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Lawmaker to Barr: I'm starting to lose my temper

Fairbs says...

barr is such a fucking liar too by the way. so 30 minutes before the protest curfew, they need to move a fence and somehow trump stumbles over there just at the same time because he needs to hold up a bible in front of a church. that seems really likely

What does a computer mouse see?

Lawmaker to Barr: I'm starting to lose my temper

Woman's first attempt at pottery goes wrong

USA vs. Canada -- Massive Paraplegic Hockey Fight

What makes heteros better parents than gays?

Farmer Was Sick Of People Parking On His Land

Bill Burr calls out Joe Rogan about wearing masks

Risky Trombone Routine

Black Man Gets Pulled Over For Doing 65 in a 70

Electrocuted Squirrel Gets CPR by Kind Man

Caught on video, people that's NOT black spray painting

Fairbs says...

FBI report found that antifa has very little to do with the protests, but that doesn't stop Republicans and trump lying about it; that's what Rs do... lie, lie, lie to divert attention away from let's say how poorly trump has done with coronavirus... in deaths per million, we are 182nd worst out of 195 countries

bobknight33 said:

Looks like Antifa stirring the pot of discontent.
Talk about Cultural appropriation.

Should have made citizen arrest at least take their pict and give to police.

This movement has to be organized by a larger group to cause national unrest.

Lazy cat sleeps on busy restaurant floor refusing to move.

The Cat That Thinks He Is A Chicken

Groundhog Day For A Black Man

Fairbs says...

racial injustice has been scooted under the rug for too long; I for one appreciate people are out there trying to make a difference

the disgusting way immigrants are having their children kidnapped from them, the daily shootings of blacks for no good reason, or having cops called for the crime of being black; all are reasons we should take more responsibility and right these wrongs

Sagemind said:


Do you only post racial videos which features injustice?
Because if you spend your life looking for something, that's all you'll ever see.

You need to broaden your prospects. I understand there are racial bias and prejudice people out there but you seem to hyper-focus on it. You invite your life to be surrounded by these bad energies.

I'd love to see you more positive. I don't know what wrongs this world has served you personally, or if you just surround yourself in these issues, but sometimes, the best way to free yourself from these issues is to not see them in everything you see and do.

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