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Ragdoll Man

Ladies.. here is why 99% of Guys don't approach you..

Jinx says...

Aight. You can have your sexbot. I'll continue to risk it with actual women.

newtboy said:

Sorry, but I disagree.

Touching a shoulder or hand can be enough to be accused of abuse.
Shit, just look at Shawn White, who was in a band with friends, and is now accused of sexual harassment for telling bandmates how he wants them to dress on stage, like most band leaders do, and for "making" her (and other friends) watch 2 girls 1 cup, like most teenagers/immature people did....publicly accused after settling with the band member who complained long after the fact and who accepted a settlement to drop it.
If that's sexual harassment, every man is is every woman. Your parents are monsters, they actually forced you to wear what they said. Context is irrelevant.

Yes, today, asking a co-worker out and nothing more can and has led to harassment accusations and removal from their job....Jeffrey Tambor today, and he's never even heard what the accusations against him are or who made them, but he's already fired and his show, transparent, is certainly cancelled.

It's not that the whole world paints all men as rapists, it's that when any one person does paint any man (except Trump) as an abuser, the whole world seems to back them up without investigation or evidence. That's a problem, and is terrifying to many single men.

And women wonder why sexbots are becoming more popular daily, it's because to many men, their precious fairy vaginas aren't worth the risk of permanent scarlet lettering when there's a safe alternative. I just hope this has the positive effect of slowing population growth.

It's not about doing something that one thinks might lead to accusations, it's that any interactions can, and there's no recourse at all if you're accused, you're considered guilty off the bat.

Ladies.. here is why 99% of Guys don't approach you..

Jinx says...

I'm usually more worried that I am going to be rejected by somebody I have to, you know, see again on Monday morning. I kinda feel that If you are genuinely concerned that asking somebody out could be seen as sexual harassment...then you might be doing it wrong. Yeah, I think it is unfair and sexist that men are expected to the ones to initiate (unfair on both sexes actually...), but let's not go overstate things and pretend that our difficulties finding a partner is because the world wants to paint us all as rapists.

00Scud00 said:

So if they were just jerks she'd still be dating them then?

I can't help but think that in today's atmosphere this problem will only get worse as now men are afraid they'll be called sexual harassers if they so much as ask a co-worker out on a date.

Transparent Aluminum

Jinx says...

Aint nothing I like more on a hot day than a coool glass of liquid hydrogen.

AlON is fine. I guess my point was that transparent compounds of metals aren't exactly uncommon, and neither is compounds having quite different characteristics to the elements from which they are composed. So it just seems silly to act like they've invented some amazing transparent metal.

Do you call rust iron? "Look at this chassis, its COVERED in iron! It's practically all iron all the way through!" :P

newtboy said:

Is there aluminum in it? Yes.
Is that aluminum opaque or transparent? Transparent.
*Mic drop*

You griefers are silly.

How Star Wars The Last Jedi Should Have Ended

Jinx says...

They weren't that bad.

Apart from that bit where they lightspeed the ship into the other ship. Like, if your universe has ftl travel, you gotta invent some reason why you can't do that or it turns every ship into a weapon of mass destruction. Why do they build all these planet killers when they could just light speed shit into whatever they want. And yeah yeah I know this is a place where people can do magic, and space seems to be really small, and there is sound in space, and nothing seems to obey newton's laws etc etc... but come on, at least try to be consistent.

Other than that I enjoyed it.

Transparent Aluminum

Jinx says...

Can we really call it transparent aluminum? I mean, then its also solid oxygen! at room temperature!

Red Transparent Aluminium! aka Ruby
Blue Transparent Aluminium! aka Sapphire


Launch Of Elon Musk's $250,000 Tesla Into Space 2/6/18 LIVE

Jinx says...

Watched it live. Hype was infectious. Seeing the two side boosters coming down together in almost perfect synchronisation was quite a thing.

6 Weird Units of Measurement We Still Use for Some Reason

Spain-1 US Navy-0

Vox S1E24: The awkward debate around Trump's mental fitness

Jinx says...

Eh... he could get diagnosed with almost any disorder you can name and his base would still all be like "he my kinda crazy". Wonder if there is a diagnosis for that sort of delusion.

Don’t ever preach to me again!

The Greater Good - Mind Field S2 (Ep 1)

Jinx says...

Philosophically I am conflicted, but gotta admit, I am very curious to know what I'd actually do.

but I don't think I'd get past the screening. It would be interesting to see if the people that may have a predisposition to some sort of trauma would react differently in the moment. I mean, obviously completely unethical to find out, but still interesting.

Also, did any of participants have knowledge of the trolley problem before? Were they able to recognize the scenario without the deception being revealed? Would having thought about how they'd react previously prompt them to make a decision faster in the heat of the moment, or would perhaps doubts about the realness of the scenario cause them to be passive?. questions. so many questions

Dramatic crash during rally in Lithuania

Jinx says...

*co-driver quietly crosses out "crest" and "flat-out"*

God rally is nuts. Fucking love it.

Why Is Blue So Rare In Nature?

Videosift Sarzy's Top 10 Movies of 2017

Jinx says...

Great year for movies. Loved Dunkirk and Baby Driver. Also loved the new Blade Runner but it doesn't surprise me when it is missing from people's top 10.

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