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S. Sanders Says Congress Not "Smart Enough" for Trump's Tax

RFlagg says...

How has the 25th not been invoked is beyond me... clearly in the early to perhaps even mid stages of dementia. Compare his speech patterns from 20 years ago, to now...Heck, from 10 years ago to now... 5 years ago to now.

One Punch Man Challenge

RFlagg says...

What tool is he using to measure Body Age I wonder... as I'd think there are a few different ones, though they may all come to close to the same results. Not sure...

Star Wars: Episode IX – Teaser

RFlagg says...

Beat me by over 34 minutes. *promote Kylo slamming a Knight of Ren. Raises lots of questions. The laugh at the end is perhaps the least exciting part.

How to Understand the Image of a Black Hole

RFlagg says...

ESO, who had two telescopes involved have a video about the process of how they got there.

New Math vs Old Math

RFlagg says...

I get wanting kids to understand what is going behind the scenes of the math problems. It's a good goal, but I do think they spend too much time on this portion. Show how to do it the shortcut way that most people know, show how it works, using the above, then back to the shortcut. Unless the person is entering a math field, they likely don't need the number theory.

It's not dumbing down, it's making it too complex for what most people need. Especially for those taught the old methods... of course "new math" is more like really old math, before we found shortcuts that we use now. The people who'll need number theory, will need to know how numbers actually work behind the scenes of what you are doing, will likely have a more intuitive understanding of the processes.

What needs to be done more is order of operations, so 6 / 2(1 + 2), isn't calculated as 1, and properly as 9... if I see somebody argue 6 / 6 is 1 ever again... There's another famous one that really messes up many calculators, because they do as entered, and don't wait for the equal sign to be entered. With a proper understanding of order of operations, they can use a calculator and get a correct answer. And that is more or less what "new math" is trying to teach in a very odd way...

Minute Physics covered Order of Operations well.

Glider crashes into tree

RFlagg says...


Passenger (front seat) : 1 broken arm

Pilot (back seat) : minor injuries

The article they link however doesn't list injuries:

Now, while I'd love to learn to fly a glider (beyond money, the best place "locally" is Caesar Creek Soaring Club, which is about 3 1/2 hours from me), and I might be out of my element here... it looks like he was going way too fast on his approach. Not sure what the situation was that caused him to come in that fast.

Also looks like he should have went down from the field a bit further, then turned to it, as it seems like he still had enough height left to go another few hundred yards down, turn around, and get lined up.

The video doesn't show if he had the wing spoilers deployed or not. Now I know some say don't deploy spoilers on the turn (though this guy seems to debunk that to some degree, so he'd have had to make the turn, then deploy at the last second... again getting to the fact the turn to the landing strip was made too early.

Again, I'm probably out of my element here, but I'd think, had he waited to make the turn to the landing strop, lined up, then deployed the wing spoilers, he'd have been able to bring her down a bit easier... of course he'd probably still have too much speed. That's what I want to know, where was the speed coming from, did he bring her down super fast, was he or the passenger on a time crunch?

Wife Can't Lock a Gate, but Her Husband is the Knobhead

Dora and the Lost City of Gold - Official Trailer

RFlagg says...

Upvote, purely because I have to wonder "why?" And imagine the pitch being, "Hey guys... let's make a live action Dora, she's a teenager now in High School. Teen angst. Adventure. Action. The Jumanji sequel worked out a million times better than anyone expected."

Idiots Surprised Crosby Stills Nash And Young Are Anti War

RFlagg says...

It's like when some Republicans tried to use "Born in the USA"... like did they actually listen to the full song? Did they not listen to the rest of Bruce's catalog? Clearly, not a Republican song, clearly not a Republican sort of guy based on his other songs.

Do the people at the concert here not remember what Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young stood for? Do they just listen to the music, and not pay attention to the lyrics, until one comes up that is a bit more clear? "It was a little political", yes... Jesus Christ, listen to their catalog, they are solid left, anti-war...

It just dumbfounds me, why, if you are far right, would you like CSN? Why does Paul Ryan, like Rage Against the Machine, when everything their music stands for is against all he stands for? I just don't get it.

Utility Pole Change Out.

RFlagg says...

Yeah, I'm a little confused on why the pole is being replaced, as it appeared to be in perfectly fine shape. The new pole seems to be the same height, and design. They got rid of the transformer, and may have fully replaced the power lines, but even so, why replace the pole? About the only time I've seen new poles put up locally, save where one was damaged by an accident, weather or something, is when they are widening a road, in which case the new pole goes up in the new location, then the lines are moved, the old pole is taken out, then the road widened. I've never seen a perfectly okay pole taken out, then replaced... even in accident or weather damage cases, they usually just put the new one right next to the old one (perhaps in the same hole), and move the lines over.

It also looks like they live uncomfortably close to the high power lines.

ICONIC Esports Moments: EVO Moment 37 - "The Daigo Parry"


RFlagg says...

Yeah, this is indeed proof he is running a cult. The largest cult in history. All the evangelical churches, TBN, CBN, 700 Club, Jim Baker, Fox "News" all of them full in love with him, believing he is some sort of anointed one... All they care about is he is appointing anti-abortion judges (not pro-life, as none of these people who follow him are against the death penalty or war), judges that are against LGBTQIA+ rights, and rolling back those rights rapidly, he's moved the embassy to Jerusalem (a move that if Obama did, they'd just say it was proof he was the anti-christ), he's bashing the mainstream media, he's doing everything he can to appeal to the evangelical base, and they are more and more in love with him each day. And he does it, because they are 100% guaranteed to vote. He knows that the moderate and liberal Christians can't be counted on to vote, so the odds are ever in his favor. That's why the GOP won't stand up to him, they know where the votes are guaranteed to be at. They know they can't appeal to reason, to the moderate base, because the guaranteed voters are following him with a cult like fanaticism.

The danger is, those who love him are far more guaranteed to vote than those who have an apathy about him. It doesn't matter what his approval ratings are, those who disapprove aren't guaranteed votes. Those that love him are guaranteed to vote.

Right now, downstairs I hear Fox "News" reporting how CNN hasn't apologized or retracted some story, ignoring how Fox hasn't apologized or retracted most of their blatant lies.

newtboy said:

What moron defaces their religious text with the signature of the embodiment of everything it warns against?

Understand, this is proof he is President Jim Jones. When he's forced out of office, he and his followers will try to force us all to drink their suicidal force. Be ready, be armed, have lots of ammo, and don't hesitate to shoot at the pitchforks and torches as they approach.

Unprecedented Partnership between Fox News and Trump

RFlagg says...

What @newtboy said. Seems all the Conservatives forgot the Golden Rule of do unto others... they treated Obama like shit for 8 years. Fox couldn't go 15 minutes without bashing Obama or the Democrats. The MSM doesn't have a bias, it is the fact that Trump keeps inserting foot into mouth, because he tries his best to keep in the front page of the media headlines, even if it is negative, because he knows he can spin that to his followers like Bob, who'll believe 100% everything coming out of his lying mouth. So to Trump, even the negative is great, because it is great for Fox who can spin it like, look how negative it all is... oh we got one guy who's almost negative about Trump on at a time nobody watches, so we can pretend we are "fair and balanced" but reality is, we are 100% pure propaganda, America's own Provda.
Of course this is all for not, Bob and Trump's other followers (because it is cult) will never change their mind, and nothing they can say will change the mind of free thinking people.

Automation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Jim Bakker Says Trump Has Been Spiritually Saved Many Times

RFlagg says...

So I just have to deny Christ and I'll not have to be around people like this for all eternity? Sounds like an amazing deal.

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