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Rare Earth - The Other North Korea

DHS - Russia Did NOT "Attack" Elections --

Januari says...

Remind you of anyone?

I also love how weighted this argument is. Finding the ONE person of an ethnic/political/social etc... view point that contradicts the norm but completely disregards the extreme majority because it doesn't fit their narrative.

I'm sure if you look hard enough bob you can fine a "scientist" who thinks cigarettes are just great too.

newtboy said:

Jebus Christ, this is what Jimmy Dore has become, a ranting conspiracy theorist that gleefully twists any fact to match his narrative? How sad.

Rare Earth - The Other North Korea

John Oliver - Felony Disenfranchisement

Januari says...


Kind of depressing. One of those things that deep down everyone knows is unjust, with exactly zero percent chance of changing.

"Why come you don't have a tattoo?"

Nailed it!

Januari says...

I'd like to think that through the course of history this is one of those relatively small gains that millions of lives and trillions of dollars have netted us.

USAF Veteran taking a stand against NFL

This Cyclist Took Back the Bike Lane on the Brooklyn Bridge

Temperature Anomalies By Country 1880-2017 - NASA

Squatter Comes At TV News Crew With Ax


The Mueller Investigation Is Not A Witch Hunt

The Mueller Investigation Is Not A Witch Hunt

Januari says...

Paid for by Rule of Law Republicans.

Not sure that isn't the funniest part of the clip.

Rachel Maddow breaks down .. report on 'tender age' shelters

Januari says...

Anyone else remember scandals like tan suits or terrorist fists bumps? How the fox news crowd lost its mind at these outrages!

How about all those old people death camps!

Obama speech given at the Bilderberg Group

Januari says...

Your f'n pathetic bob.

bobknight33 said:

Of course its fake. Pisses you off doesn't it.

CNN and the bunch does this this all the time to bash the right. That's why they call it fake news and CNN is the best.

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