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2 black dudes-1 iconic metal song

enoch says...


thanks for the love gentlemen.
these guys really brought me back to a time where we would drag our milk crates of our favorite albums to a friends house just to introduce them to new music.

music that we loved.

and these guys react in such a genuine and honest way that i found endearing.

(and yeah chaos,i wasted waaaay too much time on their channel,so i hear ya,the check is in the mail.) it really 4AM?

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How Star Wars The Last Jedi Should Have Ended

2099 Opening Reboot

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Rat taking a shower

enoch says...

i have had rats as pets for years and i can tell you they are more fastidious on cleaning themselves than a cat.

though my two old masked dumbo rats do not just sit there in the water....of course they are too old to escape,so they sit in the soapy water and just stare at me with pleading eyes..'why? why are you doing this to me?"

but once they get toweled off they are preening themselves for an hour.

you can also potty train them.

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Full Frontal - We Need to Talk About Stephen Miller

enoch says...


i was fucking agreeing with you that mueller has nothing on russian collusion! and you come back with....


what in holy fuckballs are you squealing about bob?
so what is it now?
somebody has a critical position of trump and they are automatically dismissed because they are ( fill in bullshit political rhetoric here).

you are being serious?

so now "alt-left" means:pulitzer prize winning,investigative journalist,professor of tax law?

come on bob...
you may want to put that away and zip that thing up.
your ideologue is showing.

right in the meat clackers!
maybe use a thing called "google" before you let that mouth drip like a herpes blister.

now go worship your lord and master..
fucking sycophant rightwingers..even when you agree with them...when are you going to get sick of losin..*cough* i mean "winning"?

United States Military Power 2018 U S Armed Forces

Full Frontal - We Need to Talk About Stephen Miller

enoch says...


mueller finding evidence of russian collusion during the campaign? are probably right.still have yet to see concrete evidence,just a lot of circumstantial pearl clutching.


there IS a lot of evidence,and growing larger by the day of trump colluding with the russian government and russian oligarchs to:
illegally launder money from russia.
tax evasion with the help of russian banks.
and a ton of hanky panky money exchanges to cover that all up.

which of course is not really news.
if anybody had bothered to pay attention trump has been mobbed up for decades.

david cay johnston has been exposing trumps corruption for quite awhile.

newtboy (Member Profile)

enoch says...

dr peterson is a professor of psychology at university of toronto,and former harvard professor.

i like him but often disagree with some of his criticisms,but he does source all his claims on his website and his books.

though his book "maps of meaning" is a bit of a slog.

one thing i admire about peterson is his careful use of words,which is where the interviewer was getting tripped up.

she was not really listening,and was instead reacting based on assumptions,rather than his actual words.which is why she kept with the "so what you're saying.."

the extreme left has labeled peterson an "alt-right" demagogue and a "transphobe" but both of these allegations are patently ridiculous with even a tertiary examination of what peterson is saying.

you don't have to agree with him,but as this interviewer found out,presume at your own risk.

he will may you pay for your presumptions and arrogance.

i find both dr peterson and dr haidt invaluable in understanding the psychology of human societies.peterson is an evolutionary psychologist while haidt focuses on moral psychology.

but what do i know..i am just a ghetto white trash kid from the burbs.
still interesting.

newtboy (Member Profile)

enoch says...

where did he draw conclusions from online videos?
did i miss something?

newtboy said:

Yeah...I found him fairly dismissive, especially since his data set was from watching videos online. WTF kind of science is that?!

I disagreed with most of what he said, particularly about pay gaps.
She wasn't the brightest bulb either.

newtboy (Member Profile)

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