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Officer pulls over daughter's boyfriend

Jinx says...

In other words, he doesn't know how to care for his daughter's well-being. The road to hell is paved with good intentions etc

And frankly I'm not sure the thing he cares more about isn't control.

As a life rule, if you threaten somebody when they say they want to call the cops... you might have done a fuckup.

Esoog said:

It is a shame that he abused his power and position as a police officer, because I really believe he cares for his daughter's well being. He probably doesn't know how to show it, and that's unfortunate for both of them.

CYBERPUNK 2077 Trailer

Rally driver plays DiRT Rally

Troll Bridge - Official Trailer - a Discworld Fable

Dancing FBI Agent Negligent Discharge

Second Ellicott City 'Thousand Year Storm' in 2 years

Jinx says...

Flooding, in particular, could also be a symptom of poor drainage due to urban development as much as climate change. Possible more-so tbh.

We have better evidence of a warming climate, and indeed that it's our fault without needing to point to, err, the weather. Still, record breaking weather is what we expect from a warming cllimate, because, you know, when things change stuff happens that didn't happen so much before.

Nirvana Were a Feminist Band

Jinx says...

Sorry that Feminism got boring for you.

transmorpher said:

I remember the 90s were very feminist (in the good way). What happened in the new millennium? FemNazi's took over, SJWs ? Seems like things took a step backward in many ways.

What's going on inside the Hidroituango dam tunnels?

Jinx says...

tl;dr - a standing wave in a blocked-off tunnel causes pressure fluctuations at the anti-nodes, changing the dew point and causing the rapid condensation of water in the air.

Seems plausible to this lay-person.

can't guarentee I don't occasionally navel-gaze tho. Take it or leave it.

mxxcon said:

Don't like reddit. too many navel-gazers there. too high noise:content ratio

How Neutrons Changed Everything

Jinx says...

So does inserting a control rod actually speed up the reaction?

Spacedog79 said:

Good video but a bit confused about how nuclear power works, extra neutrons are not absorbed they are slowed down through moderation so they can more easily interact with other nuclei. The core mass and configuration are what stops it becoming a a bomb and this is not a knife edge thing, it is a long way off.

When Driver And Co-Driver Don't Mesh

Jinx says...

I didn't think there was any formal convention? Sometimes the numbers are reversed, sometimes they don't use numbers at all. It's from a while back, but listen to these calls for example:

Perhaps now the whole 1 to 6 convention is more formalised, idk.

b4rringt0n said:

The co driver calls are not really correct. I have never heard the terms he is using in a professional rally. He should be shouting the direction left/right followed by a numbering system from 1-6 where 1 is the sharpest. The other 3 calls are square, hairpin and acute.

The sound that connects Stravinsky to Bruno Mars


Westworld Season 2 - A Primer

Jinx says...

Pfft, I don't even watch the show and I knew exactly what was going to happen.

notarobot said:

Just incredible. I can't believe they would reveal so many major plot points before the season even begins.

Paintball Flamethrower

Hey Incels, women don’t owe you anything

Jinx says...

If only sex just felt good and didn't have all this power/status bullshit rolled up with it - specifically for men anyway. But maybe then the human race would have wanked it's way to oblivion. Who can say. Basically I dunno if hookers or various other arrangements would suit most people. I suspect it's less about the actual physical activity, and more about the desire to be wanted, or possible just a desire to have an intimate relationship with somebody else. But then in Japan you can buy a hug, so perhaps no human interaction cannot be commodified... Not sure if it is a suitable treatment for misogyny - "Here is one dose of sexual objectification!"

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