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VideoSift is 10 (Fire Talk Post)

Happy 9th Siftiversary (Sift Talk Post)

Eat It Don't Tweet It, by American Hipster + Key of Awesome

Eat It Don't Tweet It, by American Hipster + Key of Awesome

Vornography, my favorite kind of porn

The Black Keys - Tighten Up (Official Video)

Happy 4th Siftiversary! (Sift Talk Post)

James Roe says...

>> ^arvana:
Major congrats to Dag, Lucky and all of us for being so awesome!
And where is James Roe???  Somebody grab that guy and tell him we still love him.

Awwww..... shucks, I miss the sift, but after school I had to concentrate on "making money." I am still into web development and actually check in on the sift pretty regularly, but I don't find myself with anywhere near the leisure time I once had.

Beyond that Lucky is a Grade A developer, my skills would no doubt be getting in his way. That said it's incredible to see this site 4 years on, so much has changed but the commitment to quality, and sense of community have remained.

Also choggie's video is awesome!

Fist Pound

My, How the Sift Has Changed (History Talk Post)

Sweet Design Heavy Music Video - The Grouch "ARTSY"

Naked Girls Walking through Paris

Baby Squirrel Needs A Hand Getting Up A Wall

James Roe says...

I wanted to vote for this sooooo hard, but if I ever have to watch anything else edited by these slack ass excuses for film school students I will shoot myself.

I'm pretty sure they approached this from the perspective of,

Editor One: "OMFG I LOVE THIS FUCKING SONG!!!! Shit... We only have 1 minute of footage, how the fuck can we stretch this out to 5:24"


I know my down vote may be a little harsh, but i had to fast-forward like three times to get resolution. What they did was cool, admittedly. But good god the wankery of that video.

Also the footage could have been hilarious and heartwarming if shown in rapid succession without the looped footage in different crops. I wasn't fooled.

<shakes fist/>

Neil Patrick Harris' Magic Trick

Magnet drops super-slowly through an eddy tube (7 sec)

Magnet drops super-slowly through an eddy tube (7 sec)

I Dream in Auto Tune

James Roe says...


I sort of see this as a tribute to Martin Luther King. I don't think it was in any way intended to be negative. The message is still very much one of equality and freedom for all.

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