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Rock's Most Prolific Session Musician

SFOGuy says...

Reminds me of the documentary "Standing in the Shadows of Motown"...
The sessions musicians who never get the public glory...

Oddly, she might have been bit bitter about what came after her time in music...

Some sort of music geek sound site postings...

"I enjoy the music she made in the 60's but when she posted a comment on engineers I voiced my opinion that the mid 70's to early 80's were the pinnacle of recording because of the 24-track two inch tape and the idea of the 'concept album'. I mentioned "Aja", "Goucho", "Breakfast in America", "Back In Black", "Dark Side of the Moon", "Animals", "Rumors", etc. She said she didn't like that "music" -- too many drugs involved in the making.

Post went downhill from there.... but come on, how can any reasonable musician deny the greatness of at least some of the albums mentioned above?..."

Cheeky Workout...

The Emperor has no shoes

SFOGuy says...

That's the point, I guess. You know what to look for in a good boot (although, having to wear it for a year is sort of...hard to pull off in a shop)...But, perhaps, most people don't.

And more amusingly; maybe there ISN'T much difference in most things between the "cheap" and the "expensive" when so much marketing is involved.

I remember watching a woman who was chemical engineer explain to another woman that P&G, where she worked, basically had the same chemical base stock for all its shampoos and conditioners and then differentiated them with coloring and scent to charge 2X, 3X, and 5X for the same thing lol

I'm sure I've fallen for the same thing in my world before. I mean, sometimes it fails; for some reason, I'm thinking of when GM re-labeled its benighted "J" class cars as compacts and was surprised they didn't sell. Not to pick on GM...

KrazyKat42 said:

Quality is when the seams don't tear apart after one year.

Unfortunately, even high priced shoes are still being made by cheap labor and usually suck.

Nocona Boots were the best cowboy boots around, but they moved everything to Mexico and still pretend to be quality boots for example.

When you are tired of people running in your halls

Woman returns to Japan to look for her childhood friend

SFOGuy says...

It was very sad when Fukue talked about how after Jess left, she started getting bullied again and basically...dropped out of school after 4th grade...

Chinese "UBER" Commercial -- DIDI

When you are tired of people running in your halls

When you are tired of people running in your halls

Alizée with J'en ai marre (the live sexy version)

SFOGuy says...

Ok, there is something wonderfully and touchingly French about this being a tribute and cancer fund raiser for a young woman who died of Leukemia.
If in no other sense, for all the futures she never got to live as a young, feminine, French woman---

Professionals Play Games: Real Bomb Squad Defuses A VR Bomb

When you forget to strap in your hang gliding passenger

SFOGuy says...

Pilot is an idiot. His responsibility to make sure the passenger is strapped in. Surprised the passenger didn't clock the pilot.

Age of Sail

I'm God, B*tch!

SFOGuy says...

Looks, walks, and talks like...someone in a full bore manic episode (religious, grandiose, delusional, psychotic, and elevated mood)---so, if that's it, maybe either drug induced mania or...bipolar mental illness in manic phase--the completely bad combination of someone with bipolar illness on drugs. Which apparently happens.

Collapsing sidewalk swallows two women whole

SFOGuy says...

Uh, swallowed and then crushed by the concrete that collapses on them.
Lucky it was minor injuries; looks like hundred of pounds of concrete.

How to Make a $10k Pair of Shoes from Scratch

SFOGuy says...

Whoa..a diagnosis, which is just a diagnosis---of bipolar---
I hope he takes it easy, keeps sleeping, stays away from drugs.

When he shows them his first effort and they get to put their first efforts next to it---that's pretty awesome.

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