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albrite30 (Member Profile)

albrite30 says...

Been running a live Twitch stream for about 6 months. Variety stream at . At the moment I'm doing the new Tomb Raider.

eric3579 said:

Streaming? What are you streaming if you don't mind me asking? Can anyone check it out? Link

albrite30 (Member Profile)

albrite30 says...

Yeah buddy. I checked on some of your videos and posted some of my own. Still looking for work, but also streaming about 30 hours a week.

PlayhousePals said:

Congratulations on completing your schooling! May your future be 'all bright' and prosperous. Perhaps you'll be able to find the time to pop in from time to time now. You've been missed.

I'm well ... livin' the life with my two furry roommates, Jake and Elwood.

Thanks for checking in

Robber with a knife plays dead when owner pulls a gun

Raw Video: The President Takes a Surprise Walk

Raw Footage Of A Bear/WTF Infomercial/Adult Swim

albrite30 says...

Creepy as fuck point and click game. Most WTF thing I've seen in a while.

Fantomas said:

Apparently if you keep clicking the house it opens a bizarre point and click game.
I can't see it though as it redirects to the worthless Australian mirror site.

lawrence odonnell-shocking mistake in ferguson grand jury

albrite30 says...

Agreed. However system changes start with small things slowly rolling into larger ones. Kind of like a snowball rolling down a hill until it becomes unstoppable.

speechless said:

Disbarring one attorney won't matter or make any difference. The entire system needs to be changed so that local DA's are automatically assumed to have a conflict of interest since they must work closely on a daily basis with the local police. A federal agency should handle these cases.

lawrence odonnell-shocking mistake in ferguson grand jury

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron - Official Teaser Trailer

You're not towing my car

albrite30 says...

different country = different rules. That being said... Tow truck drivers are allowed to tow your vehicle even if you are there as soon as they at least hook the tires.

Surprise wake up for hungover teenager.

Overly optimistic Jeep guy

Monster Peacock Bass Almost Gets Away!

Monster Peacock Bass Almost Gets Away!

A Cube Within A Cube (Woodworking Project)

Scripps Spelling Bee 2014 Fail

albrite30 says...

I actually feel bad for this kid. The sniff, droopy eyes, obviously sick. Probably running a temperature hotter than an Asian water monitor lizard (kabaragoya).

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