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Abbot Claims Prosecuting Rape Will Eradicate Rape In Texas

ReverendTed says...

If someone can be arrested and prosecuted as a rapist, then they have already committed the rape. So this approach can, at best, deter serial rapists.
But that's nitpicking; the whole concept fundamentally misses the realities of what rape is and how it happens.

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ReverendTed says...

Thanks, Sifty! A decade and a

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Happy anniversary! Today marks year number 15 since you first became a Sifter and the community is better for having you. Thanks for your contributions!

PC booting from a vinyl record (earrape warning)

MSL Curiosity Mars Rover Landing @ 32fps

Caterpillar loader in Kuwait is boiling hot

ReverendTed says...

I'm curious if the "58" refers to Celcius. That would be 136.4 F, and higher than the highest officially-recorded temperature on Earth at 57.6 C in Death Valley, CA back in 1913.
Kuwait does have one of the top four, though, at 54 C.

Man's Best Friend

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MedEvac Helicopter Hard Landing

5 Knots Everyone Should Know

Jermaine O'Neal - the biggest freethrow troll in history

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Gigantic Hornets Nest Extraction in Louisiana

Trampoline/Staircase Performance Art Is just WOW

How To Make A Blockbuster Movie Trailer

Water Slide like a Boss

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