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MedEvac Helicopter Hard Landing

ReverendTed says... that landing was, it was very close to going much worse at a couple of moments and I'm curious how much of that was down to luck or skill.

5 Knots Everyone Should Know

Jermaine O'Neal - the biggest freethrow troll in history

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Gigantic Hornets Nest Extraction in Louisiana

Trampoline/Staircase Performance Art Is just WOW

How To Make A Blockbuster Movie Trailer

Water Slide like a Boss

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Alleged Drunk Driver Crash on H-1 Freeway Hits Barrier

ReverendTed says...

I didn't see a sarcasm tag, so I'm going to presume you were asking about the road setup.

This is exit 19-B westbound on IH-1 in Honolulu, the eastern end of H201.

The nearest highway entry is about a half mile back. That entry comes in as its own dedicated lane, and then becomes exit-only here. (The next lane over is exit-or-go-straight.) I'm guessing the driver either entered there and waited too long to get over into the main lanes, or he drifted into the entry-exit lane to pass the car with the dashcam, not realizing the lane was about to exit.

Fairbs said:

does that seem like a proper road entry? I can't think of where I've seen anything like that before

Alleged Drunk Driver Crash on H-1 Freeway Hits Barrier

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

ReverendTed says...

It's my understanding that it wasn't just a fad, but they were outlawed in the US. Choking hazard, don'tcha know.
Wonderballs do exist in the US, but the surprise inside isn't a toy; instead it's more candy or chocolate.

poolcleaner said:

We don't have Kinder Eggs in the US, but we did have Wonder Balls in the 1990s. It was only a fad however and we have yet to have anything like Kinder Egg or Wonder Ball since.

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

In Movies, Why is There a Dial Tone After Someone Hangs Up?

3 Year Old Crashes Bike, Wants to See Instant Replay

ReverendTed says...

This is my 3y/o daughter. You can't take a video of her doing anything because she'll interrupt what she's doing as soon as she notices she's being filmed to walk up to ask, "Can I see?"

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