. . . I just did some googling and not only was Sony planning a Sinister Six movie, but Suicide Squad was profitable. fml

Faceswapping, Unethical Videos, and Future Shock

entr0py says...

My personal prediction is that it will in the next 10 years get good enough to fool casual viewers. But society will adapt by recognizing that video needs to be verified, and any trustworthy media outlet will need to employ forensic video experts to verify clips.

We already do this with photos. No one thinks that even good photoshops of celebrity heads on porn stars are real. Or that photographic evidence that Hillary Clinton is a lizard person is likely to check out. I mean other than Alex Jones.

Westworld Season 2 - Official Super Bowl Ad

The Engineering of the Drinking Bird

entr0py says...

"The reason the bird drinks whisky faster than water is because the rate of evaporation is greater. "

Yeah, nice excuse bird.

Skiing Everything But Snow

entr0py says...

How much of that is real and how much is video editing? It would be hard to imagine he got permission to damage culturally significant sites.

Virgin Atlantic: Flying with kids!

entr0py says...

I think they're just excited about the dinosaur pasta. Bringing kids along would be counter productive, those things have boundary issues.

Magicpants said:

Hmmm... while I appreciate the inclusion of the gay couple, why are they shown sitting in a double seat, away from their children, when the very first announcement was that you must stay with your children at all times?

Weighing a Baby Aardvark is Not Easy - Cincinnati Zoo

That Moment Your Mistake Saves a Life

entr0py says...

I can only imagine someone else has the opposite story from that day, their loved one didn't feeling like going into work on time, but they convinced them to get going. It's always good to remind yourself that nothing happens for a reason.


entr0py says...

That was perfect, that was very much how I wanted to respond to Ashleigh Banfield's rebuke, but more humorous and generous. Everyone has the right to talk about experiences they themselves went through. Confidentiality is a reasonable expectation, say, sometimes between spouses. But not after a first date ffs.

Chop Suey Jazz Cover

entr0py says...

The thing about that song is that the lyrics are deliberately asinine, so when you strip away the interpretation, you're just left with something horrible. She's talented, that's just an exceedingly bad choice of cover that time.

Town Where Chinese Millionaires House their Kid and Mistress

entr0py says...

It's shocking that Chinese citizens don't fall into involuntary laughing fits every time their government describes it's self as "Communist".

Squeak Toy

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