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Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - TSAK remix feat. Posdnous

The Greatest Scene Ever Committed to Film

Throbbin says...

This is one of those clips that you want to see re-mixed into a dynamite movie trailer with that weird deep-voiced guy doing a voice over.

Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg - Up In Smoke Tour Intro Video

Skewer Us with your Rapier Wit! Winners! (Sift Talk Post)

Nine Year Old Boy Performs Madonna's Vogue

Nunavut? (Terrible Talk Post)

Nunavut? (Terrible Talk Post)

Throbbin says...

Residue - yes, a recent move back (I am originally from here, moved away for school).

BoneRemake - my advice is don't move up here and carry weapons. That's asking for trouble.

Canada's first Slut Walk

How to tell how pretty a white woman is

When bullied kids snap...

Throbbin says...

My kids will know that they are to return fire on anyone who touches them - bigger, smaller, boy, girl - it doesn't matter. They will never be bullies, but they will never hesitate to finish what some other kid starts.

Good for you Casey - some folks tried to mess with me in school ("seal-fucker" was a common insult), but I was a bigger boy and that ended pretty quick. I ended up befriending some of the fat kids, the really nerdy kids, and the minorities in my classes, and after that they were never bullied either.

Casey is going to make some friends who will not only appreciate the friendship, but also the 'protection'. Good work, kid.

Fuck The Police

Post your desktop! (Geek Talk Post)

Yet another hit piece by Fox News on Julian Assange

CNN fails to comprehend basic concepts of journalism

Just another 7 Day Blizzard

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