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Phoiba Support Group

blacklotus90 says...

This show was a hidden gem when it first aired, but nobody ever seems to have heard of it and full episodes are hard to find. Glad to see it coming back around in the golden age of sketch comedy!

Fishermen Run For Their Lives

The State Birds are Garbage

Testing Your Metal

blacklotus90 says...

Surprisingly great advice and really impressive example of how to handle yourself and engage nonconfrontationally with a stranger in a high-stress moment.

The Galactic Trial

A New View of the Moon

blacklotus90 says...

I had this experience up in Burlington, VT once - a bunch of home hobbyist astronomers had set up their telescopes on the street and were inviting people to take a look at astronomical bodies (moon included). The feeling of being able to see that level of detail with your own eyes is indescribable and it definitely reignited a sense of awe and wonder at space. Loads of towns around the world have similar groups that do public viewings - highly recommend it if you ever have a chance.

Happy 15th Birthday, VideoSift! (Sift Talk Post)

blacklotus90 says...

Videosift is one of the last bastions of the golden age of internet content curation - so thankful for this community and here's to another 15 years!

Lawyer trying to defend man who took Speaker's lectern

Fantastic drone footage of the great outdoors

blacklotus90 says...

Whoever did the Foley on this did a pretty great job, especially the belltower - the raw audio is almost certainly 3 minutes of high pitched bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Duality - Mesmerising Kinetic Sculpture by David C Roy

Cyberpunk 2077 Visual Tech Tour - The Maxed Out Next-Gen PC

blacklotus90 says...

*quality analysis and showcase. Everyone's focusing on random scripting and glitches but it's hard to get across just how visually immersive and engaging this game is.


Signs of extraterrestrial life found on Venus (MIT)

Yelp’s Worst Rated Strip Club | One Star Reviews

blacklotus90 says...

This one had me legitimately frightened, that club owner is... something else. The whole series is a masterpiece, and Taji has perfected the art of awkward naivety.

"Cream" the ultimate fix all - David Firth

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