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Handfeeding a Dragonfly

Plane's Emergency Landing on a Street

Detektivbryan - Funky, Catchy Swedish Folk Electronica Music

Man of a Thousand Faces - Face Video Mapping

Rare Daytime Fireball Seen Over Texas

Happy Dancing Cows

2 year old dancing the jive

Man Flies Like a Bird Flapping His Own Wings

IronDwarf says...

Well, it's been a while since I originally posted, so I'll make sure people still understand here at the bottom of the page.


Man Flies Like a Bird Flapping His Own Wings

IronDwarf says...

Looks fake to me, for a few reasons. The wings and the flapping mechanism don't seem to be strong enough to support his weight and the wings never show the load of his weight underneath them once he's up in the air. He also lifts his legs after he takes off and keeps them behind him, but has no support underneath like you would in a hang glider. It also seems a bit suspicious that he doesn't turn his head at all from the helmet cam view where you could easily see the wings flapping from his POV. It's all very hinky.

Ruin - Post-Apocalyptic Short CGI Film

At 80mph How Long Does It Take To Go 80 Miles?

Ruin - Post-Apocalyptic Short CGI Film

Cinemashup - All the President's Boys

Collapsing floor by filling room with water

IronDwarf says...

It's a Swedish show where they try different things with a house (already set to be demolished) to see how dangerous things can be in everyday situations. In this episode, they wanted to see what would happen if they tried to fill a whole room with water. In other episodes, they took out an outside supporting wall of the house to see what would happen, or they removed safety devices on a hot water heater to see what would happen.

New Ferris Bueller movie?!?!?!

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