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Hail Satan?-Trailer

enoch says...


if I could just interject here,and I do not mean to interrupt ,but the origins of satan come from an older,persian religion:the Zoroastrian religion, one of the world's earliest, the supreme deity, Ormazd, created two entities: the chaotic and destructive spirit Ahriman and his beneficent twin brother, Spenta Mainyu,

and while Judaism doesn't have an actual "satan".There are few demon-like figures in Hebrew scripture, but the most famous one appears in the Book of Job. In that book, an "adversary" or "tempter" asks God whether the prosperous man Job would continue to praise God after losing everything. God takes up the challenge, and strips Job of his wealth and family, leaving the man wondering why such a horrible fate befell him.

the Christians took the Zoroastrian take on man's duality and ran with it,using "satan" which is Hebrew for "adversary".

I just thought you might be interested.
okay you two,carry on.

Can You Trust Kurzgesagt Videos?

Four producers remix the same jazz piano sample

enoch says...

get this in my channel!

and *promote the future of music.

sorry sage,your points are valid,but until people get off expecting music for free.we will have to wade through an ocean of remixing.

AOC Exposes The Dark Side - "Let's Play A Game"

enoch says...

this right here is what drives me absolutely bonkers.

you proceed from a false premise:
that "wealth" translates to being less corruptible.

blindly ignoring what wealth actual not only IS,but what it represents to the elite class in America.


so could we please STOP with how much trump is actually worth,as if it has any inherent meaning in terms of power?

i do not understand wasting time with an ideologue,or dissecting his obviously conflicting comments as somehow expressing a clear and definable philosophy.these people play in the realm of cult of personality,spectacle and magical thinking.

their adoration for a particular public figure is cultish,and has very little to do with reality but more how their idol represents an ideal that they feel very strongly about.

so are we really surprised that bob will give Alexandria ocasio cortez a nod for exposing how easy it is to corrupt the system,but then conveniently excuse his idol and give him a pass based on the flimsiest of reasons:wealth.

when it was Alexandria ocasio cortez's lightning round that exposed how it is actually EASIER for the executive branch and the president to sell their influence for money.

but to bob,and how he sees things,the very idea that trump would ever engage in a breach of morality,and break his promise to the American preposterous,...because trump already has money,why would he sell his integrity?

because BOB has integrity.
because BOB would never break a promise.
this is basic projection of ones morality onto a figure they admire.
we can apply the exact same metric to those who voted for Obama.same thing.same results.

you will never get bob to admonish his hero,because that hero represents the IDEA of what bob is projecting,not the actual reality.

fundamentalists engage in the exact same magical thinking.

so how can i get mad for bob,and the other trumpsters of the world?
i pity them.
because delusional dreams always crash on the shores of the real eventually.

and that is going to be a sad day for bob.

scheherazade said:

Bob said that her line of argument (selling regulation policy changes for self enrichment), is less of an obvious motivation for someone who enters politics already wealthy.

That's a perfectly fine statement to make, as there is less to gain.


lurgee (Member Profile)

AOC Exposes The Dark Side - "Let's Play A Game"

enoch says...

while I am absolutely delighted to watch both the democratic and republican parties LOSE their minds over AOC,and watch them bumble and stumble all over themselves to discredit this 29yr old Latina spitfire.

the political establishment continues to miss the plot,because they live in their own tiny,elitist bubbles.

every time they attempt to marginalize her,attack her outright,shame her,belittle her...
her numbers go up.
the republicans try to attack her by exposing her ideas as laughable,but what they are really doing is campaigning for her.
she literally gets more popular every time FOX news has ben shapiro on to "expose" AOC as the "loony left".

and the democrats may actually be MORE afraid of AOC than the republicans!
they are trying to primary her out of her seat,which he has only been in a few weeks.
which has seen AOC's war chest boom with private,small amount,donations.

they (meaning the establishment,corporate lackeys in congress) along with their corporate media stooges.

are doing their best to paint AOC as a "kook" as a "crazy" as somehow not being an actual representative of what normal folk want in a representative.

just like they did with nader,paul,sanders..

but it looks like the American people are finally on to the games of the kleptocrats.

and AOC has become the youngest and most popular congresswoman..ever.

because AOC Is not a kook,or a crazy.

she is whip smart and politically savvy.

and in five minutes she lays out the ease of corruption in our government.

suck a dick trumpters!


newtboy (Member Profile)

enoch says...

I wrote that as more tongue in cheek.

and WE wrote on our walls,we were saying something.

or at least it felt like we were saying something.
I wasn't being judgey,

was trying to be funny.

I guess?

good to see you btw.

newtboy said:

Really?! After the walls of text we have shared with each other in the past having public discussions, some serious some not, I'm shocked you would write that.

president trump announces a new and better national anthem

enoch says...

could we maybe stop with the self-masturbation?
not saying I am against two guys jerking themselves off.
but I prefer that to be more of a private event.

with balloons and maybe a bubble bath.

BSR (Member Profile)

enoch says...

+10 points for Floyd reference

BSR said:

All alone, or in two's
The ones who really love you
Walk up and down outside the wall
Some hand in hand
And some gathered together in bands
The bleeding hearts and the artists
Make their stand
And when they've given you their all
Some stagger and fall, after all it's not easy
Banging your heart against some mad bugger's wall

president trump announces a new and better national anthem

enoch says...

this assumes a few things.
1.this is a game.
it is not.
2.that the person being engaged is a rational,reasonable human being.
they are not.
they are ideologues.
and ideologues only come from ONE,singlular perspective:
their own righteous certitude.

and any engagement with this ideologue only serves as a vehicle for them to prove how wrong you are,not to actually engage and come to a reasonable and mutual understanding.

you have the equation all wrong my friend.

the force is strong in me.

BSR said:

"i shall now engage in a campaign to verbally rape each and every trump supporter who is willfully ignoring that mans blatant abuses and crimes."

The game is to win your opponent to your side.

Your opponent just won. You are now one of them.

newtboy (Member Profile)

Harden up cupcakes

Gina Haspels involvement in torture, destruction of evidence

radx (Member Profile)

enoch says...

well that was delicious...thank you my friend.

last week i was accused of being a "useful idiot" by a person i respected,and once called friend.

radx said:

Not as informative as Greenwald's recent piece on Hamilton 68, but you just gotta love Taibbi's style.

"By an extraordinary coincidence, virtually all the "anti-system" movements and candidates that so terrified the political establishment two years ago have since been identified as covert or overt Russian destabilization initiatives, puppeteered from afar by the diabolical anti-Western dictator, Vladimir von Putin-Evil."

And on this decade's most effective propaganda effort so far, the Hamilton 68 dashboard:

"That these people now are being upheld as heroes of liberalism is incredible. Only a few short years ago they were widely derided as the very dumbest people in the country, raving paranoiacs who humped every false lead from Niger to Ahmed Chalabi's hotel suite in order to justify invasions, torture, secret prisons and the establishment of a monstrous, intractable, and illegal surveillance regime. And now we're letting these same people dominate every news cycle when this time, years early, they're already admitting they might be wrong?"

Global Security, Deterrence, National Debt, State Dept Cuts

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