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RFlagg says...

Trying again... without having to edit it.
Obviously Turbo Killers is *related=


Defeat Your Deamons with Dungeons & Dragons

Disney's Mulan - Official Teaser

RFlagg says...

Of Disney's obsession with live action remakes... this is the one I'm probably most interested in. It's the one that makes the most sense to remake.

Until all the racist ass holes came out of the ground, and ranted how Ariel shouldn't be a black girl, I'd have put Little Mermaid near the bottom, but now just because it's pissing off the racist segment, that one I might have to do too.

eric3579 (Member Profile)

Pink Floyd - On The Turning Away

Swamp Thing Teaser Trailer

RFlagg says...

I don't think this has anything to do with the Swamp Thing movie, but more the Alan Moore and forward era.

But yeah, Doom Patrol is the only other one that I'd really want to see there as Titans doesn't look worth while. This was a case, much like Stargate Universe, where partnering with an existing service would have made more sense. Perhaps with Disney pulling all the Marvel stuff to Disney+, and assuming DC Universe doesn't make enough, perhaps they'll partner with Netflix or something.

How Marvel Works With the Pentagon (military propaganda)

Godzilla King of the Monsters - Final Trailer - Warner Bros

RFlagg says...

King Kong is part of this verse. Next movie in the series in fact should be Godzilla v King Kong, unless it ends up being a teamup... Still leaves things short of 17. There's a online thing where the company that's featured in the series is tracking them, but I don't know if many have been revealed yet.

Plus the monsters from the fist movie...

KrazyKat42 said:

Let me count the ones I remember.
1. Godzilla
2. Mothra, giant silkworm and moth
3. Rodan, dragon
4. Gydra, the 3-headed monster
5. Gamera, the flying space turtle
6. Son of Godzilla, blows smoke rings

Nope can't think of 17 monsters.

S. Sanders Says Congress Not "Smart Enough" for Trump's Tax

RFlagg says...

How has the 25th not been invoked is beyond me... clearly in the early to perhaps even mid stages of dementia. Compare his speech patterns from 20 years ago, to now...Heck, from 10 years ago to now... 5 years ago to now.

One Punch Man Challenge

RFlagg says...

What tool is he using to measure Body Age I wonder... as I'd think there are a few different ones, though they may all come to close to the same results. Not sure...

Star Wars: Episode IX – Teaser

RFlagg says...

Beat me by over 34 minutes. *promote Kylo slamming a Knight of Ren. Raises lots of questions. The laugh at the end is perhaps the least exciting part.

How to Understand the Image of a Black Hole

RFlagg says...

ESO, who had two telescopes involved have a video about the process of how they got there.

New Math vs Old Math

RFlagg says...

I get wanting kids to understand what is going behind the scenes of the math problems. It's a good goal, but I do think they spend too much time on this portion. Show how to do it the shortcut way that most people know, show how it works, using the above, then back to the shortcut. Unless the person is entering a math field, they likely don't need the number theory.

It's not dumbing down, it's making it too complex for what most people need. Especially for those taught the old methods... of course "new math" is more like really old math, before we found shortcuts that we use now. The people who'll need number theory, will need to know how numbers actually work behind the scenes of what you are doing, will likely have a more intuitive understanding of the processes.

What needs to be done more is order of operations, so 6 / 2(1 + 2), isn't calculated as 1, and properly as 9... if I see somebody argue 6 / 6 is 1 ever again... There's another famous one that really messes up many calculators, because they do as entered, and don't wait for the equal sign to be entered. With a proper understanding of order of operations, they can use a calculator and get a correct answer. And that is more or less what "new math" is trying to teach in a very odd way...

Minute Physics covered Order of Operations well.

Glider crashes into tree

RFlagg says...


Passenger (front seat) : 1 broken arm

Pilot (back seat) : minor injuries

The article they link however doesn't list injuries:

Now, while I'd love to learn to fly a glider (beyond money, the best place "locally" is Caesar Creek Soaring Club, which is about 3 1/2 hours from me), and I might be out of my element here... it looks like he was going way too fast on his approach. Not sure what the situation was that caused him to come in that fast.

Also looks like he should have went down from the field a bit further, then turned to it, as it seems like he still had enough height left to go another few hundred yards down, turn around, and get lined up.

The video doesn't show if he had the wing spoilers deployed or not. Now I know some say don't deploy spoilers on the turn (though this guy seems to debunk that to some degree, so he'd have had to make the turn, then deploy at the last second... again getting to the fact the turn to the landing strip was made too early.

Again, I'm probably out of my element here, but I'd think, had he waited to make the turn to the landing strop, lined up, then deployed the wing spoilers, he'd have been able to bring her down a bit easier... of course he'd probably still have too much speed. That's what I want to know, where was the speed coming from, did he bring her down super fast, was he or the passenger on a time crunch?

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