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Samaritans assist driver out of a burning vehicle

A Burger Scholar Breaks Down Classic Regional Burger Styles

Sarzy says...

A few things:

A) You should read this article about American cheese:

It's not gourmet, but it gets a bad rap -- it's easily the best type of cheese for a certain type of cheeseburger.

B) Louis Lunch broils their burgers in a custom upright broiler they've been using since day one. Their burgers definitely aren't steamed.

C) Pressing burgers during cooking is a no-no, but pressing the beef onto the griddle before it starts cooking creates a magical layer of crust on the beef that you can't get through any other method.

artician said:

I grew up with grilled burgers. A tiny bit of BBQ sauce, mixed with a small amount of diced onions, and lots of black pepper, is gourmet to me.

This deep fried shit seems like just that, though interesting.

American Cheese, isn't. (Cheese, that is).

Pressing your burgers while cooking seems like amateur bullshit that only came about to produce hamburgers faster.

He says that "jacks lunch" in Middletown CT originated the steamed burger, but today "Louis Lunch" at 261 Crown St. in New Haven CT claims to have "Invented the Hamburger" altogether, (and they steam their burgers) so YMMV.

I also prefer to eat my burgers without condiments, because when they're actually cooked well it has the best method for bringing out the flavor of the meat. I couldn't imagine the flavor of a steamed burger being such, but I still hope to try it some day.

In recent memory, perhaps ever, Yarde Tavern in South Hadley MA makes the best burger I've had, to date.

Reference = My family owns a ranch, and I grew up with cattle, so red meat was the diet throughout my youth, and have a lot to say on the subject.

Don't mess with Beat Takeshi

lurgee (Member Profile)

Travel Oregon: The Anime

Max refuses to go to the vet

You haven't had cornbread till you've tried my cornbread

Sarzy says...

She seems like a really nice lady, but in what universe is cornbread you make from a mix "my" cornbread, and something you should boast about, no less?? Bizarre.

Crisis in the UK

Why expensive watches are so expensive

Sarzy says...

Expensive mechanical watches are so dumb in so many ways, not the least of which being that a cheap $30 Timex from Walmart will keep much better time than a watch that costs a thousand times as much. And yet there's something weirdly compelling about the craft that goes into a mechanical watch.

Videosift Sarzy's Top 10 Movies of 2017

Sarzy says...

I actually only saw Coco a few days ago, after the video was done. It wouldn't have made my top 10 even if I had, though -- I quite enjoyed it, but I'd rank it somewhere in the middle of Pixar's filmography (though if I had a list of the top 10 movies of 2017 that made me weep like a little girl, it'd be right up there).

Mordhaus said:

No Coco?

Videosift Sarzy's Top 10 Movies of 2017

The Best and Worst Movies of 2017 (Cinema Talk Post)

What I've been up to (Blog Entry by Sarzy)

Sarzy says...

Yeah, you're not the first person to tell me to go to Iceland. I definitely wouldn't mind checking it out, though I think it might be a bit out of my budget. Not just because it's generally expensive (though that's definitely what I've heard), but also because I think I'd have to rent a car, which really adds up when you're on your own and don't have anyone to split expenses with.

newtboy said:

Iceland. You won't be sorry you made the effort. Not certain if you count that as Europe, but it's worth seeing.

Meg And Chris Take On Entire School

Ikea by Keith Schofield

Sarzy says...

Clever ad, but holy crap I couldn't even get through that before I started feeling dizzy.

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