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Rudy Giuliani's hair dye drips down his face

Nothing Is Over!

A material that destroys the things that try to cut it

SFOGuy says...

oh cool!

What I like is the harkening backwards.
The plastic matrix with the granite chips was the answer to the WW II problem of armor plating merchant ships against strafing. Neat to see it re-emerge

eric3579 said:

Hank explains it quite well

Bobcat Vs Rattlesnake

Nigel Tufnel on the origins of Stonehenge

Nigel Tufnel on the origins of Stonehenge

16 oz bottles of soda were to share with three people

SFOGuy says...

5-12 a day???? The caffeine alone...Did you have one heck of a withdrawal headache when you stopped lol???

newtboy said:

My body's doing it wrong.
From age 16-35 I drank nothing but Coke unless it wasn't available (Coke, no Pepsi). Between 5-12 a day! Somehow I remained rail thin (probably cycling). Around 35 I decided that was going to kill me if I didn't stop, so I did and switched to lower calorie natural sodas, juices, coffee, and I'm fat. Go figure.
At least I didn't give myself diabetes....although I can't explain how.

*promote a *quality reminder of a serving size

In Russia they stack their crashed rally cars

SFOGuy says...

So five co-drivers/navigators all mis-read this turn on during the walk-through? Or did road conditions change (wetter/gravel dumped on road before curve/someone moved a braking check point marker?)

How bridges were built in Medieval times

SFOGuy says...


BSR said:

It's alright man. I got mine. You get yours.

Brothers in submission. 🤜 🤛

No. Wait. That doesn't sound right.

How bridges were built in Medieval times

How bridges were built in Medieval times

SFOGuy says...


Also: I guessed that the language is Swedish--will happily accept corrections

Biggest World War Two bomb found in Poland explodes

SFOGuy says...

Ah; cutting charge forced a sheet of molten metal through the middle of the thing? Or---charge forcing a slug of water into the middle of bomb to disrupt it?

oritteropo said:

The bomb was actually too large for a controlled explosion, with 2,400 kg of explosive, so instead the navy divers used a technique that was supposed to cut open the casing and burn the explosives inside. This was the successful result

New York Supreme Court Justice Mark Grisanti vs Cops

SFOGuy says...

Judges...makes me wonder. Has Amy Coney Barrett--do you think she has had "the talk" with her two adopted black children about how they should respond to, approach, expect to interact with police?

It's amazing what the assumption of privilege provides as armor for someone in interacting with someone armed with a gun...

The World's First CVVD Engine - Genius!

The World's First CVVD Engine - Genius!

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