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Adam Savage Builds Han Solos Blaster

chtierna says...

You can just see Adam thinking 'What a nerd...' How bad is it to be considered a nerd by a nerd? Or is that just leveling up?

Be more dog!

It's Louis CK. Wait for it.

chtierna says...

I wonder sometimes if the standup bits he does about his family will haunt his daughters. The vagina-stretching bit alone, jeez... But at least they'll be rich! And get screwed up by all that money, oh jeez again...

8-13 Year Olds Sing AMAZING National Anthem

chtierna says...

Hands down the US national anthem is the most beautiful. Admittedly I'm drunk right now but this brings tears to my eyes, and I'm not even American!

Paths of Hate

Lab research dogs see the sun and grass for first time

QI - How Long Do The Best Hugs Last?

Jeremy Clarkson Beatbox - Swede Mason

Dennis Ritchie - Father of C and UNIX is Dead

chtierna says...

From Wiki:
"C (pronounced like the letter C) is a general-purpose computer programming language developed between 1969 and 1973..."

... and still going strong. That says it all.

Ron Paul's Campaign Mgr Died Uninsured w/Huge Medical Debt

chtierna says...

If everyone was insured it would still be this guy's money that would pay the bill. Isn't that how insurance works? Of course, I realize he has to pay more now, he's probably paying for insurance and on top of that taxes that are used to pay for the uninsured, but in the end if his point is that he should never have to pay for anyone else then I'm not sure what he's talking about.

It's so weird, I'm pretty proud of paying taxes. I like to think of the fact that some percentage of what I pay goes to free education and free health care so the society around me can go on and everyone else can benefit the way I've benefited. I feel like I owe a huge debt that I'm paying off and hopefully I can contribute more than I received. Don't know how this part of the comment fits in here, I'm just throwing it out randomly...

CULT of Ron Paul

chtierna says...

He does not believe in evolution. Doesn't that cast even the slightest shadow on his thought processes? Wouldn't the way he reasons and reaches conclusions affect the decisions he makes as president?

Bible Teachings: Girl spanked to death in the name of god

chtierna says...

I don't know... this bothers me. The amount of people, even here it seems, who seem to think that spanking is the best thing since sliced bread bothers me. It's like with religious moderates that give cover for religious extremists with their weak arguments. If you have a whole society that basically agrees that spanking is okay, what do you think will happen?

If you have to resort to spanking I think you've basically failed right there. I had a step daughter for 3 years and never spanked her once, I don't go around spanking my friends or my boss when they behave badly, so I guess the argument is that children can only learn certain things through pain. I don't agree with that. It's easy (lazy) I guess, spank the child and the problem goes away.

I was spanked as a child also and it's definitely made me an angrier individual, not something I'm proud about.

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Blonde solution for global warming

Crazy Woman or Wild Animal?

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