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What Owning a Ramen Restaurant in Japan is Like

Thunderf00t BUSTS the Hyperloop concept

charliem says...

Cheers for the talking down-to at a personal level mate, really top notch community member.

A single bullet aimed at a skyscraper wont bring it and all its inhabitants into a catastrophic implosion event.

Conflating the two is just a touch silly, no?

Payback said:

Your mom is open to the air. Few retards shoot AT her...

Not building something because someone can destroy it means constructing any building over 12-15 stories since 9/11 is ill-advised, yet people are still doing it...

Thunderf00t BUSTS the Hyperloop concept

charliem says...

Underwater tunnels dont need a complex solution sitting behind them to maintain that pressure.
Underwater tunnels arent open to the air, where retards can shoot at them.
Water doesnt act like air in a decompression event like what thunderf00t is talking doesnt travel at the speed of sound to fill the void..

Payback said:

Basically, a Hyperloop tube is under the same pressure as a tube of sea-level air, 10m underwater. The difference from inside to outside is 1 atmosphere in both cases.

This is close to the underwater tunnel at the Georgia aquarium, and that's made out of plastic...

Not sure why he thinks this is so bizarre.

Lamborghini murcielago with goats in the trailer!

Can You Start a Fire with a Sandwich Bag?

Australians apparently can't sink...

charliem says...

Without the locker, one wheel spins, not both. So he has an asymetric 'paddling' with the rear wheels...if both were spinning at the same time / speed, he would have made it straight over (still floating..)

SFOGuy said:

This is an ignorant question, I'm sure, but why would that solve the flotation problem? (Not an off-roader)

Australians apparently can't sink...

South West Australian Bush fires - Incredible footage

charliem says...

There are hidden dangers in driving through conditions like, if your fuel line gets too hot, it can boil off the fuel in your lines, starving your engine.

Then your engine stops...and you are the centre of an inferno.

Dont do this unless its life or death situation...even then....reconsider.

Fox Guest So Vile & Sexist Even Hannity Cringes

Car Crash and Flip Off the Side of a Mountain

Camel Flings Man by the Head

charliem says...

Hah @Lawdeedaw, why the downvote of my purely factual comment?

I did not present any opinion there - harshed on your attempt to trick people into watching this garbage?

People like you are ruining videosift.

Camel Flings Man by the Head

charliem says...

They are butchering this for some undefined reason.
Check out its lower-neck....yep....they just sliced it open with a giant chefs knife.

That camel is fearing for its life (but its already been killed, it just doesnt realise it yet).

Creepy Footage of Forest Floor Breathing

Dog Saved After 3 Days In A Wombat Hole

charliem says...

Wombat burrows are no fucking joke. If you ever find yourself curious, do not go in one. If the wombat is out of its burrow and comes back to find you in there, it will stand up in the hole and press its back to the roof, trapping you in.

You suffocate and die a very slow death.

Do not enter them.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Back to School

charliem says...

There would be a fair bit of crossing the streams with those two professions

draak13 said:

I also need logarithms daily as an optical engineer.

That said, a CPU only does +,-,*,/, and approximates everything with those basic functions, so maybe he's onto something...nah...:)

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