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Airplanes Emergency breaking is pretty effective

Extraction, Official Trailer

How Much Solar Energy is Needed to Power Earth?

SFOGuy says...

"Physics for Future Presidents"
I recommend the book.
Explores the math of this exact issue.

The Decade of the EV

SFOGuy says...

On this one, Bob, assuming you are not being ironic, I totally agree with you. Most people drive about 11.5 miles each way to and from work--and most cars used for non-work go less distance. Range for at least one car in a family isn't really the hang up.

A Tesla Model X (just to pick one) goes 0-60 in around 3.8 seconds. 3.8 seconds is ridiculous fast. The Plaid variant does it in 2.5 seconds. The fastest internal combustion engine I've ever personally lived with did/does it in 5.9. Thus, moms hauling groceries can flatten the bags against the rear hatch about twice as fast as me. I am a poser lol.

The F-150 pick up is rumored to do it..4.4 seconds. Good grief. The load will fly out of the bed.

Those are FUN vehicles.

bobknight33 said:

The ICE era is ending.
This is the decade of the EV.
Are you ready?

Lionesses protecting cubs

Time-lapse of clouds breaking on the land like waves

High-energy rabbit does epic NASCAR impression

Dog Has A Field Day Swimming with School of Fish

Time Lapse of night hikes on Yosemite's Half Dome

SFOGuy says...

Maybe there's some stuff I should still do in California before I get too old to do it...

Trains in Germany after flooding

SFOGuy says...

How would you even know if the rail bed had sagged, the sleepers had been washed away, or--there was heavy, de-railing debris on the rail? (waterlogged logs?)...

15 Unfinished Buildings in Kunming Were Demolished

Refusing the delivery unless you can get it to the backyard

SFOGuy says...

Well-the customer is also saying--isn't he?--that it's the wrong lumber load? he wanted 4x4s and it's a load of 4X6s??

Cyclist vs Parked Car - My First Driving Lesson

This Japanese Bassist Must Be STOPPED (Bass Battle)

SFOGuy says...


Sadly, I can't find minutes of Mina, from the Japanese band "Girlfriend" to just stream behind my Excel spreadsheets while I'm working lol.

Apparently, and I have no real idea--she's self taught and has a video where she shows what she could do at each level of the 10 years it took her to get that good?

Your not that guy pal (original)

SFOGuy says...

It's the barely contained trigger rage that is weird about these folks.
And they feedback into themselves with their choices of information. So odd.

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