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Lando Gives Tour Of Millennium Falcon

RFlagg says...

My question is how does the MF get so dirty between this movie and Star Wars. The movie is set somewhere between 11 and 14 years before Star Wars: A New Hope. 10 years doesn't seem nearly long enough for the level of grime. Even if Solo doesn't keep as good care of it as Lando did, which is fitting of both characters... or Lando has lots of fake stuff to keep it looking clean and neat, as it is apparently close to 60 years old by the time of New Hope (not sure if that is still canon though), and that stuff is removed or falls off, revealing the ship's true nature, and this might fit with Lando's character, trying to make himself seem cleaner and better than what he was. Perhaps part of his con.

Would be funny if during a mid/after credit scene we see the fake clean stuff start falling off, and Solo commenting about how Lando was a dirty cheat.

EDIT: Seems there is a possible explanation and possible spoilers, Han wanted the ship to blend in so let it get dirty or made it look dirty...

Shield Protects Trump From Deep State,Witches And Warlocks

RFlagg says...

Right. Unfortunately, this is where, what, 30+% of the country is, the white evangelical voter who watches this sort of thing that loves Trump... and they are guaranteed to show up in November.

It almost makes me rethink my atheist stance and start thinking that the GOP and evangelicalism is the anti-Christ system that the Bible warns about since they match up so well.

Sagemind said:

This hurts to watch....

Deadpool 2: The Final Trailer

Pumped Up Kicks Radiohead Mashup - Pomplamoose

Time-Lapse Of Fastest Scaling Of "The Nose" on El Capitan

RFlagg says...

I can't imagine parking on a climb like that to sleep so I can keep the climb going...

Solo: A Star Wars Story Official Trailer

RFlagg says...

*promote just because I can't wait to see Donald Glover as Lando. If his parts are good, and the movie is just okay, I'll be happy enough. If the movie is good, and his parts are good to great...

Fahrenheit 451 (2018) Official Trailer ... HBO

Trump's Easter Immigration Rant, Cabinet Turmoil

RFlagg says...

The look on Melania's face around 4:05 while Trump just rambles on... even she's like, WTF dude, these are kids, it is a kid event... leave your ego behind for just a few minutes.

Ex-Abu Ghraib Prisoner Speaks Out On Abuse

RFlagg says...

Controversial because Trump and all his supporters, all Fox News viewers, and many if not most GOP members, love this treatment of Muslims. They see nothing wrong with it and think it should come back. They think it is an effective method of stopping terrorism, this is what they are told on Fox all the time. So some think it is great, we need to bring it back and apparently what Jesus would do, while most of us think it is a horrific as it is.

makach said:

how come this is tagged controversial? what is controversial about this. This is just terrible, horrible and a FACT that we all need to be better than this. Any human being must resist performing this torture.

Emergency goalie steals the show in Chicago

Black Mirror — Now Entering the Twilight Zone

RFlagg says...

The USS Callister episode was pretty good, and I'd put it in the top 3 or top 5. Obviously, San Junipero is the best episode, and one of the best hours of TV, but Callister was up there.

Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind's Inside Mothership Ending

RFlagg says...

Is that "When You Wish Upon a Star" at 2:50 (ish)?
It's been probably over 10 or even 15-20 years since I last saw this movie.

How the NRA hijacks gun control debates

RFlagg says...

This has been one of my key problems with the ongoing debate. They represent the product, the companies. Though the GOP way now is to let the fox guard the hen house and say everything is fine... Have a lobbyist for an industry be in charge of regulating that industry... as if he'll have the public's interest and not the industry's interests. Have the lawyer for Verizon in charge of regulating Verizon and similar companies, and we've already seen he has no interest in the public good, just what is good for Verizon. Put a guy who hates the EPA and has tried to shut it down, in charge of the EPA... let the Cuyahoga River burn again by rolling back all the regulations that prevent it from happening again. These people have zero integrity, and the NRA is just an extension of this issue, and perhaps was the wedge in the door. Let the industry's lobby group control the debate, and people get used to the idea of the fox guarding the henhouse. It is rather maddening.

Deadpool 2 - The Full Trailer

A New View of the Moon

RFlagg says...

*promote the beauty of people being in awe of seeing something so simple as the moon through a telescope. Perhaps people like me who have a telescope (though I can only dream of having one that nice) are spoiled. The universe is an amazingly beautiful place, it's nice he was able to help share even a simple bit of it with random people.

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