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Harden up cupcakes

Gina Haspels involvement in torture, destruction of evidence

radx (Member Profile)

enoch says...

well that was delicious...thank you my friend.

last week i was accused of being a "useful idiot" by a person i respected,and once called friend.

radx said:

Not as informative as Greenwald's recent piece on Hamilton 68, but you just gotta love Taibbi's style.

"By an extraordinary coincidence, virtually all the "anti-system" movements and candidates that so terrified the political establishment two years ago have since been identified as covert or overt Russian destabilization initiatives, puppeteered from afar by the diabolical anti-Western dictator, Vladimir von Putin-Evil."

And on this decade's most effective propaganda effort so far, the Hamilton 68 dashboard:

"That these people now are being upheld as heroes of liberalism is incredible. Only a few short years ago they were widely derided as the very dumbest people in the country, raving paranoiacs who humped every false lead from Niger to Ahmed Chalabi's hotel suite in order to justify invasions, torture, secret prisons and the establishment of a monstrous, intractable, and illegal surveillance regime. And now we're letting these same people dominate every news cycle when this time, years early, they're already admitting they might be wrong?"

Global Security, Deterrence, National Debt, State Dept Cuts

The Black Angels - Currency

all governments lie:truth,lies and the spirit of I.F stone

newtboy (Member Profile)

enoch says...

i really don't know why some fans got all pissy about a female doctor,but payback makes a good point:fans have bitched about every doctor incarnation.

newtboy (Member Profile)

enoch says...

missy identifies multiple times she is a "timelady".
dude,she was fabulous as the female version of the master.

newtboy said:

No. I've never been a Dr Who fan, so I really don't care.
Just making the point that a Lord is a male Lady in British nobility. I can't grasp why some want to be lords now, as if the terms aren't equal in status....but whatever. Not my fight.

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Mordhaus (Member Profile)

2 black dudes-1 iconic metal song

enoch says...


thanks for the love gentlemen.
these guys really brought me back to a time where we would drag our milk crates of our favorite albums to a friends house just to introduce them to new music.

music that we loved.

and these guys react in such a genuine and honest way that i found endearing.

(and yeah chaos,i wasted waaaay too much time on their channel,so i hear ya,the check is in the mail.) it really 4AM?

Mordhaus (Member Profile)

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OverLord (Member Profile)

How Star Wars The Last Jedi Should Have Ended

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