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Democrat Breaks Senate Rules To Call Out Racist Senator

How US schools punish Black kids | 2020 Election

Let's talk about Trump saving the Faith....

Let's talk about Trump wagging the dog....

I only had one margarita

Female cruise captain takes down sexist troll in viral video

Mike Pence Fly : A fly lands on Pence's head during debate

Ticked Off Vic: Mitch the Bitch

Joe Biden On Masks: ‘Not About Being A Tough Guy,’

Ticked Off Vic: Mitch the Bitch

dedstick says...

"et lux in tenebris lucet et tenebrae eam non comprehenderunt" - Gospel of John.
No offense BSR.
btw Lux, that link voided the warranty on my new speakers.

luxintenebris said:

then y'all must not be a fan of...
lewis black
sam kinison
don rickles
early bobcat goldthwait
or pep rallies w/kim guilfoyle

understand the 'not kim'
but "...NOT IN A CULT!"
isn't as effective w/o the volume

just a guess, but this...

...wouldn't smooth out the edges of a hard day?

(though the title might be a reasonable alternative nom de plume)

Trump Tells Supporters 'You'll Never See Me Again'

dedstick says...

OMG! Why would we believe anything 'Flamous Anus' says? Even if he looses by an undisputable margin he will undoubtedly try to use his stacked SCOTUS to jam up the works.

Deported F**king Vets - Klepper

Joe Biden On Masks: ‘Not About Being A Tough Guy,’

dedstick says...

I'll point out a couple of significant differences in the way you characterise Joe's comment and what your Dear Leader said -
1. Biden made this statement in public and to their faces, and...
2. It was clearly said in a joking manner and meant to be in the spirit of camaraderie judging by the reaction he got from the troops.
Very different than the way Donnie snidely and backhandedly disrespected those who gave their lives many years ago and who still serve today. The fact that Mr. T could not be bothered to attend the memorial in France for these fallen heros because he was worried about mussing his ridiculous comb over (due to a misting rain) adds insult to injury.
So, technically, you are correct in ascribing Bidens quote, and probably not one of the smartest comments he has made, but you evidently can not understand, or don't want to admit, that the situations and context were totally different. Seems a little trollish to me, but that's just my take.
Btw OAN, really?

bobknight33 said:

And Biden did call troops bastards.

Ticked Off Vic: Mitch the Bitch

Once In A Lifetime performed by GMan

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