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Eagle Steals Rabbit From Fox

entr0py says...

I think that fox must have taken some damage, you can see he wasn't holding on with his teeth, he just has the meat hooks in him.

Eagles are already OPed, you'd think they could find their own food. But no, they'd rather grief foxes.

John Oliver - Rehab

This is a giant ball of fire ants

entr0py says...

Your right, the original video is way more interesting.

I guess the business insider version is edited to be mildly interesting in a muted facebook stream.

Sagemind said:

Does anyone know the original video these clips were pilfered from? You know, the one that actually talks and give us the real info behind the film clips.
I hate these types of filtered videos.

Yanny or Laurel

entr0py says...

Here's the simplest and seemingly most correct explanation I've seen.

Basically, the two sounds are overlaid with each other. If you have good hearing in high ranges, your mind will filter out one or the other, with a pretty strong bias to hear the higher pitched "Yanny". If your hearing is not so good, you're left only with the "Laurel" bit.

AsapScience is just totally wrong in their conclusion that the "Original" recording says "Laurel". Every bit of Laurel can be removed without altering the Yanny part and visa versa. They don't intersect.

Mean Tweets – Avengers Edition

entr0py says...

In this segment, the hateful twitter users are the butt of the joke. It's not an endorsement of the terrible things they're saying, it's rather the opposite.

NaMeCaF said:

Racism. It's only tolerable and funny if its against whites?

Jermaine O'Neal - the biggest freethrow troll in history

entr0py says...

So, I guess there's some penalty if the other players move from their positions before the ball leaves his hands. Does he actually have any success at getting violations called against the other team?

Anatomy of a Scene -- A Quiet Place

entr0py says...

Since we're in spoiler town, any guess what the creatures were meant to be? They seem too dumb to be Aliens. Maybe subterranean bat monsters from the center of the earth?

Dolphins Are Jerks

Michelle Wolf at 2018 White House Correspondents' Dinner

entr0py says...

Yeah, it turns out the administration is full of humorless thin-skinned assholes. That's the subtle context that tends to go unreported.

L0cky said:

Was avoiding watching this as I was getting hints it was a cringeworthy bomb from the news headlines.

Sassy Trump: French Kiss

entr0py says...

One of that great things about sassy Trump is he always follows the transcript. This is exactly how Trump behaves, you just need a different accent to see what a catty queen he is.

Dog knocks down pedestrian

entr0py says...

The sound effect right before makes me think the guy watching on CCTV has a button that drops dogs. First of all, that's a silly security system. And misused in this case.

Jordan B. Peterson | Real Time with Bill Maher

entr0py says...

That's a great point. My experience of education in the US was that K-12 were incredibly cautious to the point of stifling any independent thought or difficult discussions. Then in college you were instantly presented with teachers who want to challenge your ideas about the world, and want to draw out and discuss the topics that were always off limits before.

ChaosEngine said:

He doesn't make shit up, but he does tend to exaggerate.

His main schtick is that all universities are filled with precious snowflakes that can't handle any dissenting opinion outside their safe spaces, which just isn't true.

Sure there have been a few high profile stories of people being waaaaaay too zealous about "not offending people", but those are remarkable because they're rare. Most universities still happily engage in controversial discussions.

Also "leftist"... that is not a thing. It's hard to have a genuine debate with people when you caricature their positions.

The Infinadeck Omnidirectional Treadmill - Smarter Every Day

entr0py says...

There are a handful of companies working on omnidirectional treadmills, it's interesting that they have totally different approaches.

More common than the treadmill made of treadmills approach is to have a super low friction platform, combined with a rigid harness around the waist to keep you from actually making progress in any direction. Sort of like trying to run on ice and failing hilariously.

SUV crashes into house allegedly owned by Michael Bay

entr0py says...

I can't say for sure if this is why that dude was driving so badly, but he never got a license because Texas is among the states that doesn't have a driving privilege card for undocumented immigrants.

Driver's training does save lives, and this particular attempt to exclude undocumented immigrants from lawful society just causes a public safety menace without deterring migration.

Container Transport in Vietnam

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