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Just because you can go fast, doesn't mean you should

a black man undercover in the alt-right-theo wilson

MaxWilder says...


I think I saw an article a while back that started listing words like this. It's actually more rare to see them used with their original meaning than with their newer metaphorical meaning. I think that's just what happens to language. It's like all our words for stupid. Many of them were technical. Dumb means you couldn't speak. Idiot and moron meant certain low IQ levels. My favorites, because of the current transition, is how the word Retarded is being abandoned and people are now using Autistic (often shortened to Autist). People like to use emphasis in their language. They *real-ly* like to.

Jinx said:

To me it's exactly like somebody saying "no exaggeration..." and then exaggerating wildly. Would people not expect to be called on that shit? It is too much like lying! It will turn into an arms race - we'll have to develop other means of saying "literally" when we really mean it and in turn those means will be turned against us until ALL LANGUAGE DIES!!!1

Secret Studio Built Under a Bridge

MaxWilder says...

Interesting to do in a "because I can" kind of way, but sad to think people might think that's a step up from their current conditions. It's tiny, loud, and pretty easily destroyed by any passing authority.

a black man undercover in the alt-right-theo wilson

MaxWilder says...

I admit that I still find it annoying, but the use of the word literal as pure emphasis and not meaning actual reality is over a century old.

Jinx said:

I almost closed the tab after "literally a quantum leap" but I'm glad I didn't because the rest was pretty smart and insightful.

The Battle Over Confederate Monuments

MaxWilder says...

I think it's silly to say "treason is wrong period." The USA was born of a revolt against England.

If the south had wanted to secede for almost any other reason but the right to own human beings, then Lincoln would have been a monster to pursue such a bloody war to hold the union together. It would be as if the EU sent troops to force the UK to stay part of the EU.

I think there are plenty of examples in history of groups justifiably wanting to replace their leaders or separate from a political union.

This is what a coward looks like

MaxWilder says...

The most ironic part of this, imo, is that this guy's beliefs are the same ones who drove lynchings in times past. The ONLY reason he and others like him are being so damn careful to do things by the book and emphasize how "peaceful" they are (when not running over counter-protesters with cars) is because they are vastly, vastly outnumbered and have zero social power to manipulate the courts like they did in decades past.

They are "peaceful" from pure cowardice, and when they taste the first glimmer of power, they will apologetically reign violence upon their scapegoats.

Adam Ruins Everything - Why Baby Formula Isn't Poison

MaxWilder says...

Part of the problem with unnecessary formula use is that the mother can stop producing milk. The act of breastfeeding lets the mom's body know it should keep making milk for the next mealtime.

If you give a poor person a week's worth of formula, they might just stop lactating. Then they're *stuck* buying formula until the baby can be weaned from the bottle.

I don't know how true it is, but this was part of the accusations surrounding Nestle's aggressive formula marketing.

Why They're Lying To You About Voter Fraud

MaxWilder says...

They also secretly think that poor people shouldn't vote, especially if they're liberals.

RFlagg said:

Okay, but he didn't address why requiring a State ID is bad. He didn't go into how expensive it is to get. How inconvenient it is for many of the people they are suppressing to get to the BMV to get said ID, let alone wait there to get it. All the paperwork that they likely don't have on hand, and can't afford to get, that they'll need to get said State ID. Those are important things, because Republican voters love the idea of requiring an ID. They think it is easy. They think it is cheap.

"One word says it all. Asian"

Trigger Happy Cop Attacks Private Investigator

MaxWilder says...

My point is that we have become accustomed to these dangerous escalations because of bad training, so much so that they are getting predictable, not justifiable. Even so, I still think there are elements we can't see about the situation from this single point of view video.

Pardon me for trying to have some nuance. Next time I'll rant about crooked cops and avoid implying that the issue might not always be perfectly clear.

Trigger Happy Cop Attacks Private Investigator

MaxWilder says...

The scariest part to me is that you can read my whole comment and think I'm defending the cop.

What I'm talking about is things that happen because a cop is poorly trained or undertrained, and I said that several times.

But go ahead and pull a couple phrases out of context if you get off that way.

dannym3141 said:

The scariest thing to me is when people like you normalise the idea that a cop can be "set off". The way you just casually mention it like "Oh yeah, and of course if you piss one off well that's your own fault." And that's beside from anything that happened in the video - you throw up a defence for all other cases! In classic fashion, you insinuate that the blame lies with the victim, without actually saying it outright; to give yourself wiggle room on the retreat.

The fact that you think a look or tone of voice is enough to do so is only horrifying once one realises that the cop has ultimate authority in deciding whether your voice is acceptable to them, or your eyes opened wide enough (but not too wide as to glare).

God forbid any of my american friends get misinterpreted by a cop, because according to some, that's grounds for immediate execution or at least punishment under law.

This philosophy IS the problem.

Trigger Happy Cop Attacks Private Investigator

MaxWilder says...

Look, I hate that this shit happens. Absolutely hate it, and I think that way too many cops are undertrained and/or improperly trained.

That being said, we can't see the driver's face. If you want to set a cop off, ignore his commands and glare and talk back. We got two out of three right on the video, and I bet you anything that if we could see the face of the guy talking we'd have the third.

It's still not right for the cop to escalate so dramatically and quickly, but as a viewer we have to not put ourselves in the driver's place and assume he was being a perfect respectful citizen off camera. Instead imagine the situation objectively and consider what other things the cop might have seen that were warning signs to him.

New Rule: Stop Apologizing

MaxWilder says...

This is SO on point. I lean left, and I'm fucking sick of the whiny babies and PC shaming that is taking over. Yes, we should be inclusive, but no, we should not "call out" people who are obviously on your side of the debate when they misspeak, or as Maher said, when they give compliments!

Video from the Future, Trump's wall completed

MaxWilder says...

No, the next president will halt construction immediately, assuming the construction ever actually starts, which it most likely will not.

cosmovitelli said:

Except Trump will be long gone by the time the thing is done, it'll be the president after next who'll be looking at a giant rotting concrete mess with a monthly multi-billion upkeep fee..

SWAT Team Raids "Stash House", Fails Horribly

MaxWilder says...

Sickening. Absolutely sickening. How can these pieces of shit live with themselves? "I think we should seize it." Fuck you, you waste of oxygen, you goddamn piece of shit thief.

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