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Luxury Bentley Smashes into Pensioner's Car

Fairbs says...

a guy hit and killed two people in my neighborhood and ran away from the scene; I think he ended up with 18 years which I'd guess he ends up serving half (I really don't know how that works); 10 of the years were for fleeing the scene; I would guess fleeing is pretty common; ties into flight or fight
if I remember correctly, I think he was going either 55 or 65 in a 25

newtboy said:

Let's hope that pensioner, Mr Edwards, has a nice new mansion, courtesy of Mr Plumb, and Mr Plumb is now broke, jobless, and homeless. What a total douchbag.
85mph in a 20 mph residential neighborhood one lane road, then fleeing. He should never drive again. 4.6 years is hardly long enough, imo, especially with the first 1.2 spent in prison, so really he's only restricted an extra 3.4 years.

How Overnight Shipping Works

Fairbs says...

I remember hearing that the who came up with FedEx got a bad grade in his business school class because the idea wasn't considered possible; the cost of entry is all of those facilities worldwide plus all of the airplanes or in other words pretty damn high; and then you have to turn all of that on at the same time; so if you're first you pretty much have a monopoly and can set really high prices; so the rewards are extremely high, but so are the costs and risks

A-10 View Super Bowl LII Heritage Flight

Debunking Anti-Vaxxers

Bird Bonanza

Trump Wants a Military Parade, Lies About Immigration

What it Feels Like to Fly Off a Mountain

Launch Of Elon Musk's $250,000 Tesla Into Space 2/6/18 LIVE

Don't Touch or Talk to Service Dogs

Fairbs says...

He did say no in kind of a shitty way, but she should have just let it go

bareboards2 said:

"I don't like your attitude."

A totally ignorant comment.

Made even more ignorant by a woman standing on two legs to a man confined to a wheelchair.

Not a fan of his delivery of his final line. Completely understand why he would say something to her.

Police Chief to Deputy- "If Black, Shoot Them"

The Invisible Pollution Deafening Cities Worldwide

Fairbs says...

I think the study with the kids being behind in reading because they face the train is misleading. It's a distraction sure, but it isn't about damage to your ears.

Parking Karma Served Cold

Fairbs says...

I have window decals that say, 'you park like shit' for these occasions, but sadly I never get the chance to use them

00Scud00 said:

I'm trying to decide who's more dumb here, the lady with the Mercedes or the guy who thinks being slightly over the line with those wide ass spaces is some kind of huge crime.

I'm just a cook.

The Man Clearing Tons of Trash From Mumbai’s Beaches

Fairbs says...

where does all this crap come from? the local community or does it was ashore?

my other question is how many dead bodies have they found?

Don’t ever preach to me again!

Fairbs says...

there is a difference between the black and white evangelicals where moral conviction and acts does matter; this can be seen with how Blacks voted in Alabama recently

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