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Saved By the Bell Final Destination Music Video

F*ck You, You're A Cat!!!

geo321 (Member Profile)

My nuts itch!!!

God does exist. Testimony from an ex-atheist:

bleedmegood says...

anyone with balls enough to post a video such as this on the sift deserves an upvote. troll or not, I hope i can help you on your way to losing that nasty red P of shame....

Disasteradio - Gravy Rainbow

geo321 (Member Profile)

Golden Ages - Everything Will Be Alright

Weird Finnish Guy Freaks Out While Eating Licorice

Sifl & Olly - X & O Show Clip

I just bought a HTC Legend - any tips? (Geek Talk Post)

bleedmegood says...

apps: aldiko (book reader)
barcode scanner (in addition to google goggles)
buzz feed
camera 360(nifty fx)
groove shark
flixster movies(reviews and such)
Adobe PDF viewer
Reddit is Fun
Shazam (music search)
Thinking Space (Mind Mapper) (streaming shows)
Zedge (ringtones and wallpapers)

Edit: If you're running froyo (ver 2.2),don't use an task killer...they use up more battery life then they save and just create a giant
cluster fuck....

Don King or the Promoter Award (Sift Talk Post)

The redundancy of big government. (Politics Talk Post)

someone needs to develop a videosift android app.... (Geek Talk Post)

Coconut Records - West Coast

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