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Filibuster: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

HenningKO says...

"a bunch of trashbags from a Cracker Barrel dumpster brought to life by an ancient curse when a clown fucked a car alarm"

*fingers to mouth... *mwah

The Language Sounds That Could Exist, But Don't

HenningKO says...

Would've liked to hear some of the ones that are possible but just don't show up. We could be using them!

Never tell a rich plane buyer that the plane can't stall

HenningKO says...

My dad flies a one-seater electric LSA he kit-built himself. Based on his summary, I always described the "sport" designation to curious friends this way: "as long as you only kill yourself, the FAA doesn't care". I am surprised and unnerved to see carrying one passenger is indeed allowed under current regulation... that ain't right.

Tony Hawk lands world’s first 900 on a skateboard

Alabama’s Abortion Ban; Trump’s War on Congress

$250,000 for a High School Science Student

Tv host tired of lewd comments - has special photo shoot

Linda Ronstadt - You're No Good (Live In Hollywood 1980)

8th Grade Sax Speedrun of Flight Of The Bumblebee

Fighting Fake Honey In Canada

Vox: Why video games are made of tiny triangles

HenningKO says...

cos you can always make a flat (coplanar) surface by connecting three points in space. Not necessarily true for any more than three. Simple as that.

Disney•Pixar Short Film "Bao"

Seth Raphael claims Randi's Million Dollar Challenge

Alexander Skarsgård deals with a rapist - Hold the Dark

HenningKO says...

Nice savior fantasy...
in reality, an American soldier died here brutally and the American who did it left without taking responsibility... so at best, the girl and her whole family definitely have to leave this city. If not found and killed...

"Why Are There So Few Smartphones In Popular Movies?"

HenningKO says...

hmmm, I love ya, but... not the most interesting Nerdwriter ever...

why are there so few smartphones in popular movies: because we secretly don't like them, and popular movies are made to show us what we like. <Insert Werner Herzog>

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