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Table? Flip It

California Homeless Problem

NBP – Foreign Currency Exchange Karachi

Redback Spider Catches a Snake

Nephelimdream jokingly says...

...and then a venomous mammal ate the spider that was caught by a venomous bird that flew into the venomous sun that was swallowed by a venomous black hole.

Or, Tuesday in Australia.

Smashing Pumpkins - Starla (live in Chicago)

Nephelimdream says...

Takes me back. Saw them at a Lollapalooza in 1994(?) after Siamese Dream was released if memory serves. Billy kept making fun of the Beastie Boys cause they wouldn't tune their own instruments. *promote

I'm an Albatraoz

The Dragonborn Comes - Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

Drug Wakes Up Woman In A Coma After 2 Years

Nephelimdream says...

Her family seemed happy for those few moments to me. The Dr. seemed happy due to the success of the drug. The staff seemed happy that what may have seemed like pointless work paid off.

shagen454 said:

Yeah, don't know if I agree with the Happy tag...

Paint Job Goes Wrong Between Cousins

Fire Tornado and Wild Utah Sunset!

Nephelimdream says...

I don't think Utah even has medical marijuana yet. They have some really strict liquor/drug laws. It's like the bible belt of the western U.S. Still, absolutely gorgeous for sure.

Fairbs said:

I hope so; I would be if I were there

Fire Tornado and Wild Utah Sunset!

Should We Believe In Astrology ?

John Green - History Is Happening

Mordhaus (Member Profile)

Silent monks "sing" Hallelujah

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