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Hawaii volcano: Mount Kilauea volcano erupts - BBC News

A Closer Look: Trump's Michigan Rally Goes Off the Rails

Phooz says...

This is the downfall of The United States... if you don't agree with us you're fake news... if you don't agree with us you're unpatriotic... if you don't agree with us you're unchristian... if you don't agree with us etc. etc. etc..... we're the best you're the worst... we're the smartest, you're the dumbest...

It's all talk with no actions...

Dolphins Are Jerks

Michelle Wolf at 2018 White House Correspondents' Dinner

Monaco Grand Prix 1962 - HQ 70mm footage - Flying Clipper

Do You Like Your New Toy?

Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench ft. Kiss Guy (Yayo Sanchez)

Phooz says...

I love THIS GUY! I wanna be THAT GUY!

Dang it! Rewatching I guess it's KISS GUY. I thought Grohl said... THIS GUY.

You guys, I know it's in the title (and he has KISS makeup on) but still... give me a break

Rabbit vs. Dachshund

That escalated quickly

Failed Expectations

Bug Cry 5: Far Cry 5 is full of surprises.

Billy Idol's Rebel Yell ala Weird Al

Why you keep using Facebook, even if you hate it

Phooz says...

Blue's News brought me here as well! 11 years ago I think! Thanks Blue!

CrushBug said:


I started coming here from link from Blue's News and finally signed up in the summer of 2006, so coming up on 12 years ago.

V'Sift fo' life, y0.

Easter Sunday celebrations in Greece get a bit out of hand

Toddler bowl

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