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Track Coach Fired After Refusing To Make Athletes Wear Masks

Mystic95Z says...

Good for him on standing up to dumb assery... Masks are overrated unless you are in close proximity to others for extended periods of time... I've not wore one outdoors for the entirety of this pandemic and have yet to contract the virus... I'm a fan of theme parks and I'm not going back until there are no mask requirements, but its hot here in FL during the summer and fuck all that... I got vaccinated, that should be enough.

Viral How Much Did Your Divorce Cost

WaterCar Panther

Pickup Truck Flies Off Overpass

Pickup Truck Flies Off Overpass

toy piano test

Pulling a Turkey out of a cars front grill

Biker Falls Into Cactus Bush

joe scarborough on wednesday jan 6 2021 maga riot

Mystic95Z says...

Well said!

moonsammy said:


I get it, you and your overlord have really hurt feelings over the fact that 8 MILLION more people wanted Biden in charge. That's not STEALING, that's WINNING. It isn't something Trump has ever actually done legitimately, so I can understand how he wouldn't recognize what that looks like.

There was no "steal" on the part of Biden or the Dems, no matter how loudly Trump whines about it. Donald and his goonsquad are attempting an actual, honest to goodness violent overthrow of the duly elected government of the US. That IS NOT ok. It isn't funny, it isn't cute. It isn't "protesting" anything to break into the US Capitol. It isn't bringing on liberal tears, it's tearing down the structures that have allowed this society to flourish. It's setting fire to the Constitution and pissing on the ashes.

If there's fraud, show the evidence. Don't bitch that they tried but judges said no standing - a lack of standing means there was no injured party. If there had been actual evidence of actual fraud, then there would be injured parties they could bring into court who would have standing. No one has standing though, because there's no evidence, because it was a good clean election and Trump fucking lost. Stop supporting the literal insurrection, and welcome to a few years of the grown-ups who listen to experts trying to steer the ship to safety before the chucklefucks inevitably seize the wheel again.

joe scarborough on wednesday jan 6 2021 maga riot

joe scarborough on wednesday jan 6 2021 maga riot

It's a Critter Christmas

Mystic95Z says...

Can they still get it if they have been vaccinated? Most everywhere I know of has laws requiring it.

wtfcaniuse said:

Why the fuck didn't she lock the dog up first thing? Is she fucking stupid?!

Dog gets rabies...

SpaceX Starship Flight Test w/ quite the descent and landing


Brian Williams Mocks Fox & Friends Realization ..Masks Work

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