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Phil Robertson: What Liberals Did to Kavanaugh Is SATANIC

RFlagg says...

This is probably the greatest trick the GOP and the evengelical leadership managed to pull on the Christian masses, to make them believe that somehow the GOP is the most Christian, while the Demoncrats are just that, Demons.

Christ said, let those who haven't sinned toss the first stones, but Republican Christians are the ones who fight to deny equal rights under the law to LGBTQIA+ just for sinning differently.

Christ said to treat others as you'd have others treat you, but Republican Christians are the ones who fought all the way to the Supreme Court for the right to deny service against somebody, again for sinning differently, then while they are still cheering they can hate gays more openly, get upset and call for civility when the queen of lies under the king of lies gets kicked out of a restaurant. I guess, judging by the way Republican Christians treat LGBTQIA+, immigrants and the like, want to be treated like they are pieces of absolute shit.

To those they typically say they don't hate gays, they "love the sinner, hate the sin", lacking any sort of empathy on how it would be to be told "I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU, but I love you... in a distant way as one should love any human". They somehow think all the bigotry and hatred they do in the name of Christ is showing the love of Christ... despite the fact Christ said Love was the greatest commandment.

They also then try to put the blame of hatred of LGBTQIA+ people on Sodom. And while it is true that Sodom's sexual immorality didn't help, as it is specifically mentioned, it wasn't Sodom's sin. Also mentioned as a thing Sodom was guilty of was being hostile to foreigners, but they don't focus on that, just the sexual immorality. And they never focus and the actual sin of Sodom, which the Bible specifies as "This is the sin of your sister Sodom, she was a land of plenty and did little to help the needy and poor in her border." They ignore that, they ignore the hostility to foreigners, ignore that Sodom was vain and arrogant, and everything else listed after it says Sodom sinned greatly, ignore everything except the sexual immorality.

They love the rich, though Christ said that it was easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. To which they'll typically try to say Christ was talking just about that one guy, but he said "a" not "that", as that guy had left the scene. Now the instruction to sell your things and follow after me, was directed right at that guy.

Christ said to help the needy and the poor, and they are the ones who most want to stop programs to help the needy and poor, so they can save tax money on themselves, or make said needy and poor dependent on the church.

Christ said blessed are the peacemakers, but they are the biggest warmongers of them all.

Christ said heal the sick, and they are the ones most opposed to medicaid for all, and other programs that would guarantee everyone access to AFFORDABLE health care. Somehow they don't care about affordability, and focus only on "the ER isn't going to turn you away just because you can't afford to pay then"... no but you'll be in massive debt for the rest of your life, meanwhile every other Christian nation in the world has medicaid for all at the very minimum.

Christ said Love is the greatest commandment, but they are the most hate filled and bigoted people I know. The most loving and Christ like of people I personally know, Pagans, followed closely by Unitarian Unversalists, followed a way back by Atheist, then liberal Christians, Muslims and way at the back is evangelical Christians... they are one of the biggest reasons why Christianity is loosing numbers, because they don't show the love of Christ, and they don't really care, they just have to do what they feel is right.

Abortions are at the lowest rate ever, because Obamacare gave women access to affordable health care, which was the key all along, but they want to get rid of those protections, because they don't actually want to stop women from having abortions by any means other than making it illegal and punishing women, you can't have them having any birth control or anything like that.

But Republican Christians somehow think they are the only real Christians, that no real Christian could vote Democrat... which you'd think would be their first clue that they are in a cult, when they start judging other Christians as not being Christian enough.

newtboy said:

I looked, they and their policies are amazingly, astonishingly more moral and Christian than the Republican party who gives Jebus public lip service when it serves their hatred but thoroughly ignores his instructions and blatantly worships the dollar.

Remember, your party embraces child molesters, frauds, thieves, rapists, and certainly would support murderers as long as they'll vote with Trump, the Democrats oust comedians who make an off color who's immoral?

Is it just your position that Republicans are totally amoral (lacking any morals), so they can't be immoral (violating their morals)?

Btw, isn't that one of those fake hillbilly duck call millionaires that turned out to be a preppie who realized he could scam hicks by pretending to be one?

Doctor Who Theme Classical Acoustic Guitar Cover

RFlagg says...

Okay, I'd say this is a bit of a Spanish sound to it, not just acoustic guitar. Would this be because the type of guitar, the tuning, the way he plays, a combo of them, or highly possible, I'm just crazy.

Daily Show : Trump Weaponizes Victimhood to Defend Kavanaugh

RFlagg says...

Let us not forget he mocked a reporter's disability, which his supporters of course also deny. There's zero good in that man... never was. He was shit before he had his show, he was shit during it, he was even bigger shit after. Then again, I tend to think narcissism is one of the worst qualities to have, right after greed... and he's got both to the nth degree.

ChaosEngine said:

Yes.... but at the same time clearly mocking her to anyone with half brain (so about 2% of his audience).

The same way that I can tell you that I think Trump is really, bigly smart and not at all a narcissistic, hobbit-handed, sexist, racist asshole and you can figure out that I'm not being 100% genuine.

A Scary Time

Diversity delusion in American Universities and society

RFlagg says...

Remember one of the biggest moves in the conservative movement, one of the main reasons why evangelicals support the GOP, was because the government forced desegregation on Bob Jones University. Though evangelicals started down the GOP path before that, it was a huge turning point in getting evangelical church's directly involved with politics and having them tell their members to vote for the GOP and part of why they call Democrats, who are probably doing more along the lines Christ Himself would, Demoncrats. It's when you'll see the 700 Club, TBN and many others start pushing the GOP agenda rather openly.

Study up on Christian Reconstructionism (, dominionism (, and The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power ( Remember to vet things along the way. You'll start to see how those at the top of the Christian right movement, are moving their masses like a cult to be what it is now... making their members think they are the ones who are most thoughtful and intelligent, while blinding them to any sort of truth. This why they accept "alternative facts" and "truth isn't truth" that truth in the eye of the beholder, and facts don't matter if they contradict what is being preached.

Sure the conservative movement is one of if not the main reason why people leave the faith and are turned off by the faith, but they don't care. Greed is now a good thing, and so long as they get in, they don't care what they make the faith look like to the world. They dig their heels in more and more and behave less and less Christ like, showing less of the love of Christ, and more bigotry and discrimination in concordance with the goals of the movement a the top levels.

Sayja said:

An old white lady spouting a bunch of tired talking points to a bunch of white people at a conservative Christian college. This is performance art. Pure babble.

Brett Kavanaugh Pulp Fiction

John Carpenter "Escape From New York" Live Studio Version

Prospect (2018) - Official Trailer

RFlagg says...

The short film upon which this is based is *related=

Prospect - The Best Low Budget SciFi Shortfilm I've Seen

Brass Against - Gasoline (Audioslave Cover)

Real flamethrower vs. “Not a Flamethrower” by Elon Musk

John Oliver - Felony Disenfranchisement

RFlagg says...

This. If you are a sex offender or killed somebody, you should get your rights back. For non-violent drug offences as soon as you are out, for theft and other crimes against other people, perhaps a period of time after if you got off early, but otherwise, there's no reason to hold off rights...

Mystic95Z said:

I think everyone except violent/sex offenders should get their voting rights back after completing the sentence... If you have paid your debt to society you should get to vote.

USAF Veteran taking a stand against NFL

RFlagg says...

The problem with all these Trumptards that are protesting the NFL because a few players aren't standing for the anthem, and just want them to do their job, though they DO do their job, which is play football. Meanwhile, they were singing the praises of Kim Davis when she refused to do her job when some people came in because some people sinned differently than her.

And as to how can they can see the interview and question the Fox and Trump narrative... They will NEVER question the Fox and Trump narrative. He could admit today he colluded because he owes tons of money to the Russian mob because of his money laundering, they wouldn't care, they'd just stat spitting out the Fox and Trump narrative that at least it saved us from the Demoncrats... just look at the shirts at Trump rallies about "I'd rather be Russian than Democrat", though not too long ago, even in the Reagan days, it was "better dead then red"... now I guess being aligned with the Soviets isn't bad, so long as you aren't Democrat... of course just look at Arkansas (I think it was), where even if turned out to be true that their one guy was a child molester, they'd still vote for him over a Democrat. That is how far these people are in the Fox and Trump mindset. Like Trump said, he could shoot somebody on the street and not loose a single vote. And near 100% of those people will be out to vote this November. If moderates and liberals want any chance of change, they'll need to turn out in droves, because he's already got 30+% of the voting population locked in and voting GOP this November, because they know they got more Supreme Court seats coming, and they are honestly afraid their faith is at stake if they don't vote GOP.

McKenna Denson Testimony in Joseph Bishop Mormon Church

RFlagg says...

RICO will never be used against churches. Kavanaugh's appointment means more and more power handed to churches so long as they are Christian. We are heading to a theocracy, and it'll get worse. Kavanaugh doesn't believe in the separation of church and state, at least keeping the church out of the state and believes in the privilege of the church. Gay rights will go out the door. Give them time to replace one more justice on the court, and it may even become a crime. Kavanaugh believes that neutrality between faith and non-faith matters is in fact hostility against the faith.

Dude reacts to Hearing Bohemian Rhapsody for the first time

RFlagg says...

Yeah, I'm a little lost on h ow he could be as old as he is and not have heard the song several times... could be a culture thing too, but either way, I'd have thought he heard the song many times, perhaps just never really sat down an actually listened to it.

mxxcon said:

How can people get to that age and not hear every single top 100 song of all time?

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