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U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville

GeeSussFreeK says...

Why did he blow up a Saturn!? Was that the ill-fated yet wildly successful test of the escape system?

bareboards2 said:

You like Saturns?

My dad blew one up. And a Titan.

He was a Range Safety officer with the Air Force in the late 1950's, early 60's. Would blow up missiles that were going off course, so the debris would fall in safe areas. Blew up LOTS of missiles.

I have a really cool image of his going away present when he left Cape Canaveral -- a cartoon with him astride a rocket, in space, over Cape Canaveral. There are silhouettes of all the missiles he blew up over his time there on the side of the rocket he is riding -- with hashmarks for HOW MANY he blew up.

It's really cool.

He BLEW UP A SATURN. Which isn't as powerful as the Titan he blew up!

U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville

GeeSussFreeK says...

O wow, long time no sift, sorry. Once my account got locked at work, I just never visited anymore.

But I got to head out to the rocket center for the random acts of intelligence show, it was pretty awesome. All the video here is just from one of the 2 ya, worth a trip!

The Saturn was more amazing than I had imagined. I always knew it was big, but seeing it sprawled out on the ceiling is indescribable. Imagine a 30 story building filled with explosives, lit on fire and hurling itself into space...because that is what this is. I have lots of pictures if people want to see, I will surely share them.

Glad to see sift is still alive and well. The sift, specifically a video by @dag, basically changed the course of my life and I am now pursing a degree in nuclear engineering, so thanks for that. Anyway, if I can figure out a way to change my name, perhaps I can once again partake of some sift action.

Pussy Riot Gets Whipped in Sochi

GeeSussFreeK says...

Ahhh ok, thanks. So they were being harassed by those guys, mocked really.

eric3579 said:

"The chickens were apparently a reference to a 2010 stunt carried out by Voina, a radical art collective to which some Pussy Riot members previously belonged, in which a participant stole a whole raw chicken from a supermarket and inserted it into her vagina."

Pussy Riot Gets Whipped in Sochi

AIDS deniers DMCA critical video responses

GeeSussFreeK says...

Looks like the DMCA stuff has stopped, but they found his Linkedin profile and are attacking im professionally now...which is probably worse

Payback said:

EFF are awesome. One of the few (very few) groups I donate to.

AIDS deniers DMCA critical video responses

Game of Thrones Season 4: Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing

14 year old girl schools ignorant tv host

TERRIFYING Video of Rock Fall Aftermath in the Alps

GeeSussFreeK says...

In West Virginia where I was raised, there was a boulder on a mountain pass road for over 10 years. It was easier/cheaper just to erect a yield sign than to remove the bolder. So depends on the boulder and the road importance I imagine.

AeroMechanical said:

I have a question about the one that ended up on the road: Is it easier to move the rock, or just rebuild the road to go around it?

How Charlie Sheen Discovered Global Warming

"After The Disco" | Part Two: Holding On For Life

Poop Shield Could Protect Astronauts

GeeSussFreeK says...

BTW, he is wrong when he says water is a better shield than metal. Lead is better in almost every metric, except you can't find a double use for lead, like drinking it than turning it into poop. But a shield of lead blocking the same amount of radiation would weigh less than a shield of water. Water ranks about the same as concrete.

Mother of Computer Science Grace Hopper and Kurt Beyer

Science Vlogger reads her comments

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