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High-brow music - For the NPR crowd

Fusionaut says...

Came back to post this video on a comment on "another site" so I thought I'd throw a *promote its way. Sup, dawgs

chicchorea (Member Profile)

Fusionaut says...

Happy New Year, Chic! Very awesome to get a note from you Sorry for the belated reply though. How are things with you?

As for me, I have a nearly 4 month old daughter at home now, which is great!

Talk to you soon!


chicchorea said:

Merry Christmas to you, and Happy New Years my old friend.

Paul, you were the first person who greeted my here if you don't remember.

I do and well.

BTW, I will be playing a Canadian jazz CD later.

Hillbilly Dances with Fat Pet Raccoon

Scatman John during his "Glam Jam" Japanese period

Enough already, Eric3579 -- let us celebrate you! (Happy Talk Post)

Terry Gilliam's deleted animations

Terry Gilliam's deleted animations

Rose McIver's Sick Magic Trick Pisses Off Jimmy Kimmel

Fusionaut says...

I actually have a deck of cards that is prepared so that you can do this trick. To prep the deck you sand the back of every card so that there is a bit of a rough surface. When the backs of two cards are placed against each other they will stick together if enough pressure is applied but will slide apart if you ease off.

Cards are paired together so that they add up to fifteen (back to back) and suits are paired together as well (clubs with diamonds and hearts with spades). For instance you would pair the 2 of Diamonds with the King of Clubs, the 3 of Hearts with the Queen of Spades, the 4 of Spades with the Jack of Hearts, the 5 of Clubs with the 10 of Diamonds et cetera... Aces are paired with each other.

When you set up the deck you set it up so that all of the clubs and hearts are on one side and if you flip the deck over you will see all of the diamonds and spades. A spare joker is used to mark which sides has the spades and diamonds and must be face down so it's back is seen when you pull the deck out. If the victim call out a diamond or spade you flip the deck over and find the corresponding card and the deck will look normal because of the joker's backside. If the victim calls out hearst or clubs you pull out the deck and remove the joker saying "oh, ho ho. How'd this get here?" and then find the corresponding card.

Just make sure that you sit down to do the trick so that people don't see that back of your deck...

Is my explanation okay? It's kind of a weird trick...

Edit: okay I got it kind of wrong but this video explains it waaaay better:

Yo-Yo Ma Takes On Gershwin’s “Prelude No. 1”

the world is a bit less brighter today (Death Talk Post)

ravioli (Member Profile)

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eric3579 (Member Profile)

Fusionaut says...

Haha we were mostly going to see the special legacy award that was being handed out that night as my wife was a good friend of the recipient (who passed away last fall). It was a small scale show but it was pretty fun. How are you doing?

eric3579 said:

Red carpet music awards. That's pretty rock star

oritteropo (Member Profile)

chicchorea (Member Profile)

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