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MAGA Catholic Kids Mock Native Veteran's Ceremony

RFlagg says...

If being in Heaven means being around the people who say they will go, Trump supporters, then Hell is a billion times better. The fact that God doesn't care enough to tell his followers that they are following the literal antichrist system, is telling.

Trump Supporters... They HATE LGBTQIA people. They HATE the needy and the poor. They HATE scientific truth, like climate change. They are filled with HATE for foreigners. They LOVE wealth and inequality. They LOVE greed. They LOVE war. Every Trump supporter is like that. They are all bigoted people.

And when I say all Trump supporters, I mean damn near all the ones I personally know. My family, the people I work with. All evil, bigoted people who thump their chest about how Christian they are, and how anyone who reads the Bible would have to be Republican. Who agree with Jerry Falwell Jr. how those who don't support Trump are immoral. They are all stuck in this evangelical cult of Trump.

The day I see the Love of Christ from Republican Christians in masse, will be a miracle. But every fucking day I have to listen to Fox news near all day every day. I have to listen to listen to provable lies that are being taken as gospel, and having to hear how everyone who isn't supporting Trump is evil and against Christ.

Now you may argue that doesn't represent all Christians. But that clearly represents the vast majority of those who care to vote, and certainly of the kids in this video.

Also I wouldn't say I was a cultural Christian at all. My family was, we went to church once a week. Then I got serious about it. I started watching TBN all the time. Started going to an evangelical church. Blasted Democrats and anybody who wouldn't trust Fox News and Fox News alone (my prior comments as Charon seem to have been purged, but I'd blast evolution, trust only in Fox). I went 3 services a week. I was one of those people who'd make sure I said "Merry Christmas" just to be sure people got the message. As I've said before, the initial moment was realizing that the GOP was becoming more and more like the antichrist, and that it was the polar opposite of what Christ himself would want. I became a Libertarian, backed off the 3 services a week to just one, mostly in search of a church that wasn't practically telling people that Republican is the only way a real Christian could vote. Then in 2008 at the Republican debate when a room full of pro-life Christians started chanting "Let him die! Let him die!" with great enthusiasm, about a guy not having insurance and what should happen to him... that was the catalyst that opened the door to everything being so wrong. to say "this... this whole thing is wrong..." And then God did nothing. Christ did nothing. It's gotten a billion times worse since then. Those type of Christians continue to be the main reason people have the same moment where they go... no... and move on. I went, became Pagan for a time, and found it just as connecting to God, at least for those who were serious about it, and empathy says, if they are having just as sincere a relationship with their God as Christians have with God, then it is all equal... and the logic then said, "or not equal, and just as stupid".

Now perhaps I wouldn't be so anti-Christian if I wasn't surrounded by them at work, and having to live with people I'd shit and piss on their grave if their eventual grave wasn't attached to my sister's. Then again, I'd see the news of what these people are doing to this country, fucking it over for profit, and hurting the very people Christ said to help, and doing so in Christ's name... which is the technical definition of using the Lord's name in vain, not just saying something like "Jesus Christ" in exasperation. I do put up with my girlfriend being Christian, though it and her high sex drive are the two things that most drive me nuts... but beggars can't be choosers, and marriage is the only way out of this hell hole of being with my parents at 50 fucking years old... at least until child support goes away...

NOBODY is seeing the love of Christ demonstrated by people like my family, 80-95% of the people at work, Fox, TBN, CBN, 700 Club, Jim Baker, and the like. And they do represent the public image of Christianity. If the moderates and liberal Christians are the majority of Christians, then they don't make their voice known, they don't vote in opposition to these sort of people in this video and on Fox. So either God isn't moving their hearts, they don't care, or God doesn't exist. Even if he does, if my family, Bob, the people I work with, these kids, the other Trump supporters are the main ones there, then I don't want to have to be around them forever, it's bad enough being around them for a short life. Want people to come to God, then start with those sort of people and get them to see how they are doing more harm than good. They have to more at making the world a better place than they do, to leave the world in better shape for centuries to come. Not to take it all for now, not to assume Christ is coming back soon, but always practice he's 50,000 years from coming back... and 1,000 years from now, it's still 50,000 years from then. To act the way Christ said to act, not the greedy fucks that make up the GOP. To actually show the love he showed. He hung out with sinners, and railed against those who were walking around thumping their chest about how holy they are, yet these GOP Christians are thumping their chests, and shunning those who sin differently.

Anyhow I could rant on, but that's enough for now. I do appreciate the higher degree of kindness you tend to show than certain others, and my family... almost all Trump supporters I personally know...

shinyblurry said:

RFlagg it's strange that you would say that because I know a lot Christians and none of them act like that. Just because someone takes the name of Christ doesn't mean they know and follow Christ. Most of the people you will meet in this country who say they are Christian are cultural Christians and not actual Christians.

But that isn't the measure of who the Lord Jesus Christ is. He is exactly who said He is and He is available right now to fulfill His word to all who cry out to Him for salvation.

Consider this: you were a cultural Christian who fell away because you were disillusioned..which is like saying you dropped out of college but never actually attended. You never were a Christian..but Christ is still Lord and He has been inviting you for years to ask Him into your life.

Let Him show you that what He says is true instead of using your sad experience as the excuse to reject Him as your Savior

MAGA Catholic Kids Mock Native Veteran's Ceremony

RFlagg says...

But this is Christian values. Watch Fox. Watch TBN. Watch CBN. The 700 Club. Jim Baker. Go to your local evangelical Christian church. This is Christianity today.

I say good. The more the show how biggited, evil and vile they are, the less people will believe, the more people will leave the faith. The vast majority of Christians who disagree with this segment don't care enough to vote against them, and don't raise their voices. The percentage of Christians who vote against them, and raise their voices are very very few. So the world just sees people like this, and says, Christianity == hatred and bigotry.

wtfcaniuse said:

So much wrong with this video.

I hope they have Veterans or people who know what respect means in their families who take them aside for a little one on one chat.

Being kicked out of the school would be good for them because they're clearly not learning anything, certainly not Christian values.

Trump Is Losing the Shutdown Fight: A Closer Look

RFlagg says...

I don't get how Trump and the GOP say the Democrats need to be willing to negotiate. They are offering $1.6 Billion in additional funding. But Trump is acting like Veruca Salt, and stomping his feet, saying he wants $5.7 Billion, and he wants it now. That's not how negotiations work. You want $5.7, they offer $1.6, you come down to say $4.6, they come back at $2.3, you come back with $4 and permanent residence status for Dreamers, they come back with $3 and permanent resident status, then you meet at $3.5 and permanent resident status. You don't just keep acting like a child throwing a temper tantrum and demanding the $5.7, and if you don't get it, the other side is the one's being unreasonable.

The "Pro-life" party, that loves the death penalty and war, so not really pro-life at all, is now holding millions of Americans (800k, plus their families, plus the millions of people who depend on those services) hostage in an act of economic terrorism, until the other side fully caves into their demands. They are the ones not willing to negotiate, but are doing some 1984 level doublespeak, and blaming it all on the Democrats. And the Fox News types are eating it up, which is probably why Trump thinks he's winning. "Just look. Steve says I'm doing good and that all real Americans support me."

They need to pass a law, that Congress, their aids and staff, the President, their aids and staff, the White House aids and staff... all don't get paid on any shutdown. If they've already given up their salary (I love how Trump followers commend Trump for giving up his salary, while ignoring he makes more a year off the Secret Service than he would in years of salary) then they have to reimburse that salary they would have made in that time. Congress and the President may not take back pay, and it takes a 60% vote to authorize the aids and staff back pay, but only if all other Federal workers also get their back pay first in a separate and prior authorization.

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

"Nice Shoes"

RFlagg says...

1:28 the logo on the suits is from Lost.
1:33 is Alien Autopsy
1:55 Day the Earth Stood Still
2:22 Metropolis
3:04 The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

Wild barber!

RFlagg says...

Isn't burning hair one of the worst smells in the world? I don't get cutting hair by fire. With the guys it seemed to be just a trick on the top, but with the one girl, they were burning the hair itself for sure. Just a odd thing to do before using actual scissors?

Also, I've never had a barber just pic at the hair and snip at it the way the guy with the mask did on a few occasions from 1:43 to about 2:20. Perhaps that's needed for some styles or something. Seemed very odd.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch | Official Trailer | Netflix

RFlagg says...

I'd say it isn't overly depressing. It's not San Junipero level happy, not even Hang the DJ. Perhaps somewhere around USS Callister and Nosedive. It's not overly depressing.

There are certainly sadder endings than others. I've watched/played it twice and basically hit 4 or all 5 endings. though I'd say there are only 3 or so "real" endings. As one can perhaps tell by the trailer, he's making a game called Bandersnatch, and there are 3 reviews of the game, which is what I'd call the real endings. The other hard endings, generally let you reset, and go back to one, or even two, key moments to reset the story lines. In those two viewings I don't recall the Jerome F Davies laughing scene that is seen in the trailer.

There are a few cool points. Like you pick which cereal you want in the morning, it'll be noted later in the show. Your music choice will effect a line later. There are some Black Mirror Easter Eggs as one would expect.

It's not the best Black Mirror episode, San Junipero is impossible to beat I'd think. but it is far from the worst. It's in the upper half, perhaps upper 3rd or even quarter.

eric3579 said:

What i need to know is does this leave you feeling miserable or is there a reasonable happyish ending (something not leaving me depressed)?

Upvote comment if it does NOT leave you feeling shitty/depressed/miserable/hopeless.

Downvote comment if it does leave you feeling all or any of those things.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch | Official Trailer | Netflix

RFlagg says...

Side note, at least in the US, this isn't listed under Black Mirror's episode list, but it's own thing. Likely because it supposedly an interactive movie, sort of a choose your own adventure.

Your New Social Credit Score

RFlagg says...

I was about to say, Black Mirror did it better. EDIT: Perhaps not "better" but before, and I guess I'm more partial to it.

Petulant Child Throws Tantrum

RFlagg says...

It's as if Trump, the GOP, and their voters, can't pass 6th grade civics. America isn't a dictatorship, as much as it is heading that way with the current administration and the GOP. If there's two parties that have opposing views, the solution isn't "our way or the highway" but find the middle ground. Seems since Obama took office, the GOP's definition of middle ground is agreeing to 80-99% of their demands. This is of course because of religious indoctrination, where authority isn't earned, but given by divine right from God to only a select few, and it's everyone's place just to shut up and take it.

trumpet meme

RFlagg says...

I'd guess contenders for best sax solo in a pop/rock song Though I wouldn't put the Benny Hill theme in the same list, but would put on Tim Cappello - I Still Believe... Jungleland and lots of others by Bruce Springsteen... Pink Floyd's Us and Them...

Careless Whisper's sax solo, if Wikipedia is to be believed, was Steve Gregory, who's sax didn't have the key range, so they messed with the recording a bit, and when George came in, he liked it... Actually seems like that was the part of the song they had the hardest part with as George didn't like most takes from most people.

BSR said:

Had to Google that. Help me out here.

Did you mean: conteneurs containers contenders

trumpet meme

...and then...we'll be ok...

Lion King - Live Action Teaser

RFlagg says...

Pretty much why I put quotes around Live Action in the description. At least with Dumbo, there are humans with the photo-realistic CGI.

Payback said:

So... when did photo-realistic CGI animation start being called live action?

Warehouse Jenga

RFlagg says...

Yeah, I saw something that suggested this was filmed in July, so you'd think there was more information. All the news I can find on it, just report about the "viral video", with no results on when and where for sure. You'd think that the company itself, or people there that day, would have seen it gone viral and put info out by now... though unless it was the company itself, it'd be harder to vet.

I'd wager the driver was okay in the cage, might have broke a bone or two, but otherwise was okay. The guy in yellow on the right would be the bigger concern, as he was buried. Near the very end you see somebody in black making a run across the far right as the last section collapses.

The crazy thing is, the shelf was barely hit. You probably hit it harder when putting pallets up. It must have been the perfect combo of angle and velocity, then add to that the tension on the legs given the way it was stacked and voila, disaster.

newtboy said:

Maybe...I thought he's likely just been swept off his feet, but it's possible he got crushed. There's surprisingly little info about this to be found.

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