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Bundesliga commentary animated as everyday situations

b4rringt0n says...

It's not blocked here in the UK either.

I understand why some companies choose to block some content. Because if another company is paying to show this content then they would have a big problem if it became freely available on youtube, because they would be losing ad revenue in that country.

However, this video is an actual advert and made by Bundesliga to promote their own youtube channel. It doesn't make much sense to me why they would block it in Germany.

vil said:

Blocked for me, blocked in germany, for US eyes only. Why do they do this if it is so easy to bypass?

The Dragon Drone

I threw my mom cigarettes out the Window

18 Teachers In Oklahoma Calling It Quits

b4rringt0n says...

*quality and *promote

It was very moving listening to these teachers.

I lived with two newly qualified teachers in a house share a few years ago. Both of them were already thinking of leaving after only one year because of similar issues here in the UK. Low pay combined with incredible pressure to perform, discipline students, growing classrooms and zero support.

It's sad that we seem to prioritize entertainment, sports and fame (to name but a few) instead of education which is the light of civilization.

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1812 Overture played on melodicas

1812 Overture played on melodicas

Well I never in all my life

b4rringt0n says...

Makes me realize how much we take technology and instant access to information for granted.

Imagine having to search index cards and then go and physically get the book and see if the information you want is in there. If not go back and start again!

Public libraries have only been around since around mid 1800's, so before then knowledge was only available to the very few educated/privileged people.

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