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Jorge Masvidal on re-electing Donald Trump

Even Fake News (CNN) isn't buying Bidens answer

Mystic95Z says...

Its entirely constitutional for the Republicons to do what they are doing but its extremely hypocritical... All I have to say is Republicans are going to get what they deserve in the end and they aren't going to like it.... Biden has said he isn't a fan of stacking the courts as well.

Alaskagate IS REAL! Or is it?

Buttigieg Shuts Down Loaded Fox Question

Mystic95Z says...

You should just learn to keep your stupid mouth shut... Every time you post that crap it just makes you look really stupid, or maybe you are just blissfully ignorant... That seems to be most all of tRumps base...

bobknight33 said:

It will be a landslide MEGA 2020

Trump Tells Supporters 'You'll Never See Me Again'

I'm Smart

Mystic95Z says...

As usual you just prove again what a clueless dumb ass you are.

bobknight33 said:

That was a disgrace of a debate. Both sides deplorable.
Biden constantly pulling up false trump statements and Trump stopping him every time.

No one won. America lost.
As for racist remarks, again taken out of context and yes Trump has denounce time and time again.

But has Biden denounced his racist remarks?

Dog bites man's foot, man breaks door

Trump's ABC Town Hall Was Filled with Lies: A Closer Look

Star Wars: Squadrons – “Hunted” CG Short

Mystic95Z says...

Looking forward to this one. Dug the ole Logitech joystick out of the moving boxes and dusted it off....

Trump Boat Parade Copies Trump And Sinks Itself

Mystic95Z says...

Keep wishing fool. Can't wait to see you crying in Nov... BTW you don't see Biden rally's because we aren't narcissistic morons who have rally's in the middle of a pandemic.

bobknight33 said:

Peaceful support.

Don't see that many people at a Biden rally .

Landslide 2020


Mystic95Z says...

Bob doesn't deal in facts, he just piles on the stupidity and believes anything coming from the FAR right. Talk about a sheep...

bcglorf said:

Well, the young shooter(Kyle Rittenhouse) WAS at that Trump rally and was hailed as a hero on Fox News(and twitter by Trump Jr.).

Which facts are you in denial about? The above ones, or simply the 'party line' that he really is a hero and was acting in self defense?


Pigeon Eating Catfish

Mystic95Z says...

Yeah I really wanted to see a pigeon eating a catfish lol. I remember seeing this on one of the nature tv shows quite some time back so I knew I was in for disappointment....

Monkey steals his Magnum

Russian chugs 3 bottles of vodka

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