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10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman

Yogi says...

You didn't understand it, even when it has /Scrooge at the end of it?

Satire has just fucking died. Better just ban me you dumb cunt.

dag said:

Official warning for ad hom attack. Chill out or take a VideoSift Break™.

10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman

Yogi says...

Dude, shut up. You're not going to win this. You're not a psychologist, you have nothing to say you just want to try and find a way to render my posts moot. It's not going to work.

Also is this your first day? Have you read ANY of my other posts?

The truth is, I made a joke you didn't get. That bothers you so you try and turn it into a character defect. Thanks, got it, you don't get jokes because you're not funny.

speechless said:

I hate to be the one to tell you, but you're a little sick in the head if you think that was just "sarcasm".

"I would watch you die because you're a horrible person". That's uhh .. a little mental. Also, the entire comment is blatant ad hominem.

10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman

Yogi says...

So this started at as a sort of coherent argument and then went into Clinton '16?

What in the world are you talking about? People are sick of women wanting to be treated with some respect are you nuts? Do you know the year women were granted equality under the Law? Just tell me the year, and I'll leave you alone.

bmacs27 said:

You use that word deserve. Why? Nobody is saying that. Shit happens to everybody, deserving or not. Our point is that this isn't a big fucking deal. It's just part of the shit people put up with living in a society. While qualifying it as "not as bad" you still compare it to rape. That's dumb.

The fact is she probably has it easier than every cat caller in the video. Thin, cis, rich, white woman problems don't rate. Sorry.

My concern about this video comes from a broader context. I'm a shade left of Mao, so I'm poorly represented in politics. Still, I would rather see the dems take the next two cycles. This video is embedded in a context of watching the left overplay their perceived (and previously realized) advantage with women voters. It's a transparent attempt to build momentum for Clinton 2016. People are sick of it. Polls suggest the strategy will cost them dearly in November.

10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman

Yogi says...

I think we need a report function for people who can't understand sarcasm unless it's toggled for them so they don't have to think about anything for 2 seconds.

You don't have to read my posts.

speechless said:

We really need some kind of "report" function for psychopaths who wish people dead.

If you can't make a cogent argument then stop typing. Please.

10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman

10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman

Yogi says...

Oh Christ you're one of those fucking people. Fuck you! Don't say hi to me, don't even look at me. If you clutched your chest I wouldn't put any of the hours and hours of First Aid and CPR classes to good use. I would watch you die because you're a horrible person who shouldn't be invading other peoples lives with your fatuous pleasantries. Just Die!


Sagemind said:

Wow..., just wow. Really?
(This surprises me)

Talking to people and meeting people is what it's all about. I talk to people every day. Always make eye contact if possible, be friendly and help someone in need. Where I'm from, snubbing people is the ultimate rudeness and it just doesn't happen, unless that person is just shy.

Colbert interviews Anita Sarkeesian

Yogi says...

Yes there is something wrong with it, it's the most boring story in existence.

Asmo said:

There is nothing wrong with playing a prince and rescuing a princess. There is nothing wrong with the princess being helpless. There is nothing wrong with Femmeshep kicking the shit out of the reapers and saving every being in the known universe, one of the most badass female protagonists around. More female protagonists = great, bring it on, but that's no reason to throw out a trope as old as time (incidentally, a trope enjoyed by a great many women who like to watch sappy romances where the charming fellow rescues the woman from her crappy life...).

Colbert interviews Anita Sarkeesian

Yogi says...

I think we have a lot of deluded posters here that are unaware of just how much propaganda we're inundated with in the democratic world. In a democracy you have to propagandize to people in order to get them to do what you want. You don't have a tyranny and a big stick to force them, you have to "Manufacture Consent" or the bewildered herd.

So what some people are doing is pointing out rightly that what is portrayed in media is up for criticism. The fact that some women have done it and are being driven from their homes by threats is a travesty. And it's pathetic to see whatever lame defenses the people in this comment section have come up with.

I've tried very hard to stay out of this GamerGate bullshit because frankly people are just stupid, even when they think they're being even handed about it. Apparently context means nothing to those who are privileged, yes that's you.

Colbert interviews Anita Sarkeesian

Yogi says...

No there are not valid points on Both sides. There is a valid point on one side that there is sexism in media. There is no valid points on the other side, their only very stupid point was that games media should be unlike any other media in the world and be completely unbiased.

People shouldn't believe that media should be unbiased, it's bullshit. All media has human beings, it will all be biased. The point is whether or not how they report on things is dishonest or not. If you can't read and you just look at the stupid fucking numbers at the bottom of a game review, then you deserve to buy a game that sucks.

EMPIRE said:

The problem with Anita Sarkeesian is that she's essentially, a hack. The whole gamergate incident has been one ugly affair, and absolutely there are valid points on both sides. But Sarkeesian is still someone who knows nothing about games, doesn't like games in the slightest, but tries to pass off as a gamer. And there are videos of just 4 years ago, of her saying to an audience she doesn't like videogames, she's not a fan. This person who doesn't even like or play videogames comes in, and starts pointing fingers around saying that this and that are wrong and that this and that must be changed. That, I think, more than anything is what pisses gamers off.

You wanna know what I think is the problem? What REALLY made this happen? Not the Zoe Quinn scandal. That was just the event that ignited the powder keg. A terrible event obviously. Her private life is nobody's business (unless it was absolutely true she got reviews from sleeping around with game journalists, which it wasn't).

The actual powder keg, was the CONSTANT barrage of pseudo-feminist and patronizing articles on sites like Kotaku. Day in and day out. A site for gamers who was, essentially, constantly offending their target audience.

10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman

Yogi says...

I can't imagine it ever happening in New York to me but it's happened in Seattle. Various people and I think it's because I look grumpy most of the time. Even if it's someone saying hi that I know I usually don't like to be interrupted from my thoughts or my walk.

Let's take this in a small village vs big city aspect. Live in a small town where tons of people know eachother, I'll bet the Hi's and the Return Hi's are more frequent and it's a generally nicer atmosphere. Same with say if this person saw someone that she's seen everyday on her own street in New York. Big giant city, you're more on guard you're looking out for yourself or you have a task you need to complete. The person who is genuinely just being nice, might be from the area and very familiar with that street and everyone on it. This new person walks in and they want to be friendly. Doesn't always seem that way because it's a big city and that person could be from anywhere.

I don't know what people should do differently except that understand when a pretty girl smiles at you or says hi it's usually politeness. There's nothing wrong with starting with being polite, just be polite back and not too forward.

FlowersInHisHair said:

Come on, guys who don't think this is harrassment, how many times do you get asked "Hey, how are you", or "how you doing" or wished "have a good day" as you're just walking along in the city? I'm willing to bet it's none. It certainly never happens to me.

Clinton - businesses don't create jobs

Neil Patrick Harris Confronts Jason Segel

Yogi says...

There's real performers there don't get me wrong, but it does also take a lot of luck. Not just the luck of the gene pool either.

bareboards2 said:


If you ever wonder why some folks "make it" in that grinding and difficult profession, this clip is proof. Off the cuff. Unprepared. And totally with it and playing.


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Sugar

Yogi says...

The Sugar industry makes something I like, Sugar! So why wouldn't I trust them? I mean I like TV too, it's always telling me about more TV that I should watch.

Made To Be Seen

Yogi says...

Does anyone know of Joel is looking for an intern? Someone just to lug gear around or give him blowjobs just to be in the most beautiful places on earth?

"KHARMAFICATION!!" - (Biker Cop-Car Sticker Fail)

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