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The Best and Worst Movies of 2018 (Cinema Talk Post)

Wild barber!

Let Me Be Frank

Sarzy says...

Why would he do this?? Is he literally insane? He must know that this comes off as super creepy and weird? Or maybe he does know that, knows that his career is over regardless, and now he's just trolling everyone?

Duke Boys go to Europe

Sarzy says...

The best part is when he hits the brakes mid-air just before colliding with the bridge.

The Password - The Office US

Sarzy says...

Agreed on Modern Family.

If you're missing The Office, you definitely need to check out Superstore. It's basically The Office, but in a Walmart.

Esoog said:

I do watch Brooklyn Nine Nine. You're right, that is a worthy sitcom. Superstore, I admit, I never got into. I'll have to check it. The Good Place I liked the first season, then got a little bored.

Modern Family is great, but I feel like it's jumped the shark the past 2 seasons.

The Password - The Office US

Sarzy says...

Are you watching Brooklyn Nine Nine, Superstore, or the Good Place? Those are all great mainstream sitcoms, and they were all created by vets of The Office, so they share DNA.

Esoog said:

I really miss The Office. I mean, it plays every day on TBS, and we have every episode recorded on our DVR...but I miss it being new. There are no good mainstream sitcoms anymore.

David Ehrlich's 25 Best Films of 2018: A Video Countdown

Sarzy says...

Yeah, Upgrade was amazing. I'm working on my top 10 video at the moment, and Upgrade is gonna be on there for sure.

Spacedog79 said:

No Upgrade? I rarely enjoy modern films but that was easily my favourite this year.

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Tom Cruise Hates Motion Smoothing

Tom Cruise Hates Motion Smoothing

Sarzy says...

YES! Whoever invented motion smoothing is a monster. It's the worst thing to happen to cinema since colorization. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't turned on by default, which means that a whole bunch of people who aren't tech-savvy wind up leaving it on and then wonder why movies look so weird.

ROMA - new film from Alfonso Cuaron

Not Here for Your Entertainment

John Lewis Christmas advert 2018 featuring Elton John

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