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These revelations about Iran show Obama got played!

Fairbs says...

Not news...barely opinion. and don't forget lies

hmm all of the other countries that are part of this are going to continue with the treaty including Iran

inspectors have shown that all of the goals were being met and they are drastic goals

trump is just garbage; it's been suggested that he bailed to drive up oil prices which help his russian buddies; I doubt it was intentional because he's an effing moron, but they are benefiting

So close to a Darwin Award

Fairbs says...

if any one of the humans had been bitten eaten, they probably would have put down all of those cats

people are so self absorbed

American Football player fires a minigun

Fairbs says...

I went to the gun store after watching this video and found I couldn't buy this; feckin liberals are taking away our guns; thanks Obama

Rudy Giuliani Keeps Making Things Worse for Trump

Fairbs says...

so is guilianis job just to create confusion? it doesn't really matter what they say to the public, what are they going to say when under oath? and how are they going to reconcile it with the 17 different answers they've given so far?

Historical Misconceptions For You to Bring Up during Dinner

Cops vindicated by dashcam

Who put those gas pumps there?

SUV crashes into house allegedly owned by Michael Bay

Fairbs says...

that there's Texas; you wouldn't expect any progressive thinking there would you?

entr0py said:

I can't say for sure if this is why that dude was driving so badly, but he never got a license because Texas is among the states that doesn't have a driving privilege card for undocumented immigrants.

Driver's training does save lives, and this particular attempt to exclude undocumented immigrants from lawful society just causes a public safety menace without deterring migration.

You shall not pass (unless you walk)!

Alex Jones Screams "F-ck Trump"

Fairbs says...

at :30, 'is there noone pure in this *%@$ world?' like he believes trump is pure? this guy has some serious problems; and then he rants about the liberals I think wanting us to bomb Syria? I'm pretty liberal, but I don't want to start a war for fucks sake and I don't know enough about Syria to have a good opinion on what should be done there

man frees wolf spider

Fairbs says...

In Michigan, we would call a certain type of spider a wolf spider, but it was much smaller than this one; I have no idea if they were anyhow related, but the Michigan Wolf Spider wasn't dangerous only really fast; if this texas one isn't dangerous, I think I'd have used my fingers to pull this crap off or as earlier mentioned make an Amazon order for the first pair of tweezers in Texas; probably call Guiness too

How Dark Patterns Trick You Online

Fairbs says...

He never had a LI account or at least not one he created himself. I don't know for sure, but I think they pulled my address book and then cross referenced it with public information to make a shell account of some sort probably to get him to join LI. Not sure really.

When I reported it, they said they would get rid of the record.

ant said:

Wait, did you close his LI account after he died?

Saving Jesus

Kids Meet a Drag Queen

Emergency goalie steals the show in Chicago

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