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BBC Bodyguard: the shooting

Jinx says...

I'm reporting you to the Queen.

cloudballoon said:

I use a VPN connection to download & watch all BBC shows through the BBC iPlayer ( app. It got HD & close caption for all shows but each episode is time limited. The Bodyguard is available for 6 months from broadcast day, the recently finished Versailles gave me about 2 weeks to watch, so I guess each show varies).

BBC Bodyguard: the shooting

Jinx says...

To be fair he did leave her with somebody!

Seems pretty ridiculous to me. But this is TV! Possible wouldn't have been quite as dramatic if they'd just, you know, got her safe, cordoned of the building and waited for SCO19

WmGn said:

Can anyone who knows close protection comment on Budd's leaving his VIP to go after the one sniper he's seen, on the basis of a quick glimpse with his mobile phone?

I would have thought that his overriding priority would be to fully extract his VIP from the danger zone.

It's Legal Right - Elon Musk

Jinx says...

Hey Elon, I know you said it isn't good for productivity, but maybe next time you are thinking about saying some dumb shit on the twitters you can maybe just skin up and take a minute instead.

How Brexit could create a crisis at the Irish border

Jinx says...

Don't worry, "Technology" will defintely solve the problem.

I can't see it happening in the new future, but the England/Scotland border might be a problem eventually.

The stupidity of it all. "The British people have voted, for, err, something. Honesty we hadn't planned this far ahead. It's a yes to leave, now we need to decide what leave means. Is it soft. Is it hard. We don't know. Nobody knows. Maybe we should have another referendum. You voted for me to lead you but I honestly don't know how now so I'm gonna resign. Over to you Tess. Good luck and sorry."

Chicago Police Leaving Bait Truck full of Nikes Near Park

Jinx says...

Ye, but if there were shootings and stabbings in your neighbourhood then wat?

Not gonna dispute the legality of it, or that stealing shoes from a truck is a crime, but... to borrow from The Wire, its like searching the kids standing on the corners. You'll like get arrests, but you won't be doing much to actually reduce crime or improve the community.

Sagemind said:

From YouTube:
"One Man could be heard asking the Officers, "Would you do this in your neighborhood?" There was no answer for his question. "

YES, they do this in my community!! And I encourage it.
Kinda separates the innocent people from the not-so innocent.

I'd rather they find out who's been doing the stealing before my stuff is stolen. It's very rare they find the stolen goods even once they catch the thieves - the loot is long gone. So catch them using bait, rather than waiting till real people are robbed and violated.

Is "Talking White" Actually A Thing?

Jinx says...

I actually thought he was white in the beginning. Maybe you have to be American.

I wonder what people from other countries think of UK regional dialects. I think I probably judge people more by how they sound than by the colour of their skin; I wish I could hear them as a foreigner would, presumably without all the attached bias. On the other hand my accent is good currency almost everywhere...

Can You Name a Country?

Jinx says...

I imagine there is some selective editing going. Or I hope so at least.

I've seen similar things done in Europe, but not even being able to mark your own country on a map is a level of ignorance I'm not sure can be surpassed elsewhere. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to see the world from a different point of view... right now I'm wondering what it must be like to be so ignorant you don't even have a point of view. I imagine the very occasional thoughts must echo.

bobknight33 said:


Would be neat to see this done from Europe and see if they fail as much. Somehow I don't think they would.

Cyriak - Indigestion


Denzel Washington speaks out: Where are the Fathers

Jinx says...

Wow Bob. Sounds like your family had it much worse than them black folks!

Not everybody reaped the benefits of post-depression America buddy, and it wasn't for lack of trying. Not that I want to rob you of you and your family's accomplishments because I'm sure they worked hard for their lot, it's just that the sweat of your GGrandfather's brow probably earned more, drop for drop, than those of darker complexion. Slavery (ignoring the fact it still exists in every country today) might be old news, but segregation (and worse) is within living memory. If you don't think that matters then I'm sorry, but you're nuts. You seem to accept that each generation tries to build upon the last, that by increments your family have dragged themselves up...but imagine now if your ancestors were prevented from building anything, that their increment was robbed for generation after generation. Can you honestly say you'd be where you are today?

bobknight33 said:

Slavery has ZERO impact to today's society.

Everyone has the opportunity to become what ever one desires.
To hang on to the past is nothing more than a self inflicted wound.

My GGgrandfather was a laborer.
GFather was a plumber.
Dad was first to finish HS.
I was able to finish college.

Each generation trying to make the next a little better.

Also Cubans flooding Florida over last fifty years doing better than black counterparts

Illegals traveling thousand of miles for a chance of making a better life for themselves and family.

Yet you give blacks a pass to hang onto the crutch of the past.

Micro aggression! Really MICRO. If you are offended by micro anything then you are too thin skinned.

Denzel Washington speaks out: Where are the Fathers

Jinx says...

The fathers are in jail

The past happened. And, you know, causality. Don't dismiss it like it doesn't mean anything anymore. It's like America's original sin. Except, you know, real.

But yeah, I don't think he is wrong, but how you want to go about solving it? Some are profiting from this situation; incarceration is an industry. To some, black men have more value in a cell than bringing up their children. Fix that.

Porsche shatters Nurburgring record


Officer pulls over daughter's boyfriend

Jinx says...

In other words, he doesn't know how to care for his daughter's well-being. The road to hell is paved with good intentions etc

And frankly I'm not sure the thing he cares more about isn't control.

As a life rule, if you threaten somebody when they say they want to call the cops... you might have done a fuckup.

Esoog said:

It is a shame that he abused his power and position as a police officer, because I really believe he cares for his daughter's well being. He probably doesn't know how to show it, and that's unfortunate for both of them.

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