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The Muppet of the Deep Sea

Tornado tears through parking lot

SFOGuy says...

Because that large plate glass window is surely all the protection I need again a 2X4 moving in the wind at 100 mph...

Ashenkase said:

I'm just gonna stand here... right in front of this huge bank of windows while the tornado comes straight at me.

Firenado Eating A Firehose

A Wild Canadian Lynx And A Cameraman

SFOGuy says...

76 days.
What do you think a CBC camera man gets paid?
Awesome footage.
So in focus and amazing.

Dad adopts four kids, gives them childhood he never had

How Japan’s Bullet Trains Changed Travel

SFOGuy says...

a precise answer for a precise society. 30 seconds to get off the train; 30 seconds to get on--at each stop.

Lion jumps into open vehicle full of tourists on safari tour

SFOGuy says...

"This is my snack, stay away..."

Like licking a popsicle or lollipop when you are kid so that no one else wants it and everyone knows it's yours...

C-note said:

That lion claimed all of those humans and scent marked them to let all others know.

The Melobourne Shuffle in Heels!

How a Corrupt Chicago Cop Framed Dozens of People

Dave Grohl's Short Film, 'How I Ended Up In Seattle'

SFOGuy says...

tech changed it; I mean, just think: Amazon and Microsoft.
And Seattle just passed a payroll tax against Amazon's wishes to try and pay for some of the services the voters think the homeless folks need (there's an effect from gentrification in this case).

Payback said:

At the end, he wishes Seattle would "take him back". I think he means the Seattle of the 90s. It's a lot different now, thanks to Corporate America discovering there's money to be vacuumed up.

Seagulls Are Dicks.

SFOGuy says...

Seabirds drop shells on roads to either directly break them open and eat the shellfish inside--or wait until cars run them over and then eat the insides.
Amazingly unlucky.

American Football player fires a minigun

SFOGuy says...

Fair enough.
The striking thing, in most narratives, is: how extreme trigger discipline is in active military units.

Payback said:

A man is susceptible to the attitudes of the group he identifies himself with. I wouldn't consider him a soldier after long. There is an indoctrination in both groups. I just believe the military has a focus that's easier to avoid the mentality I ascribe to police.

The us v. them mentality makes the bad cops worse, makes most cops protect the bad, and makes the exceedingly good somewhat rare.

Man exacts revenge on package thieves with a loud trap

SFOGuy says...

You would end up dying your front steps lol.


More interesting to have a triggered spray of Butyric Acid triggered at his boulders at the edge of the lawn by an electric eye AFTER the box trap is triggered.

olyar15 said:

I wonder if it would be legal to use dye packs like banks use. That way you could mark the offenders and everyone would know they were up to no good.

Pollen Storm

American Football player fires a minigun

SFOGuy says...

Serious question:
If that's true--then what happens with those of the ex-military (note: not all ex-military) who become police and are perceived as "occupying" minority neighborhoods?
Is that a sort of "they are all insurgents" kind of thing?

Payback said:

I would argue your military dictatorships are, in truth, just REALLY well equipped police forces, not actual militaries. Police have always had an us vs them attitude towards "civilians". The military has always felt it was a protector.

That's why I'd trust a soldier before the "law".

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