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Warp Speed Comparison

entr0py says...

I'm just barely geeky enough to find this interesting, but here goes. The first reason is that logarithmic scales show up in science all the time, and are frequently misunderstood by layman and media, they just aren't at all intuitive.

The second is that those shows were written over decades by smart science-literate people who put in all of these careful details that totally flew over my head, it's fun to look back and see it was deeper than I knew at the time.

When Sci-fi is written with a good understanding of science and physics, it makes the fantastic parts seem more plausible because the rest checks out. The alternative way to do Sci-fi is to just say "Screw it, it's all magic!". Which works for Star Wars but isn't compelling in the same way.

cloudballoon said:

What's so intriguing about made up numbers though?

Toss me a beer

entr0py says...

Not to be a downer but they are kind of torturing the thing. I'm sure it's hanging out on the side of the boat because it has a hook through it, and drinking because it's trying not to die. These are the opposite of good times for catfish.

UpTown Spot

LotR - Reenacted by CGI Mice


Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Official Trailer

A Bowl Of Peanut Oil Catches 7 Mice In 1 Night

Herd Of Cows Help Florida Police Corner A Fleeing Suspect

How to remove moles (Possibly a little unethical...)


entr0py says...

I really can't endorse having two children at one time. I mean, the choice to have one child is already a bit iffy, but this is just complete madness.

Nut Milking EXPOSED!

Shep Smith Shuts Down Sean Hannity's Lies And Propaganda

entr0py says...

I wonder if Fox News keeps Shep around just so they can say to the press, politicians and regulators "See, we're a responsible news organization, not some delusional propaganda outlet." While serving up conspiracy theories and vitriol most of the day.

He exists to deflect criticism from Hannity, not to oppose him.

Crash leads to bee attack and hilarity ensues.

entr0py says...

It makes me wonder, out of all the people I've seen acting crazy in public, how many were just getn eat up by bees. Perhaps I've misjudged you wasteoids all this time.

Q Anon, Printable Guns, & Other Pure Nonsense Words

entr0py says...

I think there are 3 real issues with 3D printed guns that are genuinely new dangers worth being concerned about.

1. They completely avoid background checks.

2. They're untraceable to a gun seller.

3. They could lead to relatively inexpensive and unregistered fully automatic weapons.

It does seem that plastic guns are not worth worrying about because they're so terrible. But, metal shaping CNC Mills aren't that expensive and can do a decent job of printing guns at home.

I can't really buy the argument that no one will be interested in printing out machine guns because of the existing criminal penalties. If someone is planning a murder or bank robbery or terrorist attack, they're already expecting a life sentence if they're caught. And, even if they plan to get away with it, a gun that can do the job really well, has no history to trace, and can be destroyed or disposed of right after could just make the crime easier to get away with.

Final Space trailer

entr0py says...

Like quite a few shows produced by US TV networks, I bet the first season will be exclusive to TBS for one year, then released on Netflix just in time to promote season 2. It kind of makes sense that the TV networks still want you to watch TV.

My_design said:

Not available on Netflix in the USA. Yet one more reason in the ever growing pile for me to re-locate to Canada.

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