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A Bowl Of Peanut Oil Catches 7 Mice In 1 Night

DuoJet says...

I hate this guy and his channel passionately. He's making tons of youtube bux torturing and killing various animals, primarily rodents. He's one of those "survivalist" wackjobs who has somehow found a enormous audience of people who seem to like watching videos of animals in pain.

And before anyone replies with something utterly moronic like, "dood relax their jus mice okey", I know what they are and I know that they struggle against losing their lives just as earnestly as humans do.

JIM ROGERS: The worst crash in our lifetime is coming

DuoJet says...

A rare useful comment from Youtube:

2011: 100% Chance of Crisis, Worse Than 2008: Jim Rogers
2012: Jim Rogers: It’s Going To Get Really “Bad After The Next Election”
2013: Jim Rogers Warns: “You Better Run for the Hills!”
2014: JIM ROGERS – Sell Everything & Run For Your Lives
2015: Jim Rogers: “We’re Overdue” for a Stock Market Crash
2016: $68 TRILLION “BIBLICAL CRASH” Dead Ahead? Jim Rogers Issues a DIRE WARNING
2017: THE BOTTOM LINE: Legendary investor Jim Rogers expects the worst crash in our lifetime

Just try and roll a Tesla model X over

Mista Tung Twista - Ultra fast rap cover

DuoJet says...

I suppose it's easy to miss the point of my comment if you're gonna assume it's about you.

entr0py said:

I hope that some day I will have the intellectual curiosity to care about things that don't involve cute hipster girls. But I'm afraid I'm not there yet.

Mista Tung Twista - Ultra fast rap cover

Malcolm X and Ali Warning About Liberals and Multiculturalis

DuoJet says...

"Malcolm X Warning About Liberals and Multiculturalis "

Malcolm X does nothing of the sort. He warns about "...whites (specifically politicians) who call themselves Liberals". That's a significant departure from Liberalism, and whatever the shit "Liberal" means these days. It's also a departure that won't be clarified on CNN or Fox News.

And he's right; the GOP doesn't suffer any penalty for failing to give a f@#k about the poor, about African Americans, etc. They've taught their constituents to demand this indifference. The Democrats DO suffer a penalty, to a limited degree, and thus that brand of deceitful manipulation is common.

Here's the thing; both parties suck, because their bosses (big donors, corporations, the leisure class) suck.

Pay attention to the man behind the curtain.

Epic Demolitions

Bigman | Asia Beatbox Championship 2017

Spinout Close Call At Kaitoke Intersection

Katrina Kaif Doing Single Hand Push-ups Something Wrong

The micro text to McCain's down vote of the ACA repeal

DuoJet says...

" Murkowski and Collins are getting fewer headline inches out of it."

Can we move beyond this please?

Their votes were just not news on this day. Both of these senators were known no votes for weeks before this vote and got plenty of coverage for it.

Reveal: Inside America's Cold Case Problem

DuoJet says...

Well said.

newtboy said:

They don't get a bonus, they avoid a reprimand for not meeting quotas.

For profit prison means all those costs are more reason to lock people up, not reason to avoid imprisonment. Yes, it costs us, but makes money for police departments and prisons. The prison guard union is one of the most aggressive, well funded, and successful lobbies in Washington.
That's the profit he's talking about. No one pays for a recovered missing person, but there's money to be had incarcerating a pot smoker. Engage your brain before you spout ridiculousness....if you have the capability.

Police Are Different In Norway

DuoJet says...

No, that's human patience. Chances are that the detainee is an alcoholic, which is a medical condition, not a moral failing.

That these Norwegian cops didn't beat him indicates a common sense approach to the situation. That American cops almost certainly would have battered this defenseless man is an indicator of a toxic culture that seems to be worsening.

Jimmy Carter - How The Establishment Gave Us Trump

DuoJet says...

I respect Jimmy Carter, but this is total bullshit. I'm so tired of this trope. Voters wouldn't know "the establishment" if it kicked them in the face.

The typical American voter knows little about politics, believes what he or she hears, is frightened of brown people and votes on a single issue like guns, religion or abortion.

Henry Rollins Explains Why He Hates Bono And Sting So Much

DuoJet says...

This video explains why I hate Henry Rollins so much. He's a miserable, zero-talent, shit-talking, born-rich simpleton who has made a decades-long career of pretending and complaining about shit.

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