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Because the window will stop him...

GoPro Falls Off Drone Into Burning Man Dance Floor

Mandtis says...

From Facebook comments:
"so crazy... totally gets hit by a hawk. you can hear impact and clearly see the wing cover the lens if you watch on just adjust the slow motion filters to 70 and 1000+"

Fido fish

Back and to the left. Back and to the left.

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Leather Hands - Vertical Lines (music video)

LG Ultra Reality: Meteor PRANK in Job Interview (spanish)

Slow moving car take a biker out

Mandtis says...

I am pretty sure that the biker was going way over the speed limit, whatever it is... And you bet he did react, by braking and geting ready for the hit, he saw it coming and got ready for it.

Bunny takes a shower

GoT: Red Wedding Reactions Compilation

Mandtis says...

I only watched 5 seconds of the video, and didn't read any of the comments, because I fear that this is going to be a major spoiler for someone like me who has not started watching season 3...

Magnet Screws Fasten Invisibly

Mandtis says...

The day someone wants to dismantle some of that furniture, they better have the instructions manual at hand so they can know where all the screws are located...

What Rush Hour In Ho Chi Minh City Looks Like.

How To Avoid Death When Headed Into 40 Car Pileup Accident

Mandtis says...

Maybe when the snow started his time would have been better invested on slowing down/braking, instead of starting his recorder and turning off the music. There is at least 4 seconds of video where visibility is crap, and he does seem to be slowing down at all.

Creepy Moving Ice At Mille Lacs Lake - (Minnesota)

Saskatchewan Bear Hunting Adrenaline Overload

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