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Chocolate Rain - Hit of the Summer if you ask me

The only scene in Skyline worth watching - nuking the aliens

budzos says...

I saw this movie in theatres. It's one of the worst I've ever bought a ticket for, There was a really old man in a wheelchair there with his wife. I spent a lot of the movie distracted by how sorry I was feeling for the old man that this might be the last movie he ever sees.

Every Vlogger Ever

Doom E3 2014 trailer

Orz (Member Profile)

A Hip-Hop Tale of Drunken Debauchery

budzos says...

You post garbage. I do not look at the poster's name when deciding what to downvote. I downvote any cloying shit that is obviously designed to go viral. That type of crap doesn't need any assistance in propagation.

You fucking ass clown.

Orz said:

Excuse me for trying to find videos to post that will get votes so I can have a gold star and be a useless piece of shit like you.

From Budzos profile: "The fuck happened to this site? Fuck you Yogi. How do I delete my fucking account?"
You think there is a problem on videosift but what you fail to realize is that it is people like you that are the problem. The only two videos I sifted this week and you made an effort to downvote them both. You haven't posted anything on here or used any of your points in over a year, but from the look of the subject of your videos, I can tell that you were doing the Videosift-community a favor by ignoring them thus far. You have a right to your opinions and I hope for your sake that you keep voicing them so that you end up pissing off the 'right people' who will do something about it.

A Hip-Hop Tale of Drunken Debauchery

Sean Garnier hustles young men in street soccer

Pregnant Still Pumping Iron Two Days Before Her Due date

budzos says...

Pregnancy is fuckin disgusting. And let's not get started on the nightmare of raising children in today's world. Or this world at any time. Fuck that.

Padraig Harrington's unlucky bounce on No. 11 at HP Byron

Solar FREAKIN' Roadways!

budzos says...

I really despise when people poo-poo this idea because of the "realities". Invariably they're talking about the realities of doing it on actual roads and highways. I think it's pretty obvious you'd start with parking lots and footpaths, then when things are working better you move to some test roadways, then when most of the bugs are worked out and economies of scale are in place you move to a full-scale roll-out.

Hard Not To Like WWE Wrestling After This

budzos says...

You're going to use an outlier like John Cena to make your general case? That doesn't seem intelligent.

What's more, anyone who makes a joke like "Only the WWE could get me to cheer for Cancer!" and then gets offended by what I've said can suck my dick. Fuck you Yogi. i'm serious. You sanctimonious cunt.

Yogi said:

Not always, Cena has done more Make a Wish granting thingies than anyone and they're not all known about or shown. They aren't featured on the shows barely at all, and most people don't even know that that is what Cena does.

So while marketing does have a purpose here and there's reasons for it, it's not like it isn't something nice to do and it's not like it's the sole reason.

Wrestling fans are a lot smarter than you think, for instance I'm a wrestling fan and I'm much, much smarter than you.

Hard Not To Like WWE Wrestling After This

budzos says...

This is marketing and it's not surprising that wrestling fans can't see through it. Not that it's not nice. But the reason they do such nice things is that they are seen doing them.

David Letterman Asks Louis CKs Advice On Feeding His Kid

Ridiculously Hilarious Rope Swing Fail

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