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Deadpool - Meet Cable

Hand Drawn Stop Motion History Of The World

Dan Savage on Oprah's Gayle King Show

10 clips that show Eric Cartman is evil

NMA: The Simpsons take aim at Fox News

Another Question For Atheists

A view from Huygens - Cassini-Huygens probe landing

Strangest Place Dan Savage Has Had Sex

Strangest Place Dan Savage Has Had Sex

Gabe_b says...

>> ^deathcow:

What is the deal with this guy? Why is anyone particularly interested in his escapades? Are these talks somehow linked to his profession?

He's best know (AFAIK) as The Onion AV Club sex columnist.

Brand New Old Spice Ad - I'm Back

Hitchslapped - The best of Christopher Hitchens

Gabe_b says...

Fuck, when I saw this was a 15 minute video I thought "I'll just watch a few minutes".
And now apparently 15 minutes have past...
Do hope he makes it.

Placebo - Fuck U

Gabe_b says...

That could have been seriously solid, but they didn't show the dead baby, the fucking raison d'être for Rent boy's whole mental collapse. Train Spotting is one of the greatest movies I've ever seen and this treatment was great, but not all there.

William S Burroughs - Just Say No To Drug Hysteria

Musical Mario Level!!! 0.0

Gabe_b says...

that was amazing.... though the troll in me wants to speculate about how many more times i've had sex than that dude

Kitten's Big Jump

Gabe_b says...

>> ^residue:

man I am the only one that had trouble with perspective on this video? That house looked like an escher painting

Poor kitty

The thing in the foreground to the left is the top half of the door, it's a double opening sort of arrangement.

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