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Crappy day

Swiss recreate Canadian Beer Opening Technique

Trump and Kim friends forever.

TheFreak says...

Kim did the power move on Trump and placed his hand on his back to escort him out. For someone who works so hard at showing dominance through body language, I'm unimpressed that he let that happen.

Patrice O'Neal - Black People Taking White People's Side...

TheFreak says...

I'm pretty sure a multi-cultural yogurt ad confirms the Right's greatest racist fears.

newtboy said:

Setting race relations back 75 years and confirming the far right's greatest racist fears in one short set....bravo sir, take a bow.

Man Brutally Attacked By Baby Seal

Parrot Vibrates Frantically While Holding a Plastic Cup

Plate jumps

Sulfur Mound Fire

TheFreak jokingly says...

If there were fewer environmental regulations this sulfur could have been safely dumped straight into the local water supply and this fire would have never happened. Drain the swamp!

Rick and Morty - Get Your Sh*t Together

Porsche-powered Karmann Ghia

TheFreak says...

"The Ghia had good aerodynamics from the start..."
It has terrible aerodynamics. That rounded front pushes air underneath the body.

Over 300kph? (~190mph) I don't think so.
Only in very short bursts. They show him hitting 174mph but I'm guessing he backed off quick.

I have about 130hp in mine and I once had it just under 120mph At that speed, the front wheels were scary loose. It felt like a sudden headwind would have sent me airborne. It's fun for short bursts of acceleration though.

GUNS: Both Sides Now - Betty Bowers

TheFreak says...

Is there a pro-gun talking point that was missed? Maybe you wanted her to personally attack a teenage victim?

I suspect you feel it wasn't a fair exchange because the opposing side got to voice opinions. Suppressing the dissenting views is the most effective way to defend the indefensible.

ForgedReality said:

I don't get how this is both sides. Because it's not.

Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell: Egoistic Altruism

TheFreak says...

My brain is moving slow this morning. But it sounds like an argument that wealthy people should stop hoarding wealth and allow more equitable distribution because they'll be better off. But they already have all the wealth in the current system, so you're not incentivizing them to change their patterns.

If you're arguing for a new system that doesn't allow the amassing of wealth by a small percentage of people, you're going to have an uphill battle because money = speech and thus, those with the money have more rights to decide how the system works.

Liberal Redneck: NRA thinks more guns solve everything

TheFreak says...

Mental health is a completely separate issue that's being used as a distraction. It's certainly worthy of discussion but it does not belong as part of the gun debate.

I am not for banning weapons.

I would, however, set the bar for ownership so high that only committed hobbyists would own the most extreme weapons.

The more potentially impactful the weapon, the higher the bar. I have no problem with someone casually walking into a store and buying a bolt-action .22 target rifle or a break action sporting shotgun with a fast background check. The licensing, training and security check requirements would then grow progressively stringent until you get to fast shooting, large ammo capacity, medium-large caliber weapons. At which point there should be annual training and recertification requirements, in-home verification of safe storage compliance, thorough background checks and anything else.

Any committed hobbyist is already training regularly with their firearms and storing them safely. The certification requirements are no more than a verification of the practices they already follow. What's needed is to weed out the casual purchasers, the revenge-fantasy dreamers and the paramilitary idiots.


Holocaust denier arthur jones republican running for Congres

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