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The Cat That Thinks He Is A Chicken

Fairbs says...

well how about you get the males fixed so they don't fight as much? and also stop them from fighting when you can

Groundhog Day For A Black Man

Fairbs says...

racial injustice has been scooted under the rug for too long; I for one appreciate people are out there trying to make a difference

the disgusting way immigrants are having their children kidnapped from them, the daily shootings of blacks for no good reason, or having cops called for the crime of being black; all are reasons we should take more responsibility and right these wrongs

Sagemind said:


Do you only post racial videos which features injustice?
Because if you spend your life looking for something, that's all you'll ever see.

You need to broaden your prospects. I understand there are racial bias and prejudice people out there but you seem to hyper-focus on it. You invite your life to be surrounded by these bad energies.

I'd love to see you more positive. I don't know what wrongs this world has served you personally, or if you just surround yourself in these issues, but sometimes, the best way to free yourself from these issues is to not see them in everything you see and do.

The 99% Is a Myth—Here's How It Really Breaks Down

Police Dog "Saving" Cop With CPR

Fairbs says...

dogs will work for babies and then maybe train pigs or a burro for adults

BSR said:

Not sure if the dog has enough weight to make good enough compressions. But can't blame him for trying. And then to listen for breathing?

Trevor Noah EVISCERATES the Civility Argument

Fairbs says...

it's gone too far... the policies are hateful and nonAmerican so I think we need to do more of it and now; they crossed the line in the sand so fuck them; babies in cages cannot be the new norm

Trump's advisors 'hate what Canada represents'

Fairbs says...

I was very fortunate to be born in the US, but I would have been even more so had I been born in Canada.

Canada kicks butt

ICE: We Make Kids Disappear - Activist Vandalized Billboard

Fairbs says...

they just want to make sure everyone knows they're now offering a new service by branching into kidnapping children and putting them in cages

DrThunderbutt said:

Hey, that's not fair!

They make adults disappear too.

DeGrasse Tyson: 'Space Force' not a weird idea

Fairbs says...

trump just wants to take credit for essentially a marketing term

the smart people have already been considering how to address any potential problems in space or advantages from there

Leftists Will Carry Out Targeted Killings Of Republicans

Fairbs says...


so do you only take what's in common with these things or is it all added together

A Closer Look: Trump Meets Kim Jong-un

Fairbs says...

that is a fair point; I remember my Dad, a diehard R, trying to justify our trade policy with China; it's pretty funny how far people can stretch their values to justify something

eric3579 said:

When has the American government ever cared about the type of government it will support. America will generally support ANY government as long as they play ball. Dictators included.

CarbonCure’s Concrete Innovation

Fairbs says...

it sounds interesting, but how much more does it cost? if the societal benefits are greater than the added cost it should be subsidized by the government

Spacedog79 said:

How much energy does it take to recombine the carbon dioxide though?

Satanic Turkeys?

Fairbs says...

my guess is that the turkeys think the dead cat is a dead turkey and this is some sort of normal behavior for them?

Cat Pee

Fairbs says...

I had a buddy growing up that had a cat that would do it and I'm pretty sure they didn't train it; they had another cat that didn't do it

my cat poops in the closet occasionally which is annoying

newtboy said:

There was a device on shark tank that was a toilet litter box that you put in the bowl to teach your cat to go there, then once they get it you just remove the pan. Knowing that, I'm hard pressed to believe that the cat just taught itself.

Predator Rides Alien Motorcycle

Jim Jefferies - Jordan Peterson on Free Speech

Fairbs says...

I agree people should be able to say what they want, but there should also be consequences

shouting over them doesn't help because it legitimizes them somewhat and also forces them underground; I'd prefer the mofos are out in the open so they can be hunted down

it's funny how pieces of crap like tucker coopts him to prove a point that he wasn't even trying to make

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