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Tyrion is being a genius - again (Game of Thrones)

Belated happy new year (2019)! (Sift Talk Post)

Best German free Education Consultants in Delhi (Engineering Talk Post)

Best German free Education Consultants in Delhi (Engineering Talk Post)

educationabroad (Member Profile)

Versengold - Feuergeist (live @ Wacken Open Air 2017)

The Rains of Castamere - METAL Game of Thrones Cover

Arthur Gepting - Late Night Call (Live)

Versengold - Haut mir kein' Stein

Versengold - Samhain (Live)

Max Richter - Mrs Dalloway: War Anthem (Neo-Classical)

Lilithia (Member Profile)

Lilithia says...

@PlayhousePals & @oritteropo
Nope, that's my own creation. I attended a Photoshop seminar last year (as part of an advanced vocational education course), but me and one of my classmates already knew how to use Photoshop, so we kept challenging each other to create strange and funny images throughout the seminar. You can admire our creations here: (but please don't share them, they probably violate a ton of copyrights ).
My profile pic is part of the first image. Our homework was to photoshop a small group of meerkats into a desert. I added a few more - and five pop culture easter eggs.

oritteropo said:

It's from an Australian advertising campaign "compare the market" by Youi insurance. They started the campaign with "compare the Meerkat", then switched to compare the market.

Make sure you check out the "compare the meerkats" link on that page

Andy Shauf - Wendell Walker (Live at The Drake Hotel)

Sinu - China (Live)

Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra: The Bed Song

Lilithia says...

Although I absolutely adore this song, I'm only able to watch or listen to it once every ~6 months, 'cause it always makes me cry, and so incredibly sad, I don't dare listening to it again for months. No other song has ever done this to me. Still, my all-time favorite sift --

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