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VideoSift is 10 (Fire Talk Post)

Happy 8th Siftiversary (Sift Talk Post)

VideoSift 5.0 Launch! (Sift Talk Post)

VideoSift's SOPA/PIPA Response (Sift Talk Post)

deputydog says...

Good move, chaps. Now let's hope Google and Facebook grow the balls necessary to join in. The dip in profits they'll suffer is far, far preferable to the situation faced should those dinosaurs succeed in their plan to shit all over the Internet.

What are you Watching? (1sttube Talk Post)

Happy 5th Siftiversary (Sift Talk Post)

deputydog says...

Congratulations on keeping the ship afloat for half a decade. I unfortunately had to dive off a while back, but I still circle in my dinghy on a regular basis.

(Something else nautical, etc. Where's Choggie? Etc, etc.)

I love every last one of you.

Our son's new toy isn't as cute as we first thought

Your move VS... (Blog Entry by Farhad2000)

deputydog says...

I absolutely love the simplicity of Devour; its layout, colour scheme, refreshing absence of clutter. It's what I imagine to look like in the hands of someone with design-sense.

My Dad (Blog Entry by dag)

IT Crowd is Back! (British Talk Post)

deputydog says...

For the record, I think Graham Linehan is a veritable comedic genius. Big Train is one of the greatest sketch shows ever created, and Father Ted one of the best sitcoms. Most of my friends adore IT Crowd too, and we have very similar taste when it comes to comedy. Also, I think Richard Ayoade is hilarious, particularly in Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. Really, all signs point to me loving the programme; but I don't.

I will, however, attempt to watch it again.

IT Crowd is Back! (British Talk Post)

Inception -- Final Trailer (Christopher Nolan)

Inception -- Final Trailer (Christopher Nolan)

17 Year Old Kid is Tazed at Phillies Game.

deputydog says...

Seriously? You think I made it that far before hammering the downvote button?>> ^Shepppard:

Go ahead, I'm sure that last paragraph has made you want to downvote this comment, but I still stand by what I said. If there's no form of punishment for doing idiotic things, then what's to stop others from doing it consistantly.

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