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channels that need/want to be taken over ? (Talks Talk Post)

Oatmeal says...

I'm still around, but currently living in the forest with limited access to the internet. That said I would happily give up control of my channel to a loving new owner.

Dexter Thanksgiving Scene

Naga Viper - Worlds Hottest Chili

Oatmeal says...

>> ^residue:
I once bit the tip off of an ornamental pepper and my tongue and mouth instantly blistered from the heat. Not advised.

I did this exact same thing when I was a kid! The plant was at a freinds house and his parents told us they were poisonous so we wouldn't try to eat them. Well we were smarter than that so we tried just the tip of a pepper...

I was literally in tears for half an hour and nothing to this day has even come close to the hotness of one of those little mystery bastard peppers.

Kitty the Owl Likes to be Pet

How to Bleat Like a Goat

I Remember and I'm Not Voting Republican

Presenting the Rockwell Retro Encabulator

First Recorded Sound- Circa 1860

The Most Ridiculous Edited-For-TV Film Lines

Tim Knoll BMX Stunts

Kids React To Viral Videos

Dolphin Collision

Jerry Seinfeld: Larry King Live is the funniest show on TV

Why I Hate Juggalos

Oatmeal says...

This needs to be seen by all in order for society to understand the grave injustice done to music and human creativity in general. An artistic holocaust if you will.


Why I Hate Juggalos

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