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George Carlin On Conservatives

Bonhoeffer‘s Theory of Stupidity

TheFreak says...

Holy shit sticks! We're all numb to the nazi Germany comparison being thrown around during arguments.

But the fact is, a description of the social and cultural state at the time of the rise of the nazi movement by a man WHO WAS THERE and fought against identical to what's happening with maga/fox. Trump literally IS a new age, American, Hitler, and Bob and his ilk, the modern brownshirts.

Neo nazis are just niche bigoted haters, but the maga crowd are the literal successors of the historical nazis with the power to actually destroy our society.

Look where you're going dumb dumb

TheFreak says...

Fuck, it's springtime and these dipshits are about to start showing up again. Why do they all think they invented wheelies. Like everyone is going to be amazed.

Bernie Convinces Republicans He’s Right

TheFreak says...

"Billionaire" is a mental illness.

How much money do you need to live in comfort for your entire life? $10million, $50million? The level of greed necessary to conspire to strip BILLIONS of dollars out of your community is a sickness. It's also clearly genetic since it's an inherited disease.

M1147 Advanced Multi-Purpose Round (AMP)

Introducing the Omega 1 - A Revolutionary Engine

TheFreak says...


What kind of tolerances do you need to seal the chambers created by those rotors and then what happens to those tolerances from thermal expansion when the engine heats up?

Now ask yourself how you lubricate all of that and then notice the oil literally pouring out of the front seals of that engine.

All of those numbers are made up. Maybe someone did some creative theoretical napkin calculations but those numbers aren't based on anything that engine is doing.

Critical Race Theory: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

TheFreak says...

Don't forget that the US right wing also declared themselves fascists when they sided against the anti-fascist (Antifa) movement.

newtboy said:

Whoever came up with the CRT lie is to be commended, it tricked the right into bringing their racism out front as their main party platform. Opposing CRT means anyone calling themselves Republican or right wing has just declared themselves a stupid dishonest racist fuck that can be ignored and ridiculed into suicide without qualms.

Bangladeshi bus driver skills

TheFreak says...

Flashbacks to Nepali taxi drivers. They'll dip out straight into oncoming traffic at full speed and then cut people off at the last second to get back into their lane. A local friend told me the traffic law is, don't hit anybody.

Restaurant worker refuses to rent someone a yacht ;)

The Orville: New Horizons Sneak Peek | Arriving 6.2.2022

TheFreak says...

I like how they're careful to show that the Orville is just one of thousands of identical ships. Not the flagship or the singular most important crew in the galaxy, just some people with a job to do.

1:1 -Forstner Bit = round wooden sticks

TheFreak says...

You can also just lay the wood against the fence and rotate it by hand. This is a really neat tool though and it would definitely feel safer.

Pilot has close call with a train

TheFreak says...

Pilot injuries sustained during the police beating following the rescue.

newtboy said:

They literally had 4 seconds to spare. When, exactly, should they have tried to find a chain, attach it, attach a tow vehicle, and hope it works? And also just hope it doesn’t kill the pilot itself?
I’m rarely one to pat police on the back, but they seem to have done everything right to save the pilot at great personal risk to themselves….in other words, they actually did their job this time.

Pipe Lining - the step-by-step process - Part II

When lighting a match goes wrong

Exploding Glitter Bomb 4.0 vs. Package Thieves

TheFreak says...

Can we just take "glitter" out of this concept and do away with package thieves once and for all?

Exploding Bomb Package would solve the problem at the source.

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