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Cherokee Hair Tampons - The Tree Huggers Choice

Tom Clancy's "The Division" -- E3 Gameplay Trailer

doogle (Member Profile)

Piers Morgan - Alex Jones Goes 'Full Retard' Part 1

Things Dan Savage Would Not Do With His Butt

Zero Punctuation: Far Cry 3

Zonbie says...

Hey, just so you know - there is a one time activation - but aside from that you can play the SinglePlayer game offline if you like

00Scud00 said:

I'm really on the fence about getting this one, most of the reviews sound pretty good but I refuse to put up with the constant need for a server connection with Uplay in a single player game.

lucky760 (Member Profile)

Zonbie says...

yep been busy finishing FarCry 3 hope I can get back to sifting some stuff again - like the new 5.0 How are you doing?

lucky760 said:

Happy 36th birthday old pal. Haven't seen you 'round the Sift for a while. Hope all's well!

I Have Your Heart - By Crabapple, Boekbinder & Batt

TDS: Republican Candidate Said What About Rape Now?

Zonbie says...

What would happen if the GOP got back in the White house, started a space program (bear with me) landed on an unknown planet, called it, I don't know, LV426 and they got raped by a space alien. Cut it out! Cut it out. No. Life starts at conception. Bitch. What is it with all these old dudes having such good ideas about shit they don't know about...

Would they be so committed to their party line if they could get raped? They should go to prison. (see what did there?)

Five Things Women Still Have Left to Fight For

Class Dismissed: The Taliban's war on girls' education

Slayer Fan Cat


My Dying Bride - Bring Me Victory

This is the Banner Right Now on Pirate Bay's Home Page!

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