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Soccer Drifting

Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind (2018) Official Trailer

Sultans of Swing (metal cover Leo Moracchioli, Mary Spender)

b4rringt0n (Member Profile)

b4rringt0n says...

Sorry, I only saw your question now. I think i saw it on imgur the first time and then looked for the video on youtube. I must say that it fooled me at first then I noticed how they were walking in relation to the road and realised it was CG

carsstreak said:

Where did you find the CG ducks crossing the street? Trying to find a source. thanks

MGMT - When You Die (2017) / psychedelic treat

Yanny or Laurel

b4rringt0n says...

I only hear laurel. I tried playing with the settings and slowing it down or speeding it up but i can't hear yanny at all. The auto subtitles available to me are only spanish for some reason and it says yani

Austin gets lit

When Driver And Co-Driver Don't Mesh

b4rringt0n says...

The co driver calls are not really correct. I have never heard the terms he is using in a professional rally. He should be shouting the direction left/right followed by a numbering system from 1-6 where 1 is the sharpest. The other 3 calls are square, hairpin and acute.

The Deadliest Being on Planet Earth - The Bacteriophage

This Is America, so Call Me Maybe

American Football player fires a minigun

Eenvoudige installatie van de printer met HP technische onde

Timelapse Of The Entire Universe

The main reason for going to an expensive music festival


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