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Doctor Disobeys Gun Free Zone -- Saves Lives Because of It

chingalera says...

Sophistic, delusional clap-trap.

newtboy said:

(Unfortunately I doubt it would work the same here in the US where so many guns are unregistered, and so many people are self centered asshats that would keep their guns anyway)
Oh, and I note that Dr Gun didn't really stop the criminal, it was another Dr and assistant tackling him that stopped him after he shot Dr Gun in the head.
I would wonder where the other (up to) 31 bullets went. Interior hospital walls usually aren't that thick.

Doctor Disobeys Gun Free Zone -- Saves Lives Because of It

chingalera says...

Man, the guys' using scripted retorts and making huge leaps in his reasoning Trancecoach, he's obviously in the beat-them-all-into-plowshares camp, and you're wasting your finger joints with this cat-Compilation of irrelevant statistical mumbo-jumbo, citation of the most extreme cases of mental divergence, scripted, tiresome use of adjectives and accusatory phrases....Insects only have one function man, doing what they do best.

Oh and we love the whole, 'Works in Australia' broken-fucking-record...Yeah? Well dikes and levees alla Holland would work everywhere, too chappy-Sell that shit to Nawlins on your next visit....

Until the world is free of birds, there's gonna be bird-shit on your car.....The majority of the world uses Phillips-head screws in construction, no longer any need for framing hammers...Voila!

Sounds perfectly linear to me!

Citizens without firearms, in this paradigm, means fascism has won...period.
Enjoy your poisonous mosquitoes and avoidable skin cancer, Aussies! A shotgun in the hand of some back-a-Bourker is the least of your worries...

Trancecoach said:

If you can't bring yourself to read statistics, then you've got more problems than me or the NRA to worry about.

Jon Stewart on the Gaza-Israeli Conflict

Cocoa Farmers Tasting Chocolate for the First Time

chingalera says...

Someone should ship these cats cases of Godiva-goodies every year for their whole slave-labor clan, including enough Cocoa butter to keep their skin soft, supple, and ashless-

Box of Lies (w/blotto Kate Hudson)

Long-forgotten post (Cinema Talk Post)

U.N: One child killed every hour in Gaza

chingalera says...

"FAIL!"....(how about fondling yourself in the mirror some more there, Loquacia Passive-Agressia)?

ooops, sorry

newtboy said:

No rockets fired from or near the UN school. Sorry. Fail.
Israel has our style of guided missiles that can pinpoint the target, not indiscriminately bomb the most populated buildings in the area, missing the 'targets' but killing known civilians repeatedly, then lying about it repeatedly....and not 'warning' them to leave with a 'smaller' bomb (that has repeatedly killed civilians too).

U.N: One child killed every hour in Gaza

chingalera says...

Dude, get a clue-EVERYTHING in the news regarding Israel and Palestine is fucking propaganda-Left?? Right?? All idiots will regurgitate their programed scripts and your view on the matter is no-less full of shit, tinctured with half-truths, and most importantly you have no way of having enough REAL information on the sit-rep to make an informed decision-It's the fucking Jews and Persians mate, they've been cunts to one-another for fucking centuries.

In the current stage of the paradigm, WILDCARD!~We've learned how to refine crude into all-manner of covetous bi-products. This ain't yer granpappy's, whose-god-is best-argument any longer.

billpayer said:

Your hate-bated propaganda will not work here.

And my definition of a THUG, is someone with superior strength who uses it against DEFENSELESS CHILDREN.

Especially since Hamas rockets have done no appreciable damage.

Happy Retirement Village Dancin' It Out

chingalera says...

'Cause I'm crapeeeeeee (that fake-nurse is a bitch, and she never comes to wipe me down-a!)

This place, crapeeeee (and the food here is shit, even the gravy ain't really brown-a!)'

Make it snappeeee (call the AMA, and shut this motherfucker down-a!)'

(thankyouverymuch ladiesandgentlemen, we'll be here all week )

Walmart Ice Cream Sandwiches Don't Melt

Doctor Disobeys Gun Free Zone -- Saves Lives Because of It

chingalera says...

...aaaaand if wasn't for programmed, systemic societal dysfunction your attitudes towards a tool in a toolbox wouldn't be as remedial and absurd at face-value.

If you eat too much dirt you'll die, therefore, to keep crazies from eating dirt, we'll keep 'em away from dirt....Brilliant, son-You yourself ever been evaluated by a mental health professional??

billpayer said:

Err.. no... because if there were DECENT GUN LAWS, psycho boy patient would NEVER HAVE HAD ACCESS TO A GUN...

Saudi beating his Indian worker for using the phone

Kitten attacks ceramic cat statue

chicchorea (Member Profile)

chingalera says...


chicchorea said:

...seems like It thinks I was talking about It.

...oh, wait a minute, didn't you,...wasn't it you that...and aren't you on....

Then I must have been.

Mirror mirror in the bowl, who's the "Little...thing" in the swirl.

Down and down It goes, round and round It goes. In a spin,,,,

Pitbull dances with his human

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