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PC booting from a vinyl record (earrape warning)

MSL Curiosity Mars Rover Landing @ 32fps

ReverendTed says...

Just after 1:29 you can see the heat shield impact - about 1/4 up from the bottom of the frame, just left of center.

Caterpillar loader in Kuwait is boiling hot

ReverendTed says...

I'm curious if the "58" refers to Celcius. That would be 136.4 F, and higher than the highest officially-recorded temperature on Earth at 57.6 C in Death Valley, CA back in 1913.
Kuwait does have one of the top four, though, at 54 C.

Man's Best Friend

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MedEvac Helicopter Hard Landing

5 Knots Everyone Should Know

Jermaine O'Neal - the biggest freethrow troll in history

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Gigantic Hornets Nest Extraction in Louisiana

Trampoline/Staircase Performance Art Is just WOW

How To Make A Blockbuster Movie Trailer

Water Slide like a Boss

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Alleged Drunk Driver Crash on H-1 Freeway Hits Barrier

ReverendTed says...

I didn't see a sarcasm tag, so I'm going to presume you were asking about the road setup.

This is exit 19-B westbound on IH-1 in Honolulu, the eastern end of H201.

The nearest highway entry is about a half mile back. That entry comes in as its own dedicated lane, and then becomes exit-only here. (The next lane over is exit-or-go-straight.) I'm guessing the driver either entered there and waited too long to get over into the main lanes, or he drifted into the entry-exit lane to pass the car with the dashcam, not realizing the lane was about to exit.

Fairbs said:

does that seem like a proper road entry? I can't think of where I've seen anything like that before

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