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Rosanne Rationally Explains Her Racist Tweet

Alita: Battle Angel - Official Trailer

RFlagg says...

I'm not sure how I feel about the anime eyes on Alita, and I don't know the source material(s) enough to judge how close it looks to the original(s). It looks like they are aiming to be based off the manga more than the anime adaptations of the manga, which puts me even more out of my element.

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean ( cover by Donald Trump )

RFlagg says...

Says the right who wants to deny gay people equal rights under the law because they sin differently. Who want to deny service to gay people because they sin differently. Who cares that Jesus said to love one another, to treat others as you'd want to be treated, and that those without sin should toss the first stones, yet toss stones of intolerance, bigotry and hatred. Don't even get me started on intolerance of emigrants, of other faiths (try being an open atheist in most workplaces or trying to run for office, as much pure hate and intolerance over Muslims that the right has, they hate atheist even more), intolerance of other races and lack of empathy for the plight of African Americans and just want those black people to stay in their place and not show any sort of unity... Rich. Truly rich, calling the left the ones that are intolerant. It's the right's intolerance that proved to me Christianity is a sham, because that doesn't jive with what Christ taught, but that is the attitude of the Christian Right and the GOP.

bobknight33 said:

Intolerance is a hallmark of the left.

Glass - Official Trailer

72 Hours Away From A Coup In Which Trump Will Be Decapitated

RFlagg says...

Who believes this shit? Trump supporters, and that is near 35% of the voting population. They may not buy into it happening in 72 hours, but they do think this is a religious war, and that Christianity is under attack, and that Trump is appointed by God to lead this country back to being a Christian nation and all us evil Liberals are fighting the will of God. This is the thing most people on the left don't understand. They don't realize how deeply personal and holy this thing is for the right. Everyone just keeps seeing all the trip ups that Trump does, and thinks, "Blue Wave!" but those trip ups energize his base, and help guarantee they'll be out in fore come November. They are being manipulated by Fox, talk radio and their churches to believe all this stuff. Remember, his supporters supported a child molester in Louisiana over a Democrat, because they think Democrats are that truly evil. Just watch a bit of TBN, watch Jim Baker, watch Fox News... just begin to imagine that this sort of stuff is what you absorb all day every day, this is what you are being fed in church, this is what your social media circles are feeding you. You'll begin to see, this isn't that far out there, this is what they think is happening. They think we are in the end times, and Trump is our last hope against the Anti-Christ, even though he and the GOP are EVERYTHING the Bible warned us the Anti-Christ would be like... it's insane. I'm surrounded at home, at work... all over by these types.

StukaFox said:

Who the hell believes this shit? I know that the bar of standards for credibility in the United States is set so far down that the Devil keeps tripping over it, but Rachel Maddow signaling a coup? How exactly is this supposed to work? Were we supposed to get instructions via our Liberal Secret Decoder Rings? If so, I want my money back, because all mine ever spelled out is "Fuck Trump".

Of Course I'm Trying To Indoctrinate You In My Beliefs

RFlagg says...

People like this, Bob, most of my family, and most Trump supporters are why I hate Christianity. It shows just how full of hate they are. I love them as people, but I hate everything about them... this of course is exactly what they say about the gays. They don't hate them, they just hate their sin... not that they are sin free themselves, but they'll ignore that. Anyhow, they'll say "hate the sin, love the sinner" but don't understand how hating everything about a person doesn't show the love of Christ. Christ spent His ministry hanging out with the very sinners that most Christians today try to separate themselves from and react with vile towards. They act like the Pharisees that Christ spoke out against, and are the main reason people are turned off the faith... they are doing more harm than good. And in the end, that's probably a good thing. Let them show how full of hate Christianity is, how they don't actually love the way Christ said to love, and more and more people will leave their faith, then perhaps we'll start to make some progress in this world towards a true loving society that is more akin to the one Christ preached.

Will This Trick Your Ears?

RFlagg says...

I didn't hear Smashmouth, and I'm familiar with the song, and I've never heard the jumping transmission line tower. I did however hear the talking piano, and legislators. The Risset Rythem has always been hit or miss for me and generally resets at a point before it gets too fast, but an odd subtle reset if that makes sense.

I do agree that he should have been silent a bit longer when telling us to listen.

Mr. Rogers subtle battle against racism

RFlagg says...

Probably all the more reason Fox and Friends called Mr Rogers an "evil evil man". Sure their stated reason is because he told children they were special just as they are... the shame of uplifting children apparently and not telling they'll only be special if they work hard and become rich and powerful. But I'm sure his patience and kindness to all people, was a great affront to their mentality, and the mentality of all their ilk. How dare he suggest people be decent to one another.

The Hamilton Mixtape: Immigrants (We Get The Job Done)

Oroville Spillways Phase 2 Update Mid-June 2018

RFlagg says...

So what if they need to use either spillway before they finish this project? It looks like even the main spillway is a long ways from being complete. While the emergency spillway can probably hold off except for another emergency of course...

I'd imagine if I lived downstream I'd be thinking, a little too late on these repairs, given they were requested a decade ago.

This is Water

Mic'd up ump dealing with a pissed off manager

RFlagg says...

Okay, so many questions as I don't do baseball much.

First, why would he throw the ball so far behind the batter? Just to walk him? Whenever I've seen them walk a batter, the catcher just stands and they just throw high and over to the side. Why would he be ejected for walking a batter? Batters are walked all the time. What is the situation where you can't walk a batter? Is it the way he's walking the batter being far off normal?

Passed Out In A Car

RFlagg says...

Right? It goes from, "oh no, this is going to end badly", to "well the stop sign saved him", to "oh shit" and then "oh shit" to "I guess it did."

Payback said:

That escalated quickly...

Bill Maher - Sen. Bernie Sanders

RFlagg says...

How do they take our money? Half the people who work for Walmart qualify for food stamps, even though they make so much money they could easily pay living wages, give benefits and still make a profit. This happens at big companies all across the country. That's how they take our money. But you, as a Christian, don't give a crap about those employees, they just better get another job and work 80 hours a week, so they don't have to get food stamps, just so the rich people running these companies and the shareholders can continue to reap in the huge amounts of money. Who cares Jesus commanded you to help the poor, and that the rich were going to hell, in modern Christian culture it is the rich who are blessed, and the poor who need to be vilified.

I'd wager most of us are working, probably 40 hours or more. Used to be that one person in the family working 40 hours a week was enough. Now that isn't enough in most cases. That money moved to the top. We have one of the largest and fastest growing wealth and income gaps in the world, and in history. Real world income isn't staying with inflation, but that 1% that modern Christians love so much, is staying so far ahead of the curve.

And as to, "they like making $8 an hour" bull fucking shit. While I'm making well more than that, I know that isn't true. They got the best job they can get. It's not that people aren't applying for the jobs that are out there, the employers aren't hiring the people applying. Perhaps that person making $8 an hour doesn't have a college degree, and can't afford to go to college. I have a worthless bachelor's degree in "programming and applications" which basically means I know how to use Word, which I knew before I had it (I could have taught even the programming classes for all the further we got into the programming). That degree cost me near $25k, and who knows how much it'll cost by the time I'm done paying it off with all the interest on it. Back on point, those people can apply to a ton of jobs, but unless they are qualified they won't get it, and even among those they do qualify for, there are a ton of applicants for each job out there. Nobody is working Walmart, McDonald's, Lowes or whatever because it's their dream job. It's the job they can get.

Why should you make a living off 40 hours a week, but they should have to work 80? Why the double standard? Why say let the rich owners and shareholders take that income that used to go to the workers and just say f the employees, so long as I make a living at 40, those people better just work longer. This is why I HATE Christianity because every person who thinks that is a Christian. Every person who thinks that LGBTQIA+ people shouldn't have equal rights under the law is a Christian. Every person who was shouting "let him die" at the Republican debate in '08 in regards to a guy without insurance, was a pro-life Christian. Every person who cheered at the idea of carpet bombing at the 16' debates were pro-life Christians. It's why, in the unlikely event it is real, I'd rather burn in hell than be around those people for all eternity. I've never met a good right-wing Christian. Never. They are all evil vile people who are full of greed and have zero of the love of Christ. Their witness is a shining example of how evil and vile Christianity is.

I'm surprised that fat tub of lard Trump, who dictated his son's letter, who dictated his Doctor's letter, can swing a golf club as often as he does... a guy who bitched and moaned about how often Obama golfed, and who's own golfing and vacation time has far outdone Obama's golfing and vacation time.

We got a President, flagrantly breaking the emoluments clause, and nobody seems to give a rats ass (save a few on the further end of the left, certainly the mainstream media, which Fox and the right accuse of being far left, doesn't care, nor do even moderate Democrats).

I know you don't believe he, or Fox and the like are the ones doing the lies and deceit... and nobody will ever convince you otherwise. I know, because I too once was a far-right Christian, who only trusted Fox, and thought the science of climate change was a joke, as was evolution and the big bang (though I was an old earth creationist, I could never get into the 6,000-10,000-year-old argument)... then I learned to actually vet my news and information. I have no doubt that most of my anger at the right is the fact I was so easily deceived for over 30, nearly 40 years of my life. Hopefully, in the highly unlikely event that others on the right learn that they are the ones who've been lied to, that they are the ones more guilty of spreading falsehoods, deceit, greed, and setting a horribly bad witness for their faith that does far more harm than good, they don't get as angry as I did and leave the faith all together and then hate all of what they once were a part of.

bobknight33 said:

Our Money? How does the 1% take our money?

Bill Gates getting 1$ per copy of windows.
Jeff Bezo getting 3 cents from every product.

This is the 1% and and you consider that this is ripping off the 99%?

No one is stealing YOUR money ( except Government). GET off you ASS and make more. No one is stopping you.

Those making 8$/hr like making 8$/hr otherwise they will find a better paying job. AT 3.9% unemployment rate this should not be hard to do. You can thank MR. Trump for that.

Brass Against - Wake Up

RFlagg says...

Yeah, this was the first one of there covers I saw. Checked out the rest, and while Sophia is great in all of them, this seems to be where they were hitting on all cylinders. She's got the perfect voice and spin on Zach's originals to be such a perfect cover.

MilkmanDan said:


Accomplishing the guitar solo parts with strong suits of various brass -- sax, trombone, trumpet: Awesome.

Female singer keeping the feel and style of the original (male) vocals, while also putting a unique spin on it: Awesome.

Idea, execution, production: Awesome.

That's a full-on trifecta of badass!

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