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Weird Al: Welp, time to feed the ostriches.

Cat Tries to Save its Human from Drowning in Tub

The Horse Horseshoe Boots Viral Algebra Problem

The Horse Horseshoe Boots Viral Algebra Problem

SevenFingers says...

I got 22..

Horse is 10, each horseshoe is 2, so double horseshoe is 4, cowboy boot is 1, so double boot is 2

also I didn't watch the video just saw the problems on the thumbnail

First Captain Janeway Complete

Should We Build a Dyson Sphere?

Sixteen Spitfires Flying in Formation - The Sound of Victory

Woman learns Pokemon reality

What If You Hear Voices In Your Head?

SevenFingers says...

My best friend of 28 years is schizophrenic. He was diagnosed in his early 20's.... late teens. I don't talk to him much anymore, but I want to. It's hard to communicate efficiently. Last I knew he heard voices in his head... and saw lights in the sky. One of those voices were me, and every single one of them were always mad or disappointed in him because he didn't do what they"me" said to do and would berate him.... I feel so bad that my own voice can cause him pain like that. I haven't talked to him in two years... Last I knew he was on meth with some shitwhole 'friends.'

Thug Life Baseball Compilation

Astonishing, Giant, Human-powered Theme Park

Ketchup Fart

Computer Show - Arts

"Ascension" - by Ascension le Film

Stormscapes 3

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